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Sean Kingston in the Studio with Justin Bieber

Sean Kingston just posted a video of him and Justin working in the studio for the new song they’re making together.

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  • bethrudkin

    I love this video, this song sounds awesome, can't wait for the album!

  • Anonymous


  • Uhm.. It’s almost 2 years ago :]

  • Actually it’s over 2 years old :p lol

  • joy

    besides the fact that the dj/producer says 2010 in the beginning of the song.. you can clearly tell by justins voice/hair that this isn’t new.. plus the fact that if you go to the video on youtube, it says it was uploaded in feb 2010… but still an awesome website. i’m here everyday!

  • Monica

    this is old as fuck ive seen this video on Youtube posted 2 years and im been coming on here since the site started and visit everyday this has been posted before i think LOL but im sure its a repost by accident man i got excited there to see new hints to a new song on Believe