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Justin Bieber surprise fans with Proactiv Solutions

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  • Michael

    Dear Justin, I love you. Lol. I’d die if Justin knocked on my door x_x

    • @justinbieber can u give me some proactiv please i want to see u in my door , and i want to my face change i dont like the acne in my face please help me i live in queens new york i need help !!

    • Anonymous

      jb ilove you soooooo much plz surprize me that come in pakistan by proactive

    • to justin

      dear justin can u plz bring me proactive 🙂 i wuld luv if u did…
      <3 saydi

    • Anonymous

      dear justin, i have acne on my face and im really embarresed becuz people always look at me wierd plz help i live in alta loma cali.
      <3 saydi

    • Anonymous

      hey justin my name is brandi ~ jo im from battle creek mi and if youu would bring me some proactive………. OMG I LOVE YOU YOUR LIKE MY WHOLE ROOM

  • andrea clarisse

    justin if you knocked on my door i think i’ll open the door because you knocked on my door

    • andrea clarisse

      and i will not die because you won’t kill me

  • Jay

    honestly these girls show no damn emotion and for some reason it pisses me off….ugh….like what the helll just stand there id be screaming so fuckin loud!!!!!!

    • MishelleBieber

      maybe their just shy or something…

  • Patricia

    Omg I would die if Justin knocked on my door. That would be the end of me lol. But it would also kinda be insulting and awkward if he showed up with a bag of acne products.

  • Justin bIeber I sweetheart hug kiss fuck am unber call (509)340-6261 kiss fuck meet deaf Tude yes like Alejandra Magana 🙂

  • ariale d. wingate

    Hi Justin I love u can u please help me with my acne I also did not know that you have acne I thought that you were already cute and awesome thanks

  • talem duke

    I love you Justin I need help with my acne please help thank u

  • Hey Justin can u bring me some proactive and mabey go out to eat

  • Lana

    I’m not really a Justin bieber fan, but honestly I really need proactive. My acne makes me really insecure about myself. I honestly just wanna be someone that noticed by their clear face, not known by the girl with the acne. I honestly don’t think your gonna help people, but why not try it, I’ll do anything at this point..

  • justin can i get some proactive please love you im a big fans im in milwaukee please and be my husband to dear to tekyrah jordan love you

  • Safa

    PLZ just I won’t my face to change till June (cause it’s my graduation) plz help me I live @@@ Toronto (Canada, Ontario)

  • Kelsey

    Please Justin Can you Deliver me Proactive…..I’m Your #1 Fan!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m not a victim of Beiber fever.

  • sydney

    OMGGG justin i love you like i AM your biggest fan!!!!!!! please deliver me proactiv!!!!<<3333 🙂

    • sydney

      i am in love with you!

  • Desirah

    Justin im in need of some proactive to help with my beach body this year.. My back has slight break outs and we cant have that around the boys this summer.. So pleaseeeee help! Plus it would be really cool to have you show up at my house. My 3yr old little sister loves you and we watched “never say never” like a million times lol.

  • Lyse

    Dear Justin,
    Can you please bring some proactive ?
    I love your music! Please
    Thank you so much!

  • Dear Justin Bieber
    I love u so so so so much plz give me some proactiv i would love to meet u in real life i would freak out omg

    • i love him more than anyone in the world so ha
      hands of my man

  • Alyssa Collis

    Dear Justin Bieber,
    I love you so much!! I’m a huge fan. I love your music. I’d probably die if you’d showed up at my door!

  • monika ristovska

    hi justin bieber 🙂
    can you please dring some proactiv ???
    I live in Macedonia (Negotin)
    i love you <3
    and thank you so mach <3 <3

    • monika ristovska


  • monika ristovska

    hi Justin 😉
    con you please ding some proactiv ???
    i live in Macedonia (Negotino)
    i love you <3 <3
    and thank you so mach <3 <3

    • monika ristovska

      can *

  • justin bieber i sweetheart hug kiss want to will yes meet english deaf talk like alejandra magana call now time 2;35 reandy

    • meredith

      is this jb

  • meredith

    hey justin i need some proative

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss want to meet deaf talk nice love like Alejandra Magana

  • kara

    justin can you PLEASE bring me some proactiv?! i need it i just started breaking out and im am going into middle school.please!

