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ryan butler beliebers fighting

Ryan Butler’s Twitter fight with Justin Bieber fans!

I should really make a category on Shrine called “What is going on here?” because I don’t understand what is going on with Ryan Butler and Beliebers.

Apparently Ryan tweeted:

When little girls put “I CAN’T JFHHSLFNFH” … What does that mean?

So what is Ryan trying to say with this tweet? And what exactly does he mean by “little girls”?

First off most people would know what “I CAN’T JFHHSLFNFH” means. It means that something has affected you so much that you can’t even describe it with words. But that’s something I guess Ryan doesn’t understand.

And “little girls”? Well that to me means Ryan is talking directly about you. And me. And Beliebers in general! He’s talking about the fans of his best friend Justin Bieber!

After that tweet Twitter blew up as Beliebers started taking offense to Ryan’s comment and started attack him. Specifically they said Justin, being a spokesperson for Proactiv, should give Ryan some Proactiv to help him with his zits.

What I don’t understand is why would Ryan say something like that to start off with? I have always liked Ryan and always supported him. He knows he wouldn’t be “Ryan Butler” without “Justin Bieber” and “Justin Bieber” wouldn’t be “Justin Bieber” without his fans. So why would Ryan attack Justin’s fans? Calling all of us just “little girls” and no understanding what some fans are trying to say?

This is something I find very strange. I still can’t figure it out. If you know why Ryan would make fun of Justin’s fans please let us know in the comments below.

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  • Michael

    I would just like to point out… I’m a Belieber, and very much not a girl. Lol. Maybe when Ryan said little girls he just meant… He sees girls do that a lot? Idk, GJSGHUSJTK. Lol.

    • Caitlin

      ikr he doesn’t have to necessarily mean beliebers… most girls do that so it doesn’t necessarily mean he meant just beliebers

      • Caitlin

        and he didnt write anything offensive… he was just asking a question. im ashamed at how some beliebers reacted and insulted him down to his appearance… that’s just low of them i mean he’s justin’s best friend and we should have respect for him i just can’t with some beliebers

        • amen sister!!

        • Katie

          Thank you!!!

        • Danielle

          Now see, that right there just PROVES they’re little girls. lol but im 14 so whatevs…

        • Anonymous


        • dj

          I have thought this for awhile, since some very immature people wanted to go after Selena Gomez because she was JB’s girlfriend. I think Justin needs to still let his fans know that he loves them very much, BUT make it obvious that kind of behavior is NOT okay at all. You should never allow ANYONE to threaten to kill or harm your girlfriend or allow someone to harm themselves. Speak up!

  • tessa

    Because he is his own person and he does’nt have to please beliebers.

    • Why would ryan ever say that I know he’s kidda of cute but Justin bieber is way sexyer

  • jada

    Everyone needs to shutup and calm down I don’t think he meant to be rude 1. Other stars have fan bases who do that 2.we “BELIEBERS” should be ashamed of ourselves for speaking to him that way he’s our boy’s bestfriend practically his bro and we’re sayin that??? Wow I’m shamed!!!! And to think you “support” ryan to pssh yea right seriously cut the dud some slack if you wouldve posted all of the tweets he sent about it you wouldve seen him say “it was just a question” and seriously I took no offence hell I’m a belieber and I don’t do that when words can’t describe how I feel I just write “speechless” not that hard so I was wondering the same thing when I read it plus couldn’t you have just answered his question and left him alone a FAN of justin’s told ryan to “CALM HIs TITS” NO we ALL need to calm our tits ryan included so please EVERYONE CALM THE HELL DOWN and leave him alone!!! We should all be ashamed for doin that

  • chloe

    maybe it was just a miss understanding? maybe the only example he’s seen has been little girls, and he was legit asking a question? why does everyone always jump to conclusion /: and he might not even e aiming it Beliebers, it could also be aimed at his female friends and girls from the many other fan groups. I took NO offence, seriously… think it out -_-

  • Annonymous

    I am a HUGE Justin fan and I find this fight to be completely stupid and irrelevant to anything at all.

  • Katie

    I think their taking it way too far. He means girls in general. Not specified to Bieliebers. Everyone needs to calm down. We all know Justin would pick Ryan over his fans anyway. Ryan has been there with him forever. He wouldn’t give up their friendship for fame.

