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justin bieber and selena gomez date 2012 thai food

Justin and Selena dinner date at Thai restaurant in Manhattan!

While everyone else was in Los Angeles for the Grammy Awards Sunday night (Feb 12, 2012), Justin took Selena Gomez out on a dinner date at a Thai restaurant in Manhattan, New York.

On Saturday night (Feb 11, 2012), Justin enjoyed a private dinner at the Dream Hotel in New York City with Usher:

Justin Bieber and Usher were hidden in a corner booth in the lobby restaurant Marble Lane at the Dream Hotel. The duo had a late dinner, protected from the throngs by four bodyguards and managers posted at the outer seats of their table, plus a tall “lookout guy” dressed in a snuggly ski sweater who stood watch to prevent anyone from approaching the table. Bieber and Usher stayed until 2 a.m., but left without attending any of the fashion bashes at the hotel.

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  • Claudia Elena

    They are so cute and in love!Perfect Match Made In Heaven=Jelena!

    • Me

      Ahhh shit, we got another Jelena ass kisser. Eeuugh, why???? :6

  • christina

    she needs a undershirt on

  • Lilly

    Justin looks amazing! as always, no offense but WTF is Selena wearing!? It looks funny… o.o
    but i wonder what Usher and Justin were talking about at the restaurant…. hmmmm :/

    • Emma

      Haha, that’s what I was thinking

  • Naddie

    Am I the only one that think it’s weird how they are never smiling, when you see photos of them together?

    • Anonymous

      uuuhmm have you not seen every other photo where they are laugingh and on top of each other? May i remind you that they are walking through a swarm of paparaszzi..
      dont act like u knnow them

      • Me

        Don’t act like you know them either, then. Let’s be fair about this, now 😉

        • Anonymous

          I hate gomez

        • Anonymous

          u fucking bitch

  • christina

    woah selena’s legs are skinny

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or does she look kind of mean in these pictures i am not trying to hate just saying

    • Me

      Nope, I think so too. She never smiles in pictures with him. I thought she”loved” him, after all. Pshhh, what the fuck ever.

  • christina

    i thought justin said, he likes girls with meat on they’re body……uhm selena?

  • selena gomez beautiful justin hot


    • Always there For JELENA

      Thats right.

  • abakar hassana

    comement ta le vou justin

  • aleyna