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Justin Bieber gets insulted at the 2012 Golden Globes

Ricki Gervais hosted the Golden Globes last night for the second time and in his opening monologue he insulted JB by saying that Justin can’t get Mariah Yeater pregnant because JB has not reached puberty yet. #stfu

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  • -.-

    that kinda pissed me off like stfu.
    u mad no one starts rumors about u. -.-

    • Kirstie

      Calm down it was a joke, Justin said himself that it was funny. Like he always say’s you got to learn to laugh at yourself! Ricki didn’t mean anything disrespectful about it to jb. If anything it was a slam to Mariah. So just take a deep breath and calm down little girl.

      Btw that’s not what he meant. He meant something else not that he hasn’t hit puberty

      • moda01

        @kristie i agree

        • Kirstie

          Thanks! All the hate some belieber’s give out to people for the littlest things is insane!

    • Anonymous

      you guys are dumb!

  • hOpE

    You know last year… he said stuiped stuff like that…
    1st of all he doesnt even know the kid… so he shouldnt be going around.. running his damn mouth aobut.. and he should just shut the fuck up about it…

    • Kirstie

      Lol it’s not a big deal. You kids are making it into this big thing. It was a joke, like I said before he didn’t mean anything disrespectful. Like Justin has said many times, ” once you reach a certain age you realize that you just gotta laugh at yourself and what peoPle say about you”.

      • Anonymous

        The belieber fanbase are not all little kids so why are u calling her and the person in the first post a kid? stfu and gtfo “grandma”

        • Kirstie

          Haha anone( wont post you’re name eh )
          No sh** I’m 19 and love jb. I am calling you all kids because you’re acting like immature children. Freaking out over a joke that Justin himself thought was funny. Kids can’t take jokes about themselves, hence” kids”.
          Why don’t you GTFO and learn new insult.. Grandma proves your a naive little kid.
          Btw was that grandma comment suppose tO hurt? Epic fail on you’re part.

        • Anonymous

          You need to learn the difference between Your and You’re.

        • Roxanne

          Commenting on someone’s use of your/you’re does not make you look any smarter, better, or make your point any more valid.

          Kirstie is absolutely right.

        • Gaby

          All of you people are “kids”. I mean you guys are arguing about who is immature
          All of you have to stfu and learn how to take a friggin joke calm the hell down even Justin said it was funny but really stop arguing if you are real beliebers you would see that justin thought it was funny and MOVE THE FUCK ON!!!!
          Alright with all that being said………
          Bye dolls!!!!!!!! Mwaaa

        • Kirstie

          Gaby lmao! You need to read my comments. I’m the one. Who said that jb thought it was funny. So next time if you’re going to get comment to people about their argument you better make sure you’ve read the hole thing, so that you don’t sound stupid.

        • Kirstie


        • Kirstie


        • Kirstie

          I see YOU’RE still anon…… Also get again a epic fail at trying to insult me and trying to prove that you’re right… But good for you that you don’t give up even though you really should..

        • Sarah


        • Kirstie

          Sarah lol you need to learn to read! Stupid

  • guest

    hahahah funny!

  • Anon.

    I don’t get why JB is always the target for those type of jokes, even before the Mariah bs.

    • Jessi

      I totally agree… I mean I agree with Kristie but these people need to get some new jokes yah know?

      • Roxanne

        As far as I’m concerned, no one had ever told this joke before. You fail.

    • Roxanne

      Because he’s a billionaire artist … that’s who gets targeted at award shows. Duh.

  • Patricia

    Now I know why everyone hates this guy. He’s just jealous that Justin can get any girl and his ugly, fat ass can’t. Im glad I didn’t watch this shit show last night.

    • Sophie

      In all respect to you, I love Ricky, he was made the host because of the insults he makes. He didn’t mean it in an offensive way at all. He was insulting everyone. Just to make you clear, Ricky has a stunning girlfriend, He didn’t mean it in an offensive way, you should get some humour maybe!

    • Roxanne

      Ricky was invited back AFTER people said he wouldn’t be. And that’s why he came back. As an “in your face” to everyone who got offended last year. And like Sophie said, his girlfriend is GORGeous, and did you know he was once voted, “Man most women secretly fancy?” Ricky Gervais could fuck any woman he wants to. Haha Ricky is not jealous of Justin Bieber. At all. Did you not see that he made fun of EVERYONE ELSE too? God, do people grow up learning what comedians are for anymore?

      • Patricia

        First of all I have disliked Ricky since the beginning. Not just because of his Justin comment. I just find him to be very rude and annoying. And just thinking about him fucking someone, makes me wanna throw up in my mouth. He is NOT attractive to me at all. Not everyone has to like him. And how do you know that Justin found it funny? I must have missed that post. And i do have a sense of humour, but not about dumb comments like this.