  • Belieber12345

    ok but thats not just it.. he also indirectly called a belieber ugly… whether shes a belieber or not he shouldnt have said that.. and also of course he was talking about beliebers. all of the beliebers that appear on my timeline use that refering to justin as in *sexy pic* oh gawd I CANT KSJOSDJGS… so yeahhh thats pretty obvious.. i dont hate ryan, i dont hate anyone but honestly think a little.. theres more possibilty that he was talking about beliebers.. if not then who else? & just because he is justin biebers best friend DOES NOT mean that all beliebers have to like him.. ok then…

    • kathy

      well, the fans shouldn’t have made fun of his acne problem either!! How do you think he felt?? Maybe thats why he called them “little” girls.. cause only immature little girls would say such a thing anyway!! It shows that people only like guys for their looks.. Ryan is still good looking with acne or not! its whats inside that counts,, Justin has been best friends with him for a long time, so there must be something about Ryan that is good, otherwise Justin wouldnt want to hang with him all the time!! Leave Ryan alone, he is trying to be an individual person, without being just known as Justins best friend! and having “little girls” making fun of his appearance because of acne was jsut the worst thing another person can do!

      • Belieber12345

        i know that.. it wasnt ok for some beliebers to make fun of him but it still wasnt ok for him to do that.. & i know ryans not ugly.. did u not read when it said i dont hate ryan… & im glad justin & him are & still are friends.. & last time i checked it wasnt bothering ryan.. i dont hate him like i said before… this whooollleeee thing is just soooo stupid. but he started it IN MY OPINION….

  • omfgg!! dkjnvefvklsadi !!!! ahaha ok…im a true belieber and let me just say our fanbase takes everything too literal! you all need to take a chill pill! thats pretty messed up at beliebers would attack ryan like that /;

  • AShley

    I honestly think everyone is taking this way to seriously. He can say what he wants and I’m really suprised about the way some Beliebers took this thing way to far. Just like Ryan said he doesn’t tweet to please Justin’s fans. This whole thing was ridiculous. And even if he was talking about Beliebers the way people were acting would of proven his point because they were acting like immature little girls. Just sayin.

  • Justin Bieber

    I just like cake..

  • TrueBieber Babe

    Who cares about what Ryan has to say? I do agree that if Justin could gave Ryan a new car, and give away Proactiv to girls he doesn’t know, why can’t he give some Proactiv to his BEST friend? It pains me to see Ryans’ skin look so painful. I hope Justin does help his friend. Look at Justin’s skin it is so wonderful and he too gets zits, but he attacks them with Proactiv.

  • Anonymous

    Tbh i was a bit like… little girls? what… im older than you dude. Not to mention Fredo says ‘I CAN’T’ aswell… it did feel like a bit of a dig, but i didnt attack him, i just think he could be more mature, he points out ‘little girls’ whilst acting like a little boy. He also holds some sort of professionalism because Justin has a lot of fans, and they will go crazy ass nigguh on anyone who insults them especially one of Justins friends when all we have done is supported him too.

  • Katrina

    I think the reality of the situation is despite being “Justin Bieber’s best friend” Ryan is still a 17 year-old kid. While Justin may have certain responsibilities as to how he carries himself the fact is Ryan doesn’t. It’s not as if Belieber’s are a contributing factor to Ryan’s day to day life and what he does, he’s still a normal 17 year-old kid that goes to school and has a job. Justin’s fans support him by default because of his role in Justin’s life but that’s a CHOICE not an obligation. There are plenty of celebrity BFFs that remain obscure to the public eye because their fans don’t take an interest. Belieber’s have no obligation to Ryan and Ryan has no obligation to them. Now if he were seeking out Beliebers and chastising them personally that would be a different story. Could you imagine the shit storm that would’ve erupted had he said “When BELIEBERS put ‘I CAN’T”? He was making an honest attempt at addressing something while still being tactful. He wasn’t insulting anyone he was making an observation to something that was lost on him. It’s just incredibly childish to take it to the extent of saying something like #AcneSwag – its a cop out and that’s taking it to a level it doesn’t need to go to. The fact of the matter is that’s all you could really use to insult Ryan bc when it comes down to it, he’s a good person who supports his best friend to the fullest. THAT is the only obligation he has in this situation. Do you think Justin would be more upset by Ryan’s comment or the level his fans decided to take it to?

    • Kirstie

      Justin would be upset about WhAt his immature “little girl” lmao fans are saying.

      • Farishta

        Hey everbody I’m from Denmark, and what’ is justin’s email? :-*

  • Kirstie

    It’s funny how when people feel insulted by being called little/young they normally are young/a kid. When adult’s are called little/young we’re like oh thank you!

  • Katie

    All I’m saying is that I 100% think that everyone is over reacting and need to calm their asses. Did Ryan say “I fucking hate beliebers!!” no. You guys aren’t the only ones that say ” gfgddgfetvhs” okay? Fuck! The world doesn’t fucking revolve around Believers! Seriously. I love Justin. But I at least have enough common sence to know he wasnt talking about Bielebers specifically. Holy fuck! Calm down and shut the fuck up!

  • Kirstie

    Fist of all yes Ryan would still be Ryan butler and Justin would still be Justin bieber if he wasn’t famous lol. I think he said little girls because the majority of Justin’s fans are younger then Ryan & Justin there for are little, if he was even talking about bielbiers. I think you all freaking out over this are acting like a bunch of kids! Adults don’t freak out over stupid shot like this…
    But like I said before in my earlier comment people who are offend by someone calling them little, young, kid etc ussaully are little, young , kid. Adults are like oh why thank you!

  • Danielle

    1. I had no CLUE what that meant either so its not like everyone in the world has to know what JHADASGFSHA means or whatever the heck those “little girls” typed.
    2. Ryan doesnt HAVE to please y’all because he is his own person and he can say whatever he wants.
    3. maybe if some of justin’s fans wouldnt type like toddlers who don’t know how to use a keyboard then there wouldnt be an issue.
    Have a great day. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Im just a little upset with ryan because he tweeted that he doesn’t tweet to make justins fans happy, but if you think about it, most of ryans fans are because of justin! No hate, but ryan wouldn’t have nearly as many fans or followers without justin.

  • OMBitstheBiebs

    He isn’t even talking about Justin’s fans! I don’t even know why we’re discussing this. Sometimes I wonder how everyone on this planet got so damn stupid. I’m with Ryan and I hope anyone who made fun of him because of his acne will forever be cursed with it.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s get real. Did he ever mention that this comment was directed to Beliebers? NO. So for what reason did you find it necessary to post this on the site when this has no relevance whatsoever to all of the Beliebers? Nothing he said implied that this comment was directed towards us, so seriously, get real and stop overreacting about everything..

  • dj

    First of all, not everybody knows what that means. Second of all, I don’t think he meant any harm by it. For a lot of these females to be acting the way they’re acting, that would in fact, make them little girls. People can’t just assume things because they see an effing tweet about something. Think with your brain people! This crap gets blown way out of proportion. Some of these idiots should be arrested already. I am thinking of Selena. I CAN’T LKJLAKDJFSDKJFAK!
    Act mature about the situation.


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  • katha

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  • gisa

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  • Anonymous

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    • alyssa

      omg plez don’t start more drama then there already is.

  • alyssa

    look people need to chill the fudge down bout it, i think it was a misunderstanding even if it wasn’t… people make mistakes people should just calm down and take a chill pill a lot of people say ”little girls” everyone just needs to calm down and just forget bout it, he was just asking a question and maybe he just put the question in a offense way but didn’t mean harm! i know when people first read the tweet there first thought was like wow he is a jerk but if i they thought bout it a little longer they would of realize that it could of been a mistake or misunderstanding.

  • wildelys

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  • carys

    it’s so funny that beliebers assumed this was about them. you basically just stereotyped yourselves without anyone’s help, and now it’s some petty “battle”. bit ironic that youre destroying your idol’s friendship when you claim to love him so veryvery much. jfhhslfnfh

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    • Vallary

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  • sweety

    idk but no one messes wit beliebers but maybe he didnt mean it in tht way to hert anyones feelings:)

  • sweety

    i mean if i kne the whole problem to this id probably relly make up my mind but looking at everyones notes..im also a big belieber fan and im most definitiley wit justin but still wht if ryan didnt mean it..im juss sayin tht i luv justin bieber

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  • Vallary

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  • DarkHeart

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  • Anonymous

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  • jb fan

    I don’t think that it was to Bieber fans but maybe little girls meant teenage girls? I do see that Justin is never with his non famous firebrand anymore and I am a big belieber, but too me it seems like Justin doesn’t even talk about his friends anymore. Chas Somers for example and we most likely don’t know the full story but that is what has been making me wonder about who Justin is friends with

  • Ilovejustin

    It was only a question get over he prob did no it would be a big deal so chill out am on Ryan’s side 100 precent and plus he prob diden’t mean the little girl thing it might of just came out the wrong way I say stuff that comes out the wrong way and I knew you do to so like I said before GET OVER IT !!!!

    • Anonymous

      Dame right