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Justin visits Cody

Justin is such a sweet guy! He took time out to visit Cody and make her feel better. This funny face picture is even funnier since Justin’s eyes are closed. ahahaha.

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  • Kenzie12

    Who is Cody??

    • Anonymous

      I thought it was cody simpson

  • Anonymous

    Cody is the 3 year old girl that was crying on Youtube because she said Justin made her sad. So cute.


    • vita

      anonymous youre so right it was because of his songs she is probaly 5 now because this happend two years ago that was when i was 7 yearsold and she was 3 lol that is funny

      • Cryst@l

        So your 10 now lol I am 10

    • payton

      That was sad.

  • Anonymous

    naaww soo sweet of him <3

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could meet him too <3333

  • gabb

    cant see the pic

  • Jennifer

    I can’t see the picture….. can you post it again??

  • Lauren

    Cant see the picture :S

  • belieberForever

    you called cody a her!lol

    • Muffy

      That’s because it’s a 3 year old little girl.

    • Muffy

      well, probably 5 years old now. since this happened two years ago.


  • manu sanchez

    <3 por que tenia que estar jubi con selena jumm ella no lo ama de verdad .. !!

  • Izel uk  Justin bieber

    That is soooo sweet of Justin!!! Xx

  • Anoymous

    I thought it was Cody Simpson but I remember that girl she was cute.

    • payton

      me too

  • Something beautiful to visit Justin Cody and I’m the biggest fan of Justin and I live that I have visited Israel Israel Justin

    • payton

      That was nice of Justin to do that. and he is cute