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New Justin and Selena Instagram Pictures here

Not sure why Justin’s Instagram page is not showing his new pics. So I’ll post them here. These are pics Justin posted today of himself and Selena.

“U know ur a g when u got wood jewelry”

"I can't see"


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  • gabb

    the 3rd one is the best!

  • @teejay025

    Adorable as Always.. I love Justin funny Face.. 🙂

  • Kirstie

    I like the 2 its sexy

  • Patricia

    I like the first two pictures. So hot 😉 Reminds me of that other Stewie necklace he has. On the third picture he kinda reminds me of Elvis with the snarling lip thing lol. But why does Selena have to be in the picture? -_- Doesn’t he know that we don’t care to see her? But at least he’s making instagram pictures again.

    • TINO

      NO! its because selena his girlfriend. and their in luv so……….FACE IT BITCH!

  • Justin's Girl

    In the second one it kind’ve looks like he’s crying 🙁

  • Sparkaiii

    I like all the pictures. Selena looks cute in the 3rd one and in the 3rd one just made me laugh xD Justin is a real g for wearing wooden jelwery xD 2nd picture = emo justin xD I love Justin! <3

  • mjbs

    the third one is like Justin doesn’t like Selena.! 🙂

  • Siaaaan -Belieber4eva

    I don’t like Selena but there so cute together. And before you lot say i’m hating i’mnot, I didn’t like Selena before they dated and I support Jelena if she makes him happy but one thing, I AM his wife, mentally he just don’t know we got married<3333

  • cheyanne

    okay I think that me and justin drew bieber should go out I am 17 I am pretty too but I live in Texas. and I think justin drew bieber is a good singer. And that I love him so much I listen to his song. But I am a big fan of you justin drew bieber so much I will cry if I see you in real life at my house but out of my hole family me and my cousin Hannah we are the only one out if my family who like you I love you much more then Hannah .Oo my name is cheyanne ok I love you justin drew bieber. I am a big fan ok.

  • velovia

    justin bieber so ADORABLE