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selena gomez wardrobe malfunction spanx

Selena Gomez Spanx wardrobe malfunction @ Jingle Ball

If you’re looking for the hidden camera video: OOps! There was a hidden camera in Selena & Bieber’s bedroom

Oh my goodness. How unfortunate. This is kinda embarrassing for Selena considering she’s only 19 and not at all fat. On December 1 Selena performed at Jingle Ball in Sacramento, California. The performance was great but I guess it must have been really windy because the wind blew up her tutu dress revealing that she wears spanks to look skinnier. You can see it in the picture on above.

And this isn’t the first time she’s been caught wearing Spanx because she’s done it before:

Another Selena Gomez Spanx wardrobe malfunction

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  • Roxanne

    Are you positive that’s spanx, and just not part of a nude modesty leotard, like what dancers wear when they have a lot of costume changes?

    & spanx isn’t to hide fat. I mean, it can do that. But it’s to take in certain curves a bit to make an outfit look better. Depends on the situation.

    • wow what a bunch of asses. if you think she is honestly using spanx just to hide fiat ur all psychotic, she looks like a rail. maybe its possible it does what the comment above says but it probally just is to hide her underwear in this little ass dress.

      • brittany

        she wore then so that her crotch is not hanging out…. he has respect for her body unlike some people these days!!! some people need to stop jumping to conclusions!!

    • Anonymous

      Wow spanx ya ya its so halareas

    • justen

      Wow spanx ya ya its so halareas

    • justen

      salena you are hot want to go out yes or no send me a meseg ok

  • Beliebeeer

    She should use more autotune or playback and leave all this stuff 😉

    • justin bieber

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      hayley fabritz

  • Anon.

    I’m pretty positive they’re not spanx. They seem like they would be there so people can’t see her underwear if something like this were to happen.

  • TeeDeeTee

    I am a dancer and those are not spanx. Those are either part of a nude unitard or they are bike-tights. We use them when we have a leotard or dress and we do not just like to wear the leotard by its self. Thats why they are a nude color so instead of wearing full tights you can just wear the cut off ones. Sn: Selena sing up and out! You can’t sing hushed forever darlin!:)

  • Anonymous

    just me or does her voice kinda suck?

    • Anonymous

      she cant sing without autotune lulz

    • Anonymous

      shut up animal

      • Ok

        Is that suppose to be an insult…? Humans are a species of animal sooo.. 😉

    • alli

      I KNOW RIGHT 🙂

    • justen

      Sutup you basterd

  • Kaylee

    umm she is just wearing that so people don’t see her underwear because her dress is kinda short. and I wear spanx all the time considering im on a dance team and I am not fat!! =) <3

  • Bella

    her dress is short, if that happened without those she doesn’t want everyone to see her underwear. She has to wear those!

  • Anonymous

    “revealing she wears spanx to look skinnier” um rude much? you dont know anything really. she wore that so people wouldnt see her underwear i mean it is a tutu dress. & why are people nagging about her singing and giving her advice? she’s the one famous here, has been for years now. she knows what shes doing, so leave her alone & let her sing however she wants. im pretty sure she sings better than any of ya’ll who are hating.

    • T.Williams

      I understand your point but William Hung is also famous. It doesnt meand that he can sing. The whole cast of Jersey Shore is famous. That doesnt mean that they know what they are doing. If you state facts it doesn’t mean that you are hating on someone. Come on you can agree that her singing voice could be a little stronger in order to be putting out albums and touring.

  • Vcfdfghbj

    “revealing that she wears spanks to look skinnier” um rude much? she wears those so that people wont see her underwear, i mean it is a tutu dress. & why are people STILL nagging about her singing? she’s the one famous here, has been for years now. so leave her alone & let her sing however she wants. im sure shes a better singer than all of ya’ll who are hating.

    • christina

      lmfao no shes not, shes not more famous than katy perry. get the fuck outta here selena hasn’t even won a grammy yet

      • jelenalover

        i never even mentioned katy perry. where did that come from? i never said she won a grammy either. im saying she has been famous for years now, and all of the haters nagging about her voice can shut up because pretty sure she sings better than them. obviously since shes famous.

        • jenny

          she is obviously famous ause shes dating justin bieber

        • Anonymous

          She was famous before bieber retard and would still be without him. wow you know nothing.

        • Patricia

          Why are you on here if you hate Justin??? You’re the retard. gtfo

  • BIEBER123456789

    ah who carrreesss, this is Justin Bieber shrine not Selena Gomez shrine..

    • Jasmin

      True dat! I like her but I’m tired of hearing about her <3

    • jelenalover

      right? i mean, what do ya care if she has a wardrobe malfunction? everybody has a malfunction with their wardrobe at least won in their life time. honestly, this isnt even a malfunction.

  • Anonymous

    i know rite

  • that is stupid

  • Taylor

    why is this on THEJUSTINBIEBERSHRINE its selena gomez

    • Sara

      Because people obviously care so damn much about Selena. Look how many comments are on here every single time there’s a post about her and look how many there are about just justin bieber alone…

      • Ok

        And? People are here commenting complaining about why this news is on JUSTIN BIEBER fansite. We come here for news on Justin not his girlfriend.

  • christina

    UHM why is this on thejustinbiebershrine this isn’t called theselenagomezshrine. post this somewhere else like her fan site, this has nothing to do with justin

  • Clo

    Daisy, this isn’t the “Selena Gomez Shrine” it’s the “Justin Bieber Shrine” all of us are here to read about JUSTIN not his girl friend.

    • lisa

      i know right! leave this kind of news for the selenators not the beliebers

    • Sara

      psssh ya right! look how many comments she always has.. look how many comments that justin has.. just admit that you care about her too. You wouldn’t be checing this post if you didn’t

  • Admirer

    not spanx! haha, just to be safe if the dress blows up, like it did

  • Since when did this become a selena gomez website? Stop telling us about selena! I WANT MORE JUSTIN!

  • Monica Phillips

    that’s not really showing anything! it’s not a big deal! it’s not like she didn’t have anything on underneath it! stop making a big deal about something that happens to everyone

  • Anonymous

    that’s not spanx , they just under her dress just in case it the wind or something blows it upward…nothing would b showing

  • yea

  • I don’t think those are spanx. But if they are I’m sure she didn’t use then to make her look skinnier. I use to be a cheerleader and we all used spanx so people wouldn’t see our underwear when we did certain moves. So I’m sure she’s wearing those so people wouldn’t see her underwear.

  • name

    The idea that people can say whatver they want about someone with them never having a clue who said is so wrong:/ Selena’s human, guys. She has feelings too. If someone were to be saying all this about you, you’d feel pretty bad. Theres no need for the harsh comments. Shes doing her own thing, and she never harmed anyone doing what she loves. Justin loves her, so accept that. And stop the hate. She is gorgeous and has great talent. . . if you dont like her then fine, not everyone likes the same people. But theres no reason to be mean…

  • I don’t get how this has anything to do with Justin. I really could care less what she wears.

  • cococo

    she looks like a skeleton w/heels. shes looks like she have anemia

  • chantellio

    That looks like the top of her tights, but it stops people seeing her underwear if she jumps. Taylor Swift did it too. xx <3

  • lilmizz

    why did we need to know this? we come here for news on justin bieber, not on selena gomez and her autotune voice -_-

  • so lets talk only about him not her

  • Me

    Who really care’s. It happens. She looks gorgeous<–didn't spell that right…I think, anyways. It happened to Taylor Swift. It's not that big of a deal. Get over it.

    • Me

      P.S. That dress is AMAZING!<333

  • i am pretty sure she is just wearing those so u can’t see her underwear. no offense but if she was 2 inches skinnier she would be anerexic so i don’t think she would be wearing bc she is ” fat “

  • Michal

    Seriously, she is just wearing those because they are easier to use when you have a fast costume change. Trust me I know, I’m a dancer and we wear those all the time, it’s not to look skinnier. Yall need to stop saying shit about her, she’s a human and she’s beautiful. Also, be happy for Justin. If you were a true fan you wouldn’t care who he dated you would just be happy that he is happy. (:

  • lexi

    your so dumb shes wearing spanx so that you wont see her underWEAR cause shes dancing all night shell needs to make shes when her dress flys p you wont see her underwear omg your so dumbs stop being jealous like fuck off

  • Patricia

    Daisy why are you posting about Selena? This is a JUSTIN fan site, not Selena. Saying that this shouldn’t even be a story cause its not a big deal. At least she didn’t show her underwear to everyone. That would be much worse. Im not a hater, but her performance was really horrible. She cannot sing live. I like her dress though.

  • Roxanne

    I agree this post isn’t about her singing, and she isn’t an awful singer … but she would NEVER be famous for singing if she hadn’t been famous before she put out a record. She got famous for her acting. That’s her talent. Her singing isn’t good enough to have made her famous just by that, and she doesn’t have much of a stage presence, she doesn’t sing loud enough. Not “hating.” Just saying what everyone else knows.

  • nelly

    i thought this was theJUSTINBIEBERSHRINE not selenagomezshrine

    • sarrrraaa

      thats already been a comment babe

  • Sez

    I think she was PREVENTINg a wardrobe malfunction, it would have been way worse if her dress crept up and she wasn’t wearing spanx!



    • Sara

      LOL haters like you never prosper….

  • bieberhoe

    umm.. do you want her to wear a thong so when her dress flys up you can see everything… we’ve seen selena in a bathing suit shes perfectly skinny.

  • swiggy143jb

    shes gorgeous.=).. but it looks like she has a dick?

  • she’s didn’t have a voice

  • Cee-cee

    She is not wearing spanx she is wearing shorts in case an incident like that happens.. I would rather see the shorts than her underwear!!

  • Look it up

    Wtf , Who Cares , If she wants to wear that , What are you gonna judge on the underpants that she is wearing tomorrow?

    • Anonymous

      hear me……… if u say agai u are not going to be okay…….okay

  • Anonymous

    1. Iloveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u selena
    2. are u pregnent

  • Belieberrr!!!:P

    can u ppl just stop hating her for a while n just see how happy her and justin r together! cant u guys just put away her flaws and chill for a while!! yea we get it: shes not perfect! but who is? honestly: NOBODY!! thts just how its supposed to be! n fyi this is not a “WARDROBE MALFUNCTION” its just her wearing a spanx! thts not exactly a crime!

  • Anonymous

    omg justin and selena make a really cute cuple

  • Duude’s just because she’s wearing spanx mayybe because she doesnt want her underwear all over the freakin internet. lol so yeah i would give her some credit for taking precautions. :’]

  • KenzieWells

    these are spanx but spanx aren’t used to cover up fat at all, they are used to cover up underwear cheerleaders use them.. im on a cheerteam but alot of the time you dont use skin colored.. you use black. its because the dress is short not to hide fat.

  • Cassidy

    i’m not trying to hate on her but i don’t think she a good singer

  • Kendall

    That’s so embarrassing!!I wonder if she noticed it after the show was over!!

  • Megmooxo

    omg shut upp. Shes wearing it so you don’t see her underwear god……stop hating selena gomez she amazing she on her cuz she justin bieber’s girlfriend. and she has an amazing voice …STOP HATING

    • Megmooxo


  • DJ

    shes waering a spanx to hide her fat cuz shes pregnant with bieber’s baby

  • i think She wore spanks for that her panties wouldnt show, like im in cheerleading and we wear spanks because if our bodtsuit unbuttons ppl will see every thing.

  • bella

    her sing really bad justin beiber really better than her i think they should break up

  • i lovvvvve selena gomz and i am so sedam selena you so smurt and beotipol i love so mat’s…♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Anonymous

    oor u know shes wearingthem in case her skirt goes up…?




  • the truth

    i hop you all realize that all pro female singers wear those at concerts so there aren’t photos of their underwear, but at the same time there are so many of these photos because they are wearing them, they get careless then boom, the skirt goes up

  • i.m.p.e.r.f.e.c.t me

    Wow! Maybe Selena shouldn’t jump while wearing a tutu because i saw celebrity malfunctions and believe me this is celeb malfunction
    Love, i.m.p.e.r.f.e.c.t me

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