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Justin Bieber finally meets his wife, Avalanna Routh

Remember the 6 year old Mrs Bieber that never met her husband? Well they met today….

On Thursday we told you about a 6-year-old who is fighting a rare form of brain cancer known as AT/RT and her dream of meeting pop sensation Justin Bieber.

Well that dream became reality on Monday afterAvalanna Routh and her family flew to New York to meet the 17-year-old singer thanks to a successful marketing campaign by family and friends.

In an effort to make Avalanna’s wish come true, family and friends reached out to FOX25 and other local TV stations, set up a Facebook page and created a Twitter account encouraging people to share her story in hopes of getting the attention of someone in Bieber’s camp.

It worked.

After hearing about Avalanna’s story, a FOX25 staff member reached out to a friend that had connections with Justin Bieber’s manger Scooter Braun .

She in turn, messaged Braun the myfoxboston.com story through Facebook. As soon as Braun saw the story he immediately wanted to help and tweeted the story looking for more contact information.

In a conference call between Avalanna’s mom Aileen and FOX 25, Braun learned more about Avalanna’s battle with cancer which she was diagnosed with when she was only 8-months-old.

Within minutes of the conversation, Braun told Aileen he was going make the meeting between Avalanna and Justin happen and it was going to be “sooner than you think”.

Standing by his word, Braun flew Avalanna and her family to New York for a private meeting with Justin.

A memory Avalanna and her family will certainly never forget.


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