  • JustIn bieber I sweetheart hug kiss want to meet English Deaf talk nice like Alejandra Magana call (509)430-6261 🙂 :p

  • Laysie

    Justin I don’t want acne products or any thing like that the only thing I wan is for u too show up at my door I am ur number 1 fan no joke I have 86 posters of u on my wal so maybe one day I’ll open the door and u will be there

    • Justin bueber

      Justin bieber I swetheart hug kiss want to meet English Deaf talk 21 nice like Alejandra Magana. Me too you

  • Justin bueber

    Justin bieber I all happy me too you sweetheart hug kiss want more 333meet loook out summer hot more want to meet me too you 3333hug kiss want to more meet happy marry me too you look English Deaf talk happy like Alejandra Magana

  • Abby May

    Justin i would love for you to ring my door bell and give me proactiv:) plus, when i was my face with the stuff you get me i will think of you:). i love you no matter if you do it our not:) but i would die if you came to my house. please i would love it. My face would love you to:) haha i punny. anyway please come to my house. i live in lehi, utah:) please come it would mean the world to me,and my face:)
    ~<3 Abby:)

  • jenniffer

    heyy justin my name is jenniffer i need some proactiv i want my skin like yours.i love you .you are all i think about i’m your number one fan.you are the best GOD bless you babe

  • Justin bueber

    Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss want to meet English Deaf say marry tude yes alone like Alejandra magan

  • Sydnee

    Justin I am 13 and I am your biggest fan! I was wondering if u could please bring me some proactive!? I love you soo much!!! I live in Howell Michigan.

  • mckenzie

    Hey Justin! Im your biggest fan! I need proactive ! asap. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i live in greenfield wisconsin 5463 s. 46th street

  • Ashley

    Justin ive never tried proactive I would love to try it… my friends say it works great … I know your probably really busy and dont have time to deliver any but I would really love to have some…. thxz anyways

    • Ashley

      Ps. I live in troy Idaho

  • Chessie

    Hi Justin I love you so much and I would love for you to deliver proactive to my house I have acne and your my idol!!!!!!!!

  • Chynalove

    I love justin bieber I want to come to november fourt hell yeah

  • akeira

    dear justin bieber i really love u i mean like u cause i dont know u to love uu…. ut i just want u to come to my house

  • Karina Huerta

    Hi Justin Biber, My name is Karina Huerta I live in Vacaville, CA.
    I have a really cute little sister Named Daisy she’s 7 years old turning 8 on September 24. She’s really looks up to you. She is always singing that’s her favorite thing to do:) but she gets picked on sometimes for singing do much and I just want her to know that she should keep singing and never give up. So I was wondering if you could come on her birthday to surprise her and let her know that she should never stop singing so matter what any one says. Please just really think about it she’s a really great little girl and I know she would really love it you did that. So please really think about it.
    Thank You!
    Sincerely, Karina Huerta

    • Karina Huerta

      Sorry I spelt bieber wrong.

  • Chessie

    P.s. I live in Elkhart indiana

  • lina meesaoud

    dear justin…..
    i’m from algeria and i’m 15 years old
    i’m your biggest fan here …..and baleive me it’s not easy <3<3<3<3
    so i'm bagging u 2 come visit us in algeria
    my heart will probanlly stop if i see uu
    but i would use my last breth 2 tell u i love uuu
    so i hope u bring me some proactive or just come..
    i'll love you 4ever

  • kirsty

    Oh Justin please bring me some proactiv , I would just love it so much <3

    • kirsty

      I live in Derbyshire

  • sadis

    justin i love u so much i really really want u to surprise me at my door with some proactiv please can u bring me some i live in the uk lancing 83 hurstfield tower road west sussex please i really want to meet u x<3x<3x<3x

  • Cora Johnson

    Dear Justin, I love you so much you are all over my room.. I can you please come to my house I really want to meet you that’s my birthday wish every year is just to meet you can you please make my wish come true <3

  • Rachelle

    hey Justin bieber I would really want to have Proactive I really love you and im your biggest fan …. <3

  • Vincent Prata

    Hi justin can u please bring me some proactiv

  • cassandra

    hey justin plz bring me some pro-active it would be sooooooo awesome if u did plz plz thanks 😀

  • valeria

    hello justin, if you’d come knocking at my door I think I put to scream. I love you more than anything in the world!
    P.S. to me you are more important than air.

  • Jadin cruz

    Justin i want some proactive please i love your music please please

  • Mathias

    hey justin bieber will not you give me a proactiv so you sweet yes I write now virgeli many probably written for you yes but this message means so much show you read it and you get home to me then my life was saved my mother and father Sunde is one of the stupidest di’ve heard that justin bieber will use easy time for me but this message, make me happy

    • Mathias

      yes it can attend I live in Denmark and I can now easily see but makes me happy as bars just me se me I’m your fan

  • jessica gordon

    heyy,justin prative has changed my life please can you you come to my and give me proactive

    • jessica gordon

      house i mean sorry

  • vanessa

    Justin i need proactive please

  • vanessa

    Justin i need proactive please just like other people

  • Amelia mely Franco

    JUSTIN I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much your like my dream / idol I would really love some proactive any time but more important your the most amazing singer /idol I have ever seen im your believer 4 ever and ever <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 your my biggest idol ever I love you sooooooooooooooooooo much <3

  • Amelia mely Franco

    by the way I live in Yuma Arizona address: 2045 s. 10th ave.