        • Roxanne

          Wow. Yeah, you don’t know what comedians are for. Ricky is amazing BECAUSE he doesn’t care what billionaire artists think when he insults them. And he doesn’t actually have anything AGAINST these artists. They are JOKES. You should see him and Johnny Depp together, they love each other, even though Ricky makes mean jokes about him all the time. It’s part of the deal. It’s part of the fame, etc. I’m personally glad that there is a comedian out there who is willing to push the limits and insult these billionaires. And he’s not actually insulting them. He’s making jokes about what a great majority of the population are thinking. And I’m sorry you missed where Justin said it himself. Go back and read through his twitter. If he’s since deleted it, you won’t be able to find it. But Justin wasn’t upset by it. And it would be very weird if he did get upset by it, because it’s A JOKE.

          And by the way, it’s totally okay if you don’t find Ricky attractive lol I was just saying that there are a lot of people who do.

          Also, were you upset by all of the other “insulting” jokes he made about all the other celebrities there? If not, I’m going to call you a hypocrite. He made fun of almost everyone. It’s his job. He doesn’t have a personal vendetta against Justin. Calm. Down.

        • Roxanne

          Another thing: Justin has been the subject of much worse jokes in the past, jokes that were actually made in bad taste and with bad intentions. Ricky wasn’t making this joke to hurt Justin’s feelings or with bad intentions. He made it to make a joke. Unlike many of the people who HAVE made insulting jokes about Justin. You really need to consider the context of the joke (this context being the Golden Globes, where EVERYONE is made fun of) and what the intentions are behind it (this intention was to make a joke and make people laugh, not intended to hate on Justin).

          And if you don’t like the type of comedian Ricky is, okay. We all have different tastes. But you are blowing this joke waaaaay out of proportion.

  • Me

    Seriously, calm the fuck down. It’s a fucking JOKE. Don’t act like you’ve never made one before. If Justin can laugh at it, let it go. Damn!

    • Kirstie

      Thank you! Finally someone on here with some brains

  • Kaytee

    if you dont like justin, why are you on theBIEBERshrine.com ? doesnt make sense to me. bye haterz.

    • Roxanne

      No one is hating on Justin by being a good sport about jokes being made. Justin himself laughed. We are not haters just because we understand what Ricky was and wasn’t trying to do here.

  • Liezel

    I don’t even care cause he had to say it, you know. To make people laugh, cause everyone heard about the rumor and so he made a joke bout it. It’s for the show. but yeah, it’s not even funny to me x) he better not mean it! 😀

  • Aisha

    Some of you people here are so stupid and get butthurt over every little thing someone says bout Justin. First of all, he wasn’t saying it in a disrespectful way, he was JOKING. I’m sure Justin was hardly offended by that so I don’t see why you people have to? LIGHTEN UP, take a joke and let it go.

    • Roxanne

      NEVER use the term “butthurt.” Do you have ANY idea what that truly means? Not only is that a homophobic term, but VERY triggering to people who have been raped. This IS something to be offended by – someone saying “butthurt.”

      As for everything else you said, yes. True.

      • Laura


        • Roxanne

          Really classy. *sarcasm*

  • Roxanne

    RickY* (It’s with a “y”) Gervais is absolutely hilarious, and any of you who take this seriously do not understand comedy, or Ricky Gervais, or the Golden Globes. You should go watch some of Ricky’s interviews on Youtube.

    It. Was. A. Joke. It’s an awards show. I laughed. It was funny. Calm the fuck down. If you are offended by this, well, Ricky doesn’t give a fuck and neither do I, because you shouldn’t be offended by it.

    And this is not news.

  • Tina

    You guys need to calm down and stop arguing,
    looks like it’s that time of the month for you people

    • Kirstie

      Time of the month….. Naw that was the first week of Jan for me. Btw I’m not the one fighting, all I’m doing us defending myself at the lame people who keep failing at life. If you read my comments this anon and gabby are the ones fighting I’m just backing myself and info up.

  • Severus Snape

    I’m quite sure Justin has hit puberty by now, I saw in a photo from 2009, where he had some mustache hair crowing (It was a close up), and arm hair, hitting puberty doesn’t mean your voice has to break, Justin’s is a little slow at deepening, everyone is different, I love Justin Bieber.

    It was quite rude what this guy said, I was very offended!

    • Roxanne

      First of all, I find it hilarious that you are going under the name of Severus Snape, especially since this joke was something that Snape would have found absolutely hilarious. 😛

      You should go read all the comments. This is absolutely NOTHING to be offended by. If Justin himself wasn’t offended, why should you be? I took Ricky’s joke to be more aimed actually at the fact that most of the world has NOT realized that Justin HAS grown up. It’s a JOKE.

  • Jenny

    That’s mean 🙁 HOW DARE YOU INSULT JUSTIN BIEBER!! First off, I don’t think Ricki should host that again.

    • Sophie

      Dude, if people were offended he wouldn’t of been the host three times 😛

  • Preshentha

    Honestly, U guys have the right to argue because each person has a right to their own opinion but Kirstie you are correct , If JB thinks it is a Joke , Y the hell must others get angry. Makes no sense ,The person himself did not feel the pain, I understand some Fans will get annoyed but calm down , Just a figure of speech.

  • OMB!

    FUCK OFF MAN!! Leave Justin alone!!!
    Is this real speech even!!??All about burping+Farting!
    Funny??Not really!! 🙁 I’m depressed!!

    • Roxanne

      … wow … talk about over-reacting.




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  • kayla

    how dare you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 8-( :-f

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