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how much justin bieber makes earns

How much money does Justin Bieber make in 1 week of Boyfriend?

This is some interesting info.

Justin released the first song “Boyfriend” from his new album BELIEVE on March 26, 2012. In the first week it sold 521,000 digital copies on the internet alone making it the second highest selling debut ever in history (Flo Rida’s “Right Round” is #1 with 636,000 downloads).

So how much money did Justin earn from that one song for that one week?

Here’s the complete break down:

$672,090.00 — Total “Boyfriend” made from March 26 to April 1, 2012 on iTunes

-$287,070.97 — Justin’s record label gets the most money from the total of $672,090.

-$203,190.00 — Total money that Apple’s iTunes make for selling “Boyfriend”

-$24,109.28 — Money made by Mike Posner who is the producer of “Boyfriend”

-$21,442.41 — This goes to Mason Levy for co-writing “Boyfriend”

-$8,000.61 — This goes to Matthew Musto for co-writing “Boyfriend”

-$11,852.76 — This goes to publishers Universal Music, Sony/ATV, and Warner/Chappell

$116,423.97 < —— This is how much Justin made from selling “Boyfriend” on iTunes in just 1 week.

That’s just from downloads on the internet. The CD single is also sold in stores which is not even counted in these numbers. Plus Justin also makes money every time Boyfriend is played on radio and on TV stations around the world which is not even counted yet. So JB makes more money than you can imagine! And that’s just for 1 week! And that’s just from 1 song!!

In case you’re all wondering, Justin is reported to have over $105 million dollars by now. And he just used $6 million of that to buy this house a couple of weeks ago.

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