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niall horan justin bieber feud selena gomez

Justin Bieber mad at Niall Horan for flirting with Selena Gomez!


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are so in love, and when One Direction star Niall Horan allegedly hit on her at the 2012 Kids’ Choice Awards, Justin stepped up to defend his woman!

Justin was super-mad when he saw Niall flirt with Selena at the March 31 ceremony, Star reports.

“Niall made a beeline for Selena and poured on the charm,” a source close to the situation said. “When he looked into her eyes and said, ‘You’re beautiful,’ Selena melted.”

What a shocking accusation! Justin responded by stepping in to manage the situation.

“He was angry while it was happening,” the source said. “He was ready to explode. Justin took Niall aside and warned him to keep away from Selena.”

Not cool. So do you think Justin and Niall are feuding now?


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  • Belieber 4 ever and always!

    ya they probably are.. and selena probably isn’t too happy about what happened either.

    • gl

      wel selena is olderthan justin bielieber

      • anonymous

        justin get a fuckin life you peice of shit anf find someone your own fucking age peice of shit

        • Anonymous

          y better than 1d they’re so stubid

        • Anonymous

          jb is way better than 1d they’re stupid

        • Anonymous

          Niall and 1D are better than JB by loads

        • Anonymous

          hi justin bieber i luv you you can be my boyfriend if you want I’m 19 years old do you like 19 year old girls or no because i feel really lonley right nw so please understand why i want you to be my boyfriend .

        • Anonymous

          OK so you one direction sucks??? was justin ever bigger than the beatles nope. one direction is already bigger than justin so yea

        • Olivia

          one dierection and Justin are both amazing. and if u dont think so well deal with it. EVERYONE has been treated like their nothing and really they r the flame to ur fire. and if u dont like a person keep it to urself. you dont even no them and ur saying u hate them and stuff…does that sound rite..nooooo. and im not doing this cuz i am a fan its cuz no one deserves this. so dont go around putting ppl down to make urslef feel better.

        • Anonymous

          1 direction can beat Justin Bieber anyday so shut up and Get a Life you justin bieber Beg !

        • Anonymous

          ummm one direction is cool jb sucks soo shut your mouth uo

        • bieberfever

          Hey hater, what you doing wasting your time typing in someones name that you hate. Idiot 🙂

        • abby

          i have to say i like one direction and justin bieber but mostley one direction. they took over my mind. but i HATE justins new song boyfriend it is STUPID. oh by the way i think one direction is way better than any other band or person. i <3 one direction!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          hey u need to shut up hater if you hate jb so much why are you even here

        • snooper girl

          ya i am so with u girlfriend

        • Anonymous

          Justin Beiber and One Direction both suck so all of you ppl should really shut up..

        • Valentina

          hey yeah i agree with u!

        • Anonymous

          cause she can be you bitch

        • Bieber❤Gomez

          True dat

        • Anonymous

          yhu idiot go fuck yhur self and get a life and leave my baby alone yhu stupid person.


        • jimmy joe

          your such a pervert. thats not normal… read your comment again.. JUSTIN BIEBER MEET ME AT MY HOUSE AT 12:00PM. and justins your baby? does he fucking know you? Bitch Please, Cop the Fuck on!

        • sheladi zak

          are you fuking stupid justin boobies doesnt even know u your probably just some 12 year old that loves justin boobies

        • Anonymous

          not gona happen person

        • A.hardaway

          I think that Justin Bieber can beat 1 Direction anyday i luv both of them but i liked Justin Bieber first and before 1 Direction.I luved him since i was a lil girl.So for u guys who r picking 1 Direction suck and u r losers u r just hating on Justin because he is a star and u r not.So get over it cry babies.

        • Bieber❤Gomez


        • emily

          her choice

        • Anonymous

          I love Justin bieber

        • One direction are fucking 5

          I like justin bieber more than my life so if one direction did anything bad to him see what i am going 2 do

        • Bieber❤Gomez

          Me to! I used to think he was ok but now he is my fave! JB if you read this comment don’t let those stupid fucking comments get to you!

        • Madeleine

          HAHAHA shut up you’re ugly whore.
          Get a life?
          He has more than 40,000,000 fans.
          I think he has a life.
          how about you?
          Haha fuck off.
          If you don’t have anything good to say, get your ass away from this website.
          You’re a piece of shit, and you would NEVER say that to him face to face.
          Age doesn’t matter when you’re in love, but maybe you dont know that because no one even likes you.
          You’re just some stupid stranger, your parents hates you and I’m sure they want to get you out of their life.
          You’re son of a bitch

        • tsegi

          whahha nicely said !!!

        • Anonymous

          hi justin bieber love you or boyfriend songs we loves

        • anonymous

          wow….. a little harsh bitch. for all you know, you could have just instigated a suicide from all the hate you just dumped on that kid for having an infatuation. Jeez you all need to get a life, celebrities are people, not gods, so knock it the hell of and quit being a bunch of ignorant bitches.

          jtlyk I don’t hate One Direction Nor do I hate Justin Beiber, as a matter of fact I like both of their music and I like both the group and the singer, but it really is nohting to bitch about, they are JUST PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          Omg no swears plez

        • abby

          ok we should not really be saying mean stuff about justin. because what if he comes on here and sees these hateful comments. it could make sad

        • Maddee

          Wow she’s a piece of shit I think not! Do u really have nothing better to do than trash people online? Now I came here cuz I’m a directioner and I luv Niall ad h know what I agree jb has a life but he needs to chill its not like Niall proposed he said she was beautiful something someone says when someone as pretty as selena comes along. And it’s not nice to call a random person u don’t even know an ugly whore don’t ya think now she could have like committed like suicide or something that was really harsh so just take a chill pill or something and saying no one likes her and her parents hate her? Bitch please but I do agree with what u said about selena and jb

        • ....

          it’s *and* not anf ….and stfu go away if you hate bieber!! selena is only 19 and justin bieber is 18 pretty sure their age number is exactly right beside each other……Dip Shit!!

        • Anonymous

          omg so mean there only a year appart! wow anger issues

        • Anonymous

          btw niall and jb are the same age..

        • love

          niall i <3 you

        • Anonymous

          Team justin and u r a fucking saddo

        • Bill

          Look you didn’t need to curse so much. That just shows me you have NO life and you are really mean. Stop picking on Justin Bieber because he has more talent in his finger then most people have in their whole body. So please stop making fun of Justin and get a life yourself.

        • laila

          i love you justin bieber from … laila to…you

        • Selena marie Gomez

          Umm he can date