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justin bieber car signing stratford

Justin Bieber signs a car for Stratford Skateboard Park

Frank Sandoli who owns the Hyundai dealership in Stratford knows Justin’s grandfather Dale. When he found out that Justin was gonna be in Stratford for the Christmas holiday, he got JB’s grandfather to arrange a meeting with Justin in order to get him to sign the dashboard of a brand new Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0. The goal is to auction off the car on eBay for $40,000 to raise money to renovate the Downie Street Skate Park in Stratford where Justin and his friends used to skate.

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  • TheNorwayGirl

    Hes so cute!

  • Raiya

    hahahaha…… he throws it, then runs back to get it!!! hes so CUTE!!!

  • Lilly

    awwee… its caitlin thats filiming…. :’) #JAILTIN. FTW. ♥

  • his striped socks hahah lol.. so cute..

  • Lola

    LMAO, what the hell is up with his socks in that picture?! That’s not cool, he looks like an idiot.

  • Angel Bieber

    he is still so hot but he doesnt invite fans on stage anymore

  • lol……i love justin bieber…..he is so CUTE!!!!!!!!…..”lol who dose not like bieber”….


  • Michaela

    I want that car but I bet its really expensive. I also want his jacket

  • Taylor

    OMB!, im obsessed with you.

  • Anonymous

    I love u soniaaa