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Justin Bieber’s QVC Interview

Justin Bieber

Fans will be frantically tearing back the plastic on their Justin Bieber CDs in hopes of winning a golden ticket.

The teen sensation is giving four lucky fans the chance to meet him in the Bahamas for an all-expenses paid weekend at the Atlantis Paradise Island resort. Once there, they will get to meet their idol in-person and attend his concert on June 12.

For your chance to win the Golden Ticket 2.0 Game, pick upa copy of My World 2.0, in stores March 23. The latter of the singer’s two-part album features the Ludacris-assisted single “Baby” and “Eenie Meenie” with Sean Kingston.

Bieber mania took over QVC yesterday, where he performed and discussed his latest work. Next up, J.B. will appear as the musical guest on the April 10 episode of “SNL.”


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  • bieber swaaaaag

    Is this applicable only for american’s??or all the fan all over the world can win??

  • Anonymous

    this is a post by admin.. if you look at the top. that means its old. the golden ticket was for his my world albums

  • I love JB!!

    I really miss the old Justin :/
    but hey! I love the new one too! 😉
    He’s always amazing no matter what!! 😀
    I love you Justin with all my heart! <3


  • Anonymous

    justin bieber 8568077
    hayley yes