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ryan butler beliebers fighting

Ryan Butler’s Twitter fight with Justin Bieber fans!

I should really make a category on Shrine called “What is going on here?” because I don’t understand what is going on with Ryan Butler and Beliebers.

Apparently Ryan tweeted:

When little girls put “I CAN’T JFHHSLFNFH” … What does that mean?

So what is Ryan trying to say with this tweet? And what exactly does he mean by “little girls”?

First off most people would know what “I CAN’T JFHHSLFNFH” means. It means that something has affected you so much that you can’t even describe it with words. But that’s something I guess Ryan doesn’t understand.

And “little girls”? Well that to me means Ryan is talking directly about you. And me. And Beliebers in general! He’s talking about the fans of his best friend Justin Bieber!

After that tweet Twitter blew up as Beliebers started taking offense to Ryan’s comment and started attack him. Specifically they said Justin, being a spokesperson for Proactiv, should give Ryan some Proactiv to help him with his zits.

What I don’t understand is why would Ryan say something like that to start off with? I have always liked Ryan and always supported him. He knows he wouldn’t be “Ryan Butler” without “Justin Bieber” and “Justin Bieber” wouldn’t be “Justin Bieber” without his fans. So why would Ryan attack Justin’s fans? Calling all of us just “little girls” and no understanding what some fans are trying to say?

This is something I find very strange. I still can’t figure it out. If you know why Ryan would make fun of Justin’s fans please let us know in the comments below.

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