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Justin will not tour Australia and host SNL in April 2012

Please people stop getting so mad at me!

Hello. I would like to tell you that everything you said about Justin coming to Australia on April 25th, was false, I have spoken to one of the Justin Bieber-Australian Leaders and they said if it was true, they would have found out first. Even if he was, the crew would have told us. So really, I find that really annoying, stupid and inconsiderate that you got millions of peoples hopes up just to bring them down and make them upset. I hope your happy. K? Bye.

wow, april 10 is a tuesday you idiots RT @JBShrine Just posted! Justin Bieber to perform on Saturday Night Live http://bit.ly/xNSnyl…

I have already told you guys last week what was happening and why. If you are confused which posts are new and which are old ones being reposted while the site is being updated then look under the title. If it says my name DAISY then it’s a brand new post. If it says ADMIN then it’s an old repost.

Sorry for the confusion. So to confirm Justin will not be on SNL on April 10th (but he will host later this year sometime) and Justin will not be touring Australia in April. Both these posts were from 2010. OK? I can’t believe how this news is blowing up on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • It did say Daisy so new

    • Anonymous

      way did u say tht

  • amanda

    i did get pretty sad reading this post but i don’t blame her. She didn’t know and please stop the hate she made a mistake and everyone makes mistakes. I was really excited! I started saving money, begged my parents, worked for it but yeah everyone makes mistakes its life.kbye.

  • belieberforever

    :”””((((((((((((( ALEADY HAD COUNTDOWN FOR THE 25TH OF APRIL!!!!

  • Got u 🙂


  • I love JB!!

    Please stop hating on her guys!
    Come on!

  • Anonymous

    Is justin coming to australia 2012 🙂 xx