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The BeardedBelieber’s Justin Bieber Tattoo

Wow! Talk about a HUGE JUSTIN BIEBER DUDE fan. Where most guy Beliebers might be afraid to show their love for the Biebz this guy is loud and proud. The tattoo of JB on this leg is incredible.

The goal is for Justin to recognize his guy Beliebers because let’s face it, Justin never really shows much love to his guy fans. Well mission accomplished as Justin retweeted the video it to all his 15 million followers after Jeremy forwarded the video to him. #REPRESENT!

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  • Makisabelieber


  • Roxanne

    Super kickass.

  • It’s annoying how he keeps saying “dude fans”…. And his tattoo kind of makes Justin look like a lesbian….

    No offense!

    But it’s still a really cool gesture and he’s probably a really cool guy 🙂

  • I GOT YOURR HAIR CUT JB, I’M Listening to your first album and your holiday album in my itunes library…

  • Natalie

    Wow, you really are a true Belieber! 😀 I honestly don’t have any problem with guy Beliebers, I wish there more!
    I’m happy that you are a proud Belieber! 🙂
    Thank you <3