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Justin Bieber Kissing Girls: Past & Present

justin bieber kissing jasmine villegasJustin Bieber kissing Jasmine Villegas

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  • Anonymous

    1st comment

    • gabb

      and you just wasted it

  • someone

    poor selena got death threats? lol beliebers made a die caitlin tt and jasmine got so much hate she had to delete her twitter. (and then reopened it) why is selena always the victim?

    • just as a,long that justin bieber has now selena gomez his girl friend now, can i have jaamine villegas for my girl friend may i ask , to justin bieber , love david conway

      • Anonymous

        Do you love seleena gomes

        • Anonymous

          don’t bother thinking th mat he’s your cause he’s mine

    • Anonymous

      Your a jerk

  • so what 🙂

  • OMB!

    Okay 🙂