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justin bieber puerto rico january 2012

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in Puerto Rico Jan 22, 2012

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in Puerto Pico Jan 22, 2012

I guess you guys were right. These are the first pictures to come out of Puerto Rico taken earlier today and it confirms that Justin is indeed there to support Selena on her tour. This confirms earlier reports that JB will be with her for part of the time while she tours South America. He’s heading back to Los Angeles tomorrow to continue producing his new album but maybe he’ll join her again?

According to Alfredo Flores:

Went to dinner tonight in Puerto Rico. Justin ended up eating fish… I wanted him to try something Puerto Rican but he really wanted fish.. LOL what a waste of trying. Selena had a great show though and it was awesome seeing all the fans at the arena. I met so many of you and it was so much fun. Last day tomorrow and then we have to fly back to LA. Enjoying my last moments tomorrow. Te Amo.

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  • random person

    Enjoy your holiday…but be back at the studio soon i rly wanna hear believe!

  • I already know where he’s going

    • dear justin bieber shrine blog , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that i do feel like selena gomez , just do,nt love justin bieber , so munch , and selena gomez , is to munch off a pda to me , love david b conway

  • glomi

    selena dont come to puerto rico anymore,u prank people and u still peoples money.90 dolars for 1 hour,thats a lot.last year when u came to puert rico it was the same.u know what…..u dont have fans in puerto rico,they only came to see justin bieber.and when some guy came out of nowhere saying goodbye,everyone though that he was justin and he wasnt,thats not nice.thank god i didnt waste my time and my money.the commercial said that justin bieber was coming to ur concert and he didnt.justin never came to the concert,people buy the tickets because they tough that jb was coming…u think ur famous in puert rico but ur not.u dont care about ur fans in purto rico,if u did u wouldnt let them spent so much money in a stupet concert like urs.u want 2 know what puerto rico wants?…puerto rico wants a concert of justin,so tell him that he should do a concert in puerto rico not u!i know that jb came 2 puerto rico,but he didnt come 2 sing or anithing.so please stop stilling peoples money and go to whathever place u came from!go to hell bitch!

    • Kathy

      Its not Selenas fault that a commercial said that Justin Bieber was going to be on stage!! Im not even a Selena fan, im a BIG Justin Bieber fan, but thats ridiculous what you said, because people were going to that concert to see Selena Gomez, NOT Justin Bieber, he was only there to support her! And if people only bought tickets because they thought Justin might show up are totally stupid.. If he did come on stage, he would have probably would have only sung one song anyway, so you are syaing people would have paid 90 dollars just to hear him sing one song? That makes peopel from Puerto Rico look really shallow and stupid!

    • khadija

      as a fan im not both of their fans but i somewhat appreciate both of their music. i think u r really bein mean and harsh on selena. i knoe she may have lied 2 u guys but that doesnt give u the right 2 call he a bitch. im juss sayin

    • estebanjose

      I know I’m late writting this but ur just crazy, insulting selena isn’t the right thing u should be insulting urself why would people pay.90 dollars to only see justin on SELENAS CONCERT is her big day not justins the next time she comes pay because of her not justin cause that would be very stupid I love selena and ur gonna regret keep writting bad comments about selena I. Hope selena comes back 2 puerto rico cause she is the best.and ur a jerk

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  • Anonymous

    omg this was Jan. 22, he left to Los Angeles on Jan. 23, and Selena comes to Panama tomorrow, Jan. 24.
    I really wanted Justin to come here too!!! I’m so sad:( I know he has a busy schedule, but two more daysssss!!! 🙁 He has never been here, to Panama…
    I hope someday he comes
    -Jackie J. Panama City

    • ande20


  • Petraca

    Ok,the commercial said will she come with her half orange?not that he will come and sing. Thank god selena probably didnt see that cause u would have made her feel very bad.

  • i love selena and justin they best but watever happen in they life stay in the life if any body dnt like selena or justin u dnt have to rumor about him or selena the belong together and no fan can take that away from them okay so for get it HATTER………………….:)(


  • justin biber mays justin biber mays

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  • alonrda

    Justin Bieber can you come to Puerto Rico in December please i am the BIGGEST FAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! 🙂 Lol

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        • ande20

          ande 20 24

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  • ande20

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    • Anonymous

      bulce maria

  • bieliectioner

    Ooooh my good el sabe que exictooo!!! ORGULLO MODE ON!!!