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drake justin bieber cali christmas concert

Justin Bieber & Drake duet “Trust Issues” @ Cali Christmas Concert

Drake had a surprise for the audience last night at the Cali Christmas Concert by bringing out Justin to do a duet of “Trust Issues” with him on stage. #canadiansrock! woot woot!!

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  • Natalie

    he finally cursed!

  • Sweet_Elegant

    I thought I heard ‘something’ but I don’t know the lyrics anyway~

  • Anonymous

    He did not cuss. He said it not shit… just like when he cover Trust Issues. lol Seriously, I hope he does more of an RB pop album for his next album. His voice and singing style is perfect it for it.

  • Bella

    he reminds me of a crab when he crouches when he walks

  • Brianna

    oh shit. he said shit. haha <3 JB

  • where did he swear???? i didnt hear it:(
    and why do ppl make a big deal about it?? its no big deal everyone swears….

  • Roxanne

    I wish he would swear …. I mean, if it’s at Drake’s concert, he has a different kind of audience, where some people wouldn’t (shouldn’t) be highly offended if he uses the actual lyrics.

    But damn, this was beautiful. He’s great for this kind of stuff.


  • Jumboadam

    was it only me that thought he sounded really bad here..?

    • bea

      nope.. i did too – love him to pieces but his vocals really weren’t good in this…

  • Anonymous

    He did not cuss. Put on your headphones. He said It, not Shit. Why does everyone want to see him Curse. Maybe he dont want to curse in his songs. Maybe is he is such a good singer that he does not need that!