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Another Justin Bieber BOYFRIEND teaser!

My boyfriend’s new single is coming out on Monday! Make sure you support us! :p lol

Btw this does sound a lot like Justin Timberlake-ish don’t you think?

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  • Yariuska Farias

    Hi Justin! I Love You I adore when you coming to Venezuela? I love your new haircut: * I have many questions make q! is that I’m nervous, well I hope you respond remember something! YOU ARE AWESOME

  • nicolebelieber

    OMG I CANNOT WAIT FOR #BOYFRIEND# 😀 only two more days!

    • Anonymous

      i love justin bieber love love love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is future Ms.Bieber talking.

  • MAN THAT’S AMAZING 🙂 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • lalala

    i totally thought jt before u said it!!!!

  • Belieber

    Or whoops, just click the link, lol. 😛

  • i really carnt wait for the video #boyfriend# to come out the teaser is teasing me lol and plus you look hot in the teaser video justin ill hope youll respond to my comment biggest fan since from the beginning xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Britney

    Hey Justin or Dr.Bieber I love u and everything you stand for, your a great person and don’t let anyone bring u down. I’m a bilieber and I always will be, keep on keepin on!

  • Britney

    It me again that last email was wrong, sorry its actually this one!

  • lina


  • allie

    hey justin 🙂 im not one of those fans that are like OMG IM FUTURE MS. BIEBER (no offense to those people) i just wanted to say that i love the song “boyfriend” i was at your concert in taiwan… which was amazing 🙂 dont listen to the haters… they know nothing about you and can’t judge you because your famous and their not. anyways… hope you reply… but knowing all the stuff you have… probs not ANYWAYS byee <333 best wishes bieber 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Get life more people other than u like justin

  • kasandra

    heyyy justin I just wanted to say your totally hot and i love you and small chance that you’ll even read these comments… much less reply… anyways KEEP SINGING YOU’VE GOT TALENT! YOU’VE GOT IT ALL! JUSTT FROM THAT CLIP, HATERS LOVE YOU! DONT LOOK AT THIS COMMENT LIKE THAT?!?!? IT’S TRUE! go on youtube and read all of the people’s comments. I’m right. Trust me. if you are reading this…. I’m the third most lucky girl. (Selena is 1st, the girl you gave flowers as well as a kiss is 2nd) my point is… just keep singing. AND KEEP LOOKING HOTTTT! mwah!


  • Janet

    Ummm I Was Wondering Video Is Coming Out? And Justin I LOVE YOU! <3

  • hey beiber nice haircut you go to everywhere beiber but not to leicester WHY IS THAT HUH?

    P.S i hope you come to leicester soon pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    fahma xxx

  • Anonymous

    Does justin bieber even care about his fans ? HE SURE SPENDS ALOT OF TIME WITH SELENA G AND I WONDER IF HE CARES ABOUT THE ‘BLACK FANS ?

  • Anonymous

    JK LOLZ :/