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justin bieber hands covering face

Justin Bieber leaving Nice, France covering his face again!

Justin is seen here leaving France from Nice Airport yesterday, Jan 29. He’s covering his face again from the paparazzi.

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  • gabb

    and wearing long colorful socks again! haha so cutee

  • oh come on biebs, we want to see you’re handsome face!

  • Sweet_Elegant

    This looks a mess:( He is just a kid & its a shame he has to walk from place to place with guidance because of the paparazzi…smh…

  • Anonymous


  • Me:)

    I feel so bad for him. Paparazzi really need to leave him alone. I don’t understand how some people can pay other grown men and women to go and put camaras in everyones faces</3. It's pathtic. On the other hand, he looks amazing, as always. Colorful socks<3.

  • Anon

    where’s he heading i hear he’s at the Miami Heat game tonight my friend is there and sees him!

  • Belieberforlifee

    omg the paps really should let Justin alone! they always bother him. he cant even go to the restroom cuz the paps always bother him! poor justin he needs a rest. i understand why he covers his face; so the paps would leave him alone and some ”beliebers” get offended bcuz he supposly ran away from the fans give him a rest people!!!

  • Anonymous

    it’s funny how a person strives to be famous all their life and want their face to be shown then when their face is shown they wanna hide it- @myheartt4JB

  • bieber4life131

    why did he run that fast ?? :/

  • Patricia

    Alfredo actually apologized on his tumblr for Justin running away like that. Alfredo said that the paps always ruin everything for the fans and that Justin had no choice but to run away from the paps. So in Alfredos words, him and Justin are sorry for not being able to stop for the fans. So all the drama can end now.

    • Anonymous

      Someone is always apologizing for Justin. Why can’t he just come straight out with the truth instead of making unbelievable lies.

      Alfredo says that he wants to say hello to the fans, but were surrounded by tons of fans, therefore he had no choice but to run? Sorry, but as far as I’m concerned he has walked everywhere with tons of paparazzis taking pictures of him before, I don’t see why he has a problem with it now.

      • Anonymous

        he did come out with the truth read his twitter

      • Lucy

        “I want to clear something up that is important to me,” wrote Bieber on Tuesday. “The other day in the airport I got surrounded by 20 paps. I dont like small spaces and i just wanted to get on the plane. I ran to get thru the gate and there is a video of me running by fans and on the other side you dont see the 20 paps.”
        “I would never run by my fans and for those that i did pass that day I AM SORRY. I know my fans are my everything. I know my responsibility to them. I LOVE MY BELIEBERS. So as i get older i know i will learn to deal with these things better and better just still learning. still human. just had to get that out.”
        – Justin explaining and apologizing on his twitter.

  • Anonymous

    Poor baby <3 I feel so sorry for him like give the kid some space especially when he hates being surrounded, so unfair.

  • mjbs

    so? just leave the guy ALONE!

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