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Justin Bieber Challenged to a Shuffle Contest!

KYDZRADIO’s Robbie Q challenges Justin to a shuffle contest.

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  • dorkeybelieber

    lol is a great shuffler

  • dorkeybelieber

    i mean justin is a great shuffler

  • Anonymous

    so cute

  • Sweet_Elegant

    So Sweet of him to do that:) He is probably a great big bro!


  • Ke$ha:piloveeeeJB

    This is somee awsomee saucee:P:p

  • Patricia

    awwww that was so cute and funny. Justin is an amazing dancer 🙂

  • your got shuffle justin bieber

  • justin bieber your cool shuffle contest

  • Justin bieber Love_)))

  • Justin Bieber So Sweet of him to do that:)

  • hi, JUSTIN i know kydzradio”s robbie Q challenge you for a shuffle contest i know you are the winer my god bless for you and i am tellyou one time MY ONE LOVE MY ONE HEART MY ONE LIFE FOR SHOUR I AM TELL YOU ONE TIME i love you iloveyou i love you boy i love boy i love plz ecsept me justin i realy like you I LOVE YOU TO VERRY MUCH by