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justin bieber cheerleaders staring

Justin Bieber caught checking out cheerleaders again!

Justin Bieber checking out Raptors Cheerleaders in Toronto.

I thought this was gonna happen again! Where there’s Justin Bieber and cheerleaders, you know there’s gonna be photographers around waiting & ready to take a picture of that moment when Justin just stares away at the girls with his wondering eyes. You know it’s gonna happen. This should be no surprise since they have already caught him here and here.

Justin Bieber could not stop smiling while Ryan Butler tries to get one last look

No wonder JB loves watching basketball so much 😉

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  • Patricia

    I dont know why everybody makes a big deal out of this… Do you want him to stare the floor ? xd He is at a basketball game ! #LoveTheBiebs

    • Gen

      that’s what ur suppose to do look at them that is y theyre there don’t y people think its bad lots of other people look at chearleaders

      • Patricia

        thats what I meant (i)

      • Aliyah


        • Destiny

          Justin is hot

      • Ya!!!!is there something wrong with Justin lookin at chearleaders??????ITS A FREE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kim

      Its like us girls when were at the mall and if we see a group of hot gys we cant help but stay so its no biggy that Justins enjoying those cheerleaders! Hahaha 😉

      • i totally agree!!!!!!!!!They r cheerleaders!they r ment 2 be looked at!am i right?OR am i right?

    • have u seen him looking….. at the cheerleader

    • Anonymous

      I tots agree wats he suppose to do

  • Katie

    Where else is he supposed to look when the cheerleaders are performing…they are the entertainment at the moment. Is he supposed to close his eyes for the entire time?? I don’t think so!

    • JBL

      omg does it really matter are you guys going to say that he’s checking out every person he looks at he has no choice but look at them he has eyes and he’s not blind so does ryan

  • stephanie

    bieber have a big dick.

    • Anonymous

      Ahhhh!!! Hell yea he does

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think:)

  • Anon.

    I don’t agree. I think he’s watching the entertainment at that given moment. Now Ryan, he appears to be checking them out. 🙂

  • kelsy

    i dont get it why you guys make such a big deal about boy looking at cheerleaders, all boys do it.

    • amy :)

      hhaha they probably are worse than JB !! I dont get it either thought because what was he suppose to do go up to them and say ” your skirt is too short go change now ” x

  • Patricia

    hahaha Biebs you have been caught again! Its not a surprise cause Justin is a horny guy lol.

  • amy :)

    hahah love @ryanbutlers face on all the photos love both of them and + they both look really happy together and that is real true friends love you justin and ryan

  • amy :)

    hahah love @ryanbutlers face on all the photos love both of them and + they both look really happy together and that is real true friends love you justin and Ryan + he inst as bad as the camera guy he is filming their backsides

  • Anonymous

    seeelleeeenna and juuusttinnn are gonna spennd new years toggether!

    • Shiny


    • Nataly Bieber

      actually, your wrong. if you knew anything you’d know he’s performing on Rockin New Years Eve, while slutena is performing on MTV. they will be in two completely diffrent studios, Besides this isnt their 1st new yeats together.

      • ashley

        yeah nataly is right. and on new years im sure he will stay in canada because of what happened to his grandparents. and selena in texas with her mom

        • haley

          no ashley. justin wont be in canada and selena wont be in texas. they will both be in new york. they are both performing on new years eve.

        • Anonymous

          Wow nataly, im sorry i have a life . . .
          You have fun stalking their lifee. k?
          and shes not a slut, at all.
          Dont hate on her, your never gonna get justin bieber. I dont care if its just a little dream, its not gonna happen. Thats the truth.
          AND selena is the most gorgeous girl in the world so he’d be stupid not to marry her. So, uhhm yeaah

        • annonymous

          waw yal are sum immature liddo kids! tf over der fiqhtin over justin nd selena nd shit! god dayumm leave em alone nd stop stalkinq demm qeez qet a life ppl #immature liddo kids deez dayz! smfh!

  • I never see Justin smiles like that if he’s with Selena..

  • Anonymous

    Biebs should break up with Selena and find a better girl to stare Selena don’t make him star…. Bieber think about that!!!

    Ur truly fan!!!!! : )

    • Anonymous

      i agree they need to break up

  • Tara

    hahahahahahahahah his face …………….i bet he is thinkin : Selena should get one of THESE ………………….no OFFENCE.

  • Tara

    LOOK AT THE GIRL WEARING RED AT THE FIRST PIC …..i think she should gover herself a lil bit so i wont stare at her ass …………THANK YOU

  • Tara



    okay i dont get it, like what is he suppose to look at honestly i think its the CHEERLEADERS like wat else can he do DAYDREAM about candy

    • Tara

      I KNOW he is suppose 2 look at the cheerleaders and watch their performance but i think he is lookin at something else ……..in them ……u know staring at some stuff …………………………….and you guys r right thats what boys do always ………..
      and we r not hating on justin at all ,we r just having fun commenting on justins news……………………………….
      I LOVE JUSTIN …………………….

      • Anonymous

        Y’all Are all crazy you all think he is checking them out but he is not it is the beginning of the show so what is he suppose to do think about that DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roxanne

    A 17 year old boy watching cheerleaders cheer-lead is not news or worthy of an update.

  • milesluvzmusic123

    wait till selena hears about this XD (not hating)

    • Erica

      Annnd….what exactly would she say?

  • cheyenne foote

    O.M.F.G u guys need 2 sut up and justin is not going 2 brak up with selena they r cute 2gether and i dont think justin need 2 daydream and/or look at6 the floor the cheerleanders r the entertasamment.

  • cookieface

    everyone watches cheerleaders there there to entertain people and cheer
    plus justin looks okay not happy nor sad neither mad but leaving he was grabbing his pants and smiling

    what do you think? (please anwser this)
    i think he’s trying to hide that he was staring at those cheerleaders and was very happy to star at them plus he’s a and guys do things like star

  • cookieface

    opps trying to say he’s a guy not he’s a fill in the blank what do think answer

    • Tara

      i think that you r right ……………………. he is surly hiding something ……………but he doesnt want the papparazi2 see it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but look at the guy wearing black at the 2nd pic he is like OMG!!!

  • xmxmxmx

    yeah like a guy wouldent stare at cheerleaders U.U

  • Bielieber

    Did you see the freaking camera guy in the first picture!
    But anyway whats he supposed to stare at?? Everyone is looking at them!

  • Anonymous

    I aggree

  • lol boys will be boys, i guess

  • amber

    ummm…..cnt u see hes not checking them out hes just watching the performance. durrrrhhh

  • unknown

    okk…hold up. so justin is accused of checking out hot girls huh? that is crazy. do u understand what a cheerleader is? or what they do? basically they cheer their team on. but not from the sidelines! they stop the game half way thru, then they go to the middle of the court and do their thing! how can he/they not look?! im not a fan of jb, but i dont hate him. y’all need to give them a break!

  • little G3314

    Go crazy