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justin bieber new tattoo 2012 lips

Justin Bieber wants a tattoo inside of his bottom lip!

Oh no! Say it isn’t true! There are reports like Justin wants to get another tattoo. But this time on the inside of his bottom lip!!

Justin reportedly discussed having it done while he was buying Frozen Yogurt at Menchies at Calabasas Commons in Los Angeles. He already has a seagull on his hip, a Hebrew “Jesus” word under his armpits, and Jesus’s face on his leg. He doesn’t need one on the inside of his lip!

According to HollywoodLife JB spotted the tattoo on the man that served him there and began questioning him about it before admitting he was thinking of having one too.

The source said:

“Justin saw the tattoo inside my bottom lip and said he wanted to get one too. He thought it was pretty cool. He said he has wanted to get one there for a while now, but he didn’t say what kind.”

Despite being one of the biggest stars on the planet Justin, who turns 18 next week, was down to earth and friendly.

The source went on:

“Justin was super cool. He had the strawberry banana frozen yogurt and he was really nice. A really cool dude.”

Don’t do it Justin. Please don’t!

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  • omg no 🙁 He must understand that it looks weird having thousands of tattoos :c <33

    • Q

      Thousands when he only has what? 3 so far? Chill out. It’s his body. He’s not telling u how to style ur hair is he? Nope.

  • carolyn

    The tattoo inside the lip goes away in about 6 months chill out! Its the only non permanent tattoo.

    • Cici

      Sorry meant to give u a thumbs up haha but yes ur right. I have tats. Love em! I say that’s his Body his life his choices he can do what he wants. We do what we want so, so can he 🙂

  • CiCi

    He can get what he wants. He’s his own person, own mind and that’s his body. I have tats so I know how addictive and awesome they are once u get the first one cusnt stop usually. So that being said. Live and let live. He can make his own choices. I dot see him telling others what they don’t need. Do what u want Justin. Ill still love support trust and admire u always 🙂

  • BelieberDude96

    I think it’s fine if he gets one. Justin’s current tattoos are already pretty cool looking; and they’re pretty modest (aside from the Jesus one). Really, what is a minuscule tattoo INSIDE his mouth going to do?? I think it sounds pretty awesome! I just hope to dear God that he doesn’t end up looking like his dad with so many tattoos all over!

  • heyyy

    if he does get it he should get a music note symbols.

  • gabz

    that sounds painful! lol

  • Kirstie

    Frickkkk that’s gonna hurt! I don’t like a bunch of tats all over a body so I just don’t plan on getting a shit loud on my body. As for anyone else their body their choice. I only have 2, one is the kidney foundation ribbon with black writing inside of it which states the day I was Dianosged witg my kidney diease. And the transplant/donor ribbon and once I have my transplant I am going to get the date tattooed inside of it.

    • Cici

      Awe ! 🙂


      shut the hell up kirstie. PROUD TO BE A BIEBER HATER.

      • Cici

        The only one who needs to shut the hell up is u. Ur a Bieber hater yet ur obsessed spending ur time on a Bieber blog? What a joke and fool ur making of urself. Fail.

  • gabb

    see what i mean, justin is CHANGING, please justin dont do it, i dont wanna se you fully covered of tattoos in a couple of years :'(

    • Y?

      It’s called growing up moron. Not changing. U change ur HAE ad hat styles don’t u? Okay then. U don’t see noone sayig “you’re changing” from that. I have tats. Tats don’t change shit. He can’t be who YOU want him to be. Just like you can’t be who others want u to be. Simple.

      • TRUTH

        You’re wrong. Tattoos doesn’t necessarily change YOU, but it definitely changes the way people look at you. Justin, being a superstar and all obviously doesn’t give two fucks about that. However, if he wasn’t and he tried to get a decent, well paying job, I doubt that people would hire him if his body was covered in tattoos.

        No one’s telling him what to be, they’re just saying that he’s changing. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, don’t get butthurt about it.

        • TRUTH THIS

          Actually you’re wrong. Unlike u I actually have tats. Someone can have over 10 tats and u Wudnt even know it. That’s aren’t always visiable. That’s what clothes are for. And beig that Justin is CLEARY already With a job. COMMON SENSE. he clearly isn’t looking for a regular job anytime soon. Ad being that I Have a high paying job I would know. This generation tats do not interfere. If some djmbass chooses to “judge a person” by whats inter skin then that’s their loss. Not the persons. They’ll walk aroud happy and tarted up will the other idiot walks around looking stupid focused on what people think of them. People aren’t going to look the way YOU do or the way YOU want. Get over it. End of.

  • AShley

    Even if he does get a tattoo on the inside of his lip it’s going to disappear in a couple months.

  • Anonymous

    justin y u so weird! don’t iloveu but don’t !!
    with three tattoos is enough…………….
    -Jackie Jones
    Panama City

  • PauLa

    Since the tattoo would go away eventually, I see no point in him going through the pain to get it anyway..

    I know it’s his body and all, but he should just stop getting tattoos period; at least, not until he builds some real muscle.

  • Patricia

    Ouch! That sounds painfull. I’ve never actually seen anyone have a lip tattoo before, so I don’t know what it looks like. And how did Justin see the dudes tattoo anyway if its on his inside lip? Im confused. I didn’t even know it was possible to have a tattoo there lol o_O I don’t want Justin to overdo the tattoos. Too many tattoos don’t look good on anyone.

  • Roxanne

    I’m not a tattoo fan, and I don’t find a lot of tats to be attractive. But, it’s his body, his choice. Quite honestly, I think people should wait until the age of 25 to get tattoos, because that’s when the brain is at it’s most development. So many young people get tattoos and regret them later. I myself have had itches to get tattoos, but have refrained from doing so because I simply don’t think I should consider getting one until 25+, once I know more about what the rest of my life will look like.

    If Justin wants to get a tattoo though, it’s none of our business.

    • Roxanne


    • Me

      What u said is half true. Age has nothing to do with it. I am 20 and have 2 and they were the best descions of my life. I love mines and they mean a lot to me. My mom even helped me pick them out. Just depends on where he mindset of the person is and why they want one and where they want it and what tat they actually want. People who don’t have tats wudnt know at all or understand.

      • Roxanne

        I disagree. You don’t have to have a tattoo to know or understand this. I personally don’t think it is a good idea to get a tattoo until you are 25 or know what your career is going to be for the rest of your life (which is why it makes more sense for Justin to get tattoos because he’s going to be doing entertainment the rest of his life, and he knows that). My belief on this is also backed up by career specialists and psychologists. I am not saying you are stupid or bad for having gotten a tattoo before age 25. I am not saying you are immature or can’t make big decisions. But do you already know 100% what you are going to be doing for the rest of your life? There are so many careers that won’t hire people with tattoos (which I think is ridiculous, but I can’t change it). I personally won’t risk getting a tattoo until I know exactly what I am going to be doing the rest of my life. I am extremely mature for my age, and I’m sure your mindset is just fine as well, but I’m not talking about mindset or maturity. I’m talking about being 100% sure what direction and career your life is going before putting something permanent on your body that could get in the way of it. I think if someone wants a tattoo so bad and it’s that important to them, then it will STILL be important to them and what they want once they are 25 or are sure of the career they are going to be in for the rest of their lives. So why not wait until then, if it’s always going to be what you want?

        • TRUTH

          Everything u said was hilariously invalid. Just cause YOU are not interested in tats and YOU don’t have any. That’s you not everyone else. Being that not only do I have my degree at a young age and also a high paying permanent job that I know I’ll have for the rest of my life but also being that I do have tats unlike u in sure y opinion and valued more highly. Than someone made ecause people don’t live their lives according to ur book. Lmao ur a joke. Just a old women on a young site obsessed over a teen heart throb cute lol. This is the new generation not the 1980s get with the program grandma. Tats aren’t always visible I would know being that I too have friends who are CEOs of corporations with gobs of tats and not one u would know about or see. Performance trumps looks anyway and judging by the people I see getting hired everywhere the government agrees. And I have my own parents and family backing me up. If u worried more about ur theories with work grandma instead of arguing with young people on a blog that u clearly can’t relate to then u can do some good somewhere 🙂

        • Roxanne

          For someone with a degree and a high-paying job, you sure type in a way that’s straining on the eyes and stupid-looking. And the fact that you come back at me in such a disrespectful way, when I have not disrespected you or anyone else here, and have been very kind with my opinion. So hard to take you seriously.

          And I’m 19, actually. Graduated from high school when I was 15. I’m a senior in college. I’ve applied for many jobs where they strictly state, “No tattoos.” So, I’m not just pulling this out of my ass. And nothing I said is invalid. You disagreeing/not liking what I say does not equal invalid. Did I say that I was against tattoos? No. I said that I don’t find a lot of tattoos to be attractive, but I didn’t say I was against them. I also said that I think it’s ridiculous that there are careers that DO discriminate against people with tattoos, but that I can’t change it. Your buddies who are supposedly CEOs and have a bunch of tats are lucky. It is very rare that you will find a CEO with even one tattoo.

          And some careers don’t even care if the tattoo isn’t visible. My friend works in a certain part of the entertainment industry (no it’s not porn before you ask) where they actually do a check with them in just a bathing suit to make sure that they have NO TATTOOS anywhere on their body, whether they’d be visible when wearing clothes or not.

          Also, I think psychologists and career specialists’ opinions and studies and research and statistics trump the opinions of your parents and family who “back you up.” Chill the fuck out. If you want tattoos, I never said you couldn’t get them. I won’t judge you for it. I just said I didn’t think it’s a good idea until you’re either 25 or know EXACTLY what career you’ll most likely be in for the REST of your life. Another point is as I stated before, if a tattoo is so important to you and it’s exactly what you want, it will STILL be important to you and exactly what you want once you are 25 or know what career you’re going to be in the rest of your life, so since it will always be important/what you want, you might as well be patient and wait to get it until one of those times.

          And since you wanted to say that it looks stupid that “grandma” here is “arguing” on a blog with “young people,” let me take the time to point out how much more stupid it looks for a woman like yourself who supposedly has a degree and high-paying job to come onto a Justin Bieber blog and argue with “grandma” about tattoos. Goes both ways bitch.

          Anyway, you can kiss my 19-year-old, non-tatted ass.

        • Lol

          Awkward moment when truth is right and ur wrong and no one read that long ass dumb sht u wrote. And she CLEARY isn’t old web clearly she said she was Selena’s age. So those last two paragraphs… Those jokes are on u. 19 yr old my ass. Senior in college my ass. Idl how dumb I think people are but ts laughable.

        • Roxanne

          I didn’t say she was old smartass. I was referring to the fact that she called me grandma, which you would have known if you’d read the whole thing.

          And yeah, I know, it’s weird that I am 19 and am a senior in college already, but guess what? Some of us didn’t waste our time in high school and wanted to move on to bigger and better things.

        • Lol

          Lmao actually I read everything SHE said. Just not waste my life reading what YOU say.

          And ur not 19 and a senior in college because #1 if u were you would know that stupider is not a word #2 u blasted yourself when u lied and said that they check people in bathing suits when my friend who works for the president himself vouched and told me he knows for a fact that that act is against the law. An act that can an will make them liable to be sued. ur lying about what u do and who u are. And being that someone on here blasted u for it before (which u clearly didnt see) ur nothing but a fraud. A simple ass school girl on here talking and posting bullshit after bullshit post claiming u have a life which u clearly don’t see u take so much time out I ur life to be on here. U wouldnt know shit about college is someone paid you. And more proof is comments like ” some people didn’t want to waste their time in high school” when EVERYONE who has skipped grades knows either way u must take the first year of high school period to skip anything to be accepted onto college. That’s nationally. Fact. So I suggest u get some mental help. Because clearly the other above have done the same. Ignoring u and moving on with their lives. Better lives. While ur stuck coming back here to comment and convince people of shit that Rey will never listen to. Lol funny really. I’ll be off doing the same. Have fun chatting with ur self little girl. Hope u have fun swimming in ur BIG ASS LIES 🙂

        • Roxanne

          Awkward moment when I never used the non-existent word “stupider.”

          Awkward moment when you care enough about “blasting” me, so if you think I’m pathetic for having time to come on here and look back five pages on a blog about Justin Bieber, then you are just as pathetic because you are doing the same damn thing.

          And yeah, actually I am 19 and a senior in college. You can’t prove otherwise. And even if I had said “stupider,” I have fellow classmates who make much worse grammar and spelling mistakes, yet are 21 and seniors in college. #2. Plenty of employers do things that are against the law in hiring employees, so it really doesn’t matter if it is against the law or not to do a bathing suit check. And actually, depending on the job, it is legal to do these types of checks. Those who feel it is necessary to do those types of checks apply for special waivers from the government. I know for a fact that the CIA does it with certain types of their employees.

          By the way, I didn’t skip any high school grades. I just finished them faster. I was in high school a year early because I skipped kindergarten, first, and second grade. And it is possible to finish high school grades early. Did you not know what private tutoring is? I did take the first year of high school, and I left soon because I didn’t like being picked on for being young in high school. It was awkward. Nice try though. I applaud your attempt to try to tear someone you don’t even know down, especially when she hasn’t been saying or doing anything rude that calls for you being such a shit head.

        • Roxanne

          Two years* early.

        • Sallie

          Lmao ur a hypocrite saying someone’s tearing YOU down when clearly that’s all u do and that’s all u are doing urself putting her down and do u know her no. So u might wat to look at urself before u judge others. Only shit head here they’re showing is you. And all ur comments above prove it. Especially when lol ended with u a long time ago lol

        • Kerry

          Roxanne doesn’t deserve what you’re saying. She didn’t do anything wrong so y are you cyber bullying her for no reason? I don’t think she’s lying either. My big sister did almost the same thing as Roxanne with hi school. Im a sophomore but im considering finishing early too cuz I don’t like it. A lot of people do that. && Roxanne didn’t say stupider lol. You’re just making yourself look bad.

        • natalie

          Actually no clearly in this situation lol doesn’t deserve what Roxanne is saying who also tends to argue with people on other articles by this site as well. She’s the cyberbully. Cause clearly you don’t know what cyberbullying is because what lol is doing is NOT cyberbullying. So ur dumb.Ony one making themselves look bad is you for jumping into shit that doesn’t concern u causing others to speak out and Roxane here. And no lol is right she’s lying out the ass I would know . Beefing herself up cause she don’t want to feel dumb cause she know she has no proof to back up her lie. Shes the main one doing the name calling hence why shes said everything from bitch and shit head which must be what shes called at home. she’s claims she’s a senior in college at 19 not high school genius. Yet she hasnt done a day of high school which is agains the board of education. Because the administration will only preceded a student to college only with the proper amount of credits and testing which is done by the board not school. Which might I add I checked and is not even done and has been cut of the school system since 1989 before she has even born. Do the math. Then she tries to coer by saying she had a private tutor. Lmao which sates “lol” point even further because especially with a tutor it would never be allowed. U don’t “leave ” high school u get promoted on. Which is not given to kids with Social problems as an excuse. Lol is right by sayjng nice try haha she’s done and I see why everyone else is. 🙂 she’s very immature and needs to seriously get some therapy with her obsession with trying to have the last word.

        • Roxanne

          You know what? NONE of you know me. NONE of you can prove what I have and haven’t done in my lifetime. NONE of you know my schooling situation. I have no reason to lie about my schooling situation anyway.

          In order to graduate I needed to earn 25 high school credits, which I did, primarily with the help of a private tutor. I joined a therapy group of other people who were finishing high school the same way as I was so I could make friends, since I didn’t go to school with people. It was basically homeschooling. I’m sorry if you guys don’t know what homeschooling is, but you can google it. I also did my schooling year-round, which is why I finished so fast. Because I didn’t take a break. Same with when I started college. I take summer semesters as well. I know a lot of people who do what I do.

          And Natalie, I agree that what LOL is doing isn’t cyber bullying, but what LOL is doing is completely unnecessary, and was off-topic. This whole thing started because people didn’t like that I have the opinion that people should wait to get a tattoo until they are 25 or know what their career is going to be. I stated my opinions respectfully, and tactfully. People got pissed off because they didn’t agree. They tore me down, called me a liar, called me names, were aggressive with me. Were they cyberbullying me? No, but they were being immature and tacky.

          I responded with calling LOL an idiot and a shit head, because when I don’t get respect, I don’t GIVE respect. I have no reason to respect LOL because he/she just came at me out of nowhere.

          And yeah, I do get in discussions with other people in the comments section quite a bit, because I tend to have different views. That doesn’t make me a cyber bully. I always state my opinions respectfully, but if someone attacks me, I’m not going to give them respect that they don’t deserve. You guys don’t have to agree with my opinions on tattoos, but to say that you KNOW things about my life that you can’t possibly know because you DON’T KNOW ME just makes you all look so fucking stupid.

          This has gotten ridiculous. You guys took this from what was a respectful disagreement between TRUTH and I, and turned it into trying to say that I am some liar. I’m not a liar. You guys don’t have to believe what I say about my life if you don’t want to, but to say you KNOW that things I say aren’t true (even though they are true) just looks dumb because you have no way of possibly knowing. Just drop it, and actually stick to the topic next time. And if you respect me and don’t attack me, you will be respected as well.

  • TheNorwayGirl

    You cant even see the tattoo in his lips, that is good!

  • Justin's Girl

    It’s his body let him do what he wants it sounds very painful though!

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  • christine

    I love justin bieber so much more than a boy at school.<3