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justin bieber selena gomez beverly center shopping

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez shopping at Beverly Center Mall

 Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spotted doing some shopping earlier today (Feb 17, 2012) at the Beverly Center Mall.

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  • Spencer

    SO CUTE!!

  • Lilly

    Is this all they do or…? No offense but mine and Justin’s imaginary relationship is more interesting than this. -.-“

  • amy

    but then we always have to wake up lilly 🙂

  • gabb

    wow that sweeter makes selena look fat

    • uh you need your eyes check hun….. it doesn’t make her look fat… Nothing can make her look fat because she doesn’t have a aounce of fat on her….

      • lea

        i think that’s why she said it make her look fat no that she’s fat

  • christina


    • Me

      Lol you KNOW she didn’t! When does she ever???

      • Saraline

        are you with them 24/7 now.. smh

      • christina

        cause you would know?

  • Karo

    Can they do anything else but shop?? Justin always looks mad/annoyed when hes with her. If u look at the pics of him when she was in South Ameriica he was much happier!! And if Selena is a celebrity, I wonder why she doesnt pay?? What a boring relationship. Theyre either eating, or at the mall, or the movies. I do funner things with my mother!! Shes no fun….And she could have a happier face, I mean be happy to be with your boyfriend for christs sake.

    • Saraline

      never knew that their relationship was supposed to entertain you Karo and `funner`things with your mom.. I think you should take that time to go to school instead and learn that there is no such thing as funner! haha quit the hate on justin and selena already! if you dont like their relationship I`m pretty sure nobody`s holding you at gun point to view them!

      • Lilly

        actually, funner IS a word. Cause if you spell it on here, it doesnt appear underlined and it doesnt appear in autocorrect either. I think maybe instead of making invalid arguments with people with sense, i think you should just take sometime to learn some English grammar.

    • Ozzy

      They’re not always shopping. How do you know what they do, huh? You don’t follow them around 24/7 & if you’ve looked at some of their other pics they’re a every happy couple. Stop hating.

  • OMB!

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      nice pic.

  • Gaby

    enough with the hate guys. love! I wanna know where he gets all those HUUUUUUGE keychain things from… lol oh justin ! and tbh selena looks scared and sad in pictures because she knows your judging her. would you want someone to judge you based on who you dated?? lets be sensitive! Justin obviously is a sensitive person. the mean comments about his love of his life would make him very sad.

  • bieber fever

    I love Justin bieber!!!!

  • sam

    I think they make a cute couple i wish justin bieber would be my boyfriend i would be so happy she’s so lucky to have him don’t let him go selena am a big fan of yours selena gomez

  • sam

    I Loce you justin bieber i want to meet you some day am a big fan

  • Shana

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