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Justin Bieber & Jaden Smith in Swagboots

Justin Bieber & Jaden Smith in Swagboots

Woah look at these boots JB and Jaden just got. Maybe Justin is preparing Jaden for a trip to Canada this Christmas? idk but they seem to be really close now. I mean they even dress alike, jean jacket and all.

Justin tweeted:

“Uh oh new @swagboots the world doesn’t know what just hit them haha” – JB

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  • anon

    when is justin going to realize that @swagboots is a girl…. LOLOL

    • hahahaha @swagboots just went from having 24 followers to over 240.

    • Patricia

      I know thats what I was saying. Imagine how happy she must be that Justin mentioned her on twitter haha.

  • TrueBieleber

    Ah, Justin looks SOOO hot!

  • Kirstie

    If the weather doesn’t change jb & jay smith can just wear their shoes because there’s no snow here in the startford area

  • Rebekah

    awww so gorgeous. what beasts!! love you justin bieber xx

  • Patricia

    This is weird cause Justin always used to say how much he hates it when girls wear uggs, and now he’s wearing uggs. Its kinda weird. I love him but those shoes are kinda girly 🙁

    • Me

      Omg Ikr!! Justin is a hypocrite. Lol

  • Justin u look good in everything even on purple!!!!!!!! So sexy babe!!!! 🙂

  • anne

    they both look cool,cooler than the weather. 🙂


    thats so cute i want some swagboots they are so lucky ughhhhh

  • aqib

    hi justin bieber
    i looking for justin i love justin

  • aigerim

    justin bieber and jaden

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