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justin bieber netherlands happy birthday

Netherlands Beliebers wish Justin Bieber a Happy 18th Birthday

Video made by our reader @lovejb_1march. Thanks Camilla!!

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  • camilla

    it says Mirjam made it, but the account is from Me and Mirjam and I made it…

    so Camilla made it.

    Thanks for posting it 😀

    Love you <3

  • XlownickX

    Ohmygosh. I’m a Dutchie! That’s just amazing! I was like in tears, reading the title of the post. Ohmygosh! That’s just amazing 😀 <3

  • iLoveJUSTIN ♥

    Thumbs up if you’ve been waiting for today with more anticipation than for your own birthday 🙂 Happy Birthday Justin- We Love You xxx♥

  • that is so sweet that i about cried. but its Justin Bieber’s birthday all i want to said is happy birthday buddy. have a fun time today and don’t let nobody put you down today. and tell selena i said hi

  • taribiaa

    goshh it’s a typical dutchie accent ;3

    #dutchbeliebersgohard #allbeliebersgohard 😉

    ps. leuke video ; btw nice video

  • I love JB!!



    I LOVE YOU JB……………..8)8)

  • ashley

    justin bieber i like his muisc because it`s touching

  • Amanda. Granata

    Happy 19th birthday Justin Bieber have a great birthday I love you so much
    Have a fun party you work so hard on you music And your albums they are so Good !!! Yeah !!!! You Rock Justin Bieber Swag

    Have great birthday Justin

    Love Amanda Granata 🙂 big hugs and kisses and Happy birthday to you !!!! 🙂 ps have a big cake