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jaxon bieber justin bieber disneyland valentines 2012

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez spend Valentines Day 2012 @ Disneyland

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez spend Valentines Day 2012 @ Disneyland

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez spend Valentines Day 2012 @ Disneyland

The day is not over but at least we know Justin and Selena Gomez spent part of their Valentines Day this year at Disneyland with his whole family. Justin has his arms around Pattie. Jeremy’s to the left. Selena is carrying Jaxon. And someone else is carrying Jazzie on their shoulders. Alfredo? Too sweet!

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  • gabb

    is that jeremy, pattie and jaxon?

    • Anonymous

      IT SAYS IT RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!!!! READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sparkaiii

    1st to comment 😀 and That Should Be Mee 🙁

  • Sparkaiii

    Ok so I wasn’t the 1st to comment but woah Selena is so lucky having Justin as a boyfriend, getting to spend the day with him and his family, that must mean their in a real serious relationship. Aww I see Jazmyn, Jaxon, Pattie and Jeremy there too! Selena must of had a great valentines day. Unlike me 🙁

  • gabb

    I’ve never seen a pic of justin hanging out with selena’s family.. EVER, just when they met, but since then they always hang out with jb family

    • Selina

      thats not selenas family, what kind of a belieber are you that you dont know justins family ? it clearly states that as the caption that its justins family & you should know that without the caption. selenas only family is her mom & her step dad & pets. where the hell would she have a baby brother & a baby sis.

      • christina

        selina you’re stupid, she’s saying she hasn’t seen justin hang with selena ever before, but only see’s selena hanging around jb’s family. She knows that’s jb’s family

      • Roxanne

        ^Like Christina said … Looks like Selina dozed off during reading comprehension lessons. Gabb just simply stated she hasn’t seen Justin with Selena’s family in a loooong time. She didn’t say that THIS is a picture of Justin with Selena’s family.

        But even IF she didn’t know Justin’s family, that doesn’t make her less of a fan or Belieber, like, at all. No fan “should” know who Justin’s family is. Hell, I didn’t know much about them until 2010, a year after I became a fan. Being a Belieber is NOT about Justin’s family, it’s about JUSTIN … duh.

      • Kirstie

        Selina lmao you totally just made yourself look like stupid and like a air head. You just hated on some girl and you clearly didn’t read her comment… Nice fail.

  • thats is just so sweet i love yall both and yall are a great couple im selena’s and justin’s fan forever i listening to yalls music everyday i just love it justin thats is so sweet of you of the ring(: just dont listen to them just ingore them love yall both beary much(: xoxo

    • oh and happy valentines Day selena and justin and yalls family(:

  • kelsey

    omg i just love seeing pattie and jeremy going places together! they should get back together 🙁 they are so freakin cute together!

    • Kate

      um no. jeremy has a wife & 2 kids, selena is holding one, & someone else is carrying jazzy. why on earth would he leave his 2 infant children and wife behind. he loves them .. cleaarly. it would be messed up to leave them. just because hes hanging out with pattie doesnt mean they should get back. he just wanted to take his kids to disneyland, with justin & pattie could come along to after all that is justins mom. plus, i think its great that pattie and jeremy spend some time together, and can compromise and get along. some divorced couples completey leave and never talk.

      • Kirstie

        I agree! If he did leave his wife & 2 kids for pattie he would be a tottal prick and douche bag! It wouldn’t happen through because pattie wouldn’t do that to his other kids.

      • Taylor Whitaker.

        I agree. Some belieber who has some dang sense. (:

  • tiff

    selena is wearing uggs!!!! justin hates them 😮

  • Monica

    yo Pattie must be very short cause even since before Justin has become really taller then what he was he has always been taller then his mom with heels on LOL so in this pic to see her with high heels on, and still way fucking short then Justin is funny but im loving how Justin is so much taller now 🙂 like 5,7 or 5,8 right

    • Kate

      Justin is 5’9 (: if not then hes 5’8 and a half for sure, his height in his biography hasnt been updated yet. but yeah, hes really tall now. proves all the annoying haters wrong. look whos tall now bitches. (;

    • Mary

      Yes, Selenaa can wear heels with Justin now and he is still taller than her. Yeah so Justin. He was a little concerned about his height. He is very happy that he had a growing spell.

    • jbgirlfan

      no beliebers he is 5’6 only, look it up (and his biography gets updated all the time)!

  • christina

    i thought justin hates uggs, liar

    • Mary

      He might hate Uggs, but he loves Selena and she independent enough to do her own thing and not let a guy rule her wardrobe.

      • christina

        yeah but his exact word were “i don’t care who they are that’s wearing them but i will NEVER look at you”

  • Ellen

    Justin said that he hates uggs in an interview and selena is wearing them? lol hahahahaaaaa

  • STROMY12

    I dont think thats pattie, i believe that is jazzy and jaxon’s mom?

    • christina

      no, carin doesn’t hang with them, only jazzy and jaxson, jeremey and carin got a divorce, thats pattie

  • Claudia Elena

    So Sweet!Selena is part of the family already!Yay!Love ’em a lot but I know they love eachother more!

  • Anon

    haha the ladybug hat

  • Hope Bieber

    I remember when it was Justin’s dream to go to Disney Land when he got all the money from busking. Instead of doing that, he let Scooter introduce him to Usher 
    Now Justin can do whatever he wants cuz if his hard work 

  • OMB!

    Aww! so sweet!! <3


  • Taylor Whitaker.

    Okay, I thought Justin said he didnt like uggs. Well, shes wearin em. I thought there was somethin about him not likin them and he wouldnt date a girl that wore em, guess not…

  • vicky belieber

    hello my name is vicky im from argentina¡¡¡ I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER is just what you say bye and kisses to all the countries ARGENTINA LIVING¡¡¡¡¡¡¡