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Justin Bieber’s Grandparents Were in a Car Accident Today!

Justin Bieber's GrandparentsJustin Bieber’s grandparents were involved in a car crash in Canada today!!

Bruce and Diane Dale, the parents of Justin’s single mom Pattie, helped raise Justin when he was growing up in Stratford and have supported him since the beginning of his career.

Well they got into a car accident today and somehow their car ended up flipping into a ditch! The car was totaled. Bruce reportedly broke four of his ribs, but luckily him and Diane didn’t suffer any serious injuries.

#prayforjustinsgrandparents“, “Bruce and Diane” and “#justinthebeliebersarewithyou”Β are all currently trending on Twitter.

Nothing has been made official but Pattie herself did confirm the news on Twitter….

“My parents got into a car accident today. They flipped into a ditch & totaled the car but thank God they are alive! My dad has broken ribs. Plz pray 4 him 4 quick healing! Count your blessings & forgive ur parents always. U never know what tomorrow holds!!!”

Here are his grandparents at the “Never Say Never” movie premiere in Los Angeles earlier this year.

I hope they are okay. Our thoughts are with Justin and his family during this tough time.

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  • Anon.

    So sad! I wish them a very speedy recovery! <3

  • curry muncher

    OMG why is his grandparents getting the punishment for jb

  • ashley

    aww πŸ™ i wish they will recover greatly. im pissed a justin for not tweeting hislove for his grandparents or atleast say pray for them. so sad πŸ™ he can say pray for selena when she was only sick but he can’t say pray for his own family when they’re car flipped into a ditch

  • sabrina berko

    i wish them a speedy recover #justinthebeliebersarewithyou #prayforjustinsgrandparents im sure they will be fine just tell them to be strong and they will pull through <3

  • hey got bless justin’s grandparents that no harm will get upon them omg i feel so bad πŸ™

  • i wish him quick recovery. thank they are alife

  • i am so sorry about your grandpa and your parents i will pray tonight

  • Anonymous

    Why are u not tweeting any thing Justin weirdo how can u not love ur own grand parents there car flipped into a ditch and u don’t even care

    • Anonymous

      Have you thought that maybe he is with them right now? Why would he have to tweet to the whole world? Just to make you feel better? His grandparents are his life, they basically raised him.. But he doesnt have to do something, just because you think its the right thing to do!! Its his family, its something private.. so leave him alone!!

      • Jessica Valdez

        I agree.

        • ashley

          he was with selena when she was in the hospital, he tweeted. about her.

        • erica and rebecca


        • Anonymous

          so what? He was probably with his grandparents all day, and decided to go to the Toronto Raptors basketball game at night!! Nothing wrong with that!! He can only do so much to help out his grandparents, he probably got on their nerves, and they told him to go to the game.. lol

  • Exactly, he’s probably busy running up and down trying to get help for them or helping them himself by praying and getting them what they need. He doesn’t have to come and tweet something just so u can cry for him. You can play your part by praying for him, he’s playing his part there as their grandson. When he’s got the time, he’ll tweet.

    • Jessica Valdez

      (: I defiantly agree. He is a good person. Hell help them someway he can (:

  • Jessica Valdez

    I pray for the best. I hope they are okay and that god is with them every step of the way. Justin is grateful to have grandparents that helped raise him wih his mother. That’s a thankful blessing right there. We thank god for better thing to happen for them. Hopefully they are okay (: I’m always with you Justin. From day 1, till this exact day. ILOVEYOU<3
    -Jessica Love Valdez.

  • IluvJB andskittles And Ryan Higa/Fred

    Your THOUGHTS will go out for them?! What the fudge just thinking about it won’t do crap! PRAY FOR THEM

    • erica

      thats kinda mean

  • Get well soon Bruce and Diane! My prayers go out to the Bieber family!

  • Lauren

    I am praying for them! I hope they get better really soon and are doing well.

  • ahh i hope yous ar going to be ok pattie im so sorry about your mam an dad justin im sorry aswel but they will get well soon x x

  • omg ! i hope they are fine.


    i pray to god they are okay cuz i wouldnt like this to happen to my grandparents

  • erica bieber and rebecca

    OMB we pray for grandparents and hope they are okay! we are your biggest fans and we know what you are going through! ericas sister’s boyfriend saw you @ the ACC when you were watching the opening game for the raptors… i told him to take lots of pics cause i <3 you! he was three rows behind you! rebecca loves u a lot so good luck with your grandparents and dont forget i love you !
    Happy New year…. we think you are the best!

    erica &irebecca

    • erica bieber and rebecca


  • mrs.bieber

    omg i hope they are ok and i will pray 4 them ill do it 4 justin hopefully they recover soon

  • BieberFever

    I hope your grandparents are alright right now Justin .
    I also hope you take good care of them πŸ™‚
    I’ll pray for them , Justin ! πŸ™‚

  • Im so sad about his grandparents

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  • Π³Π°Π±ΠΈ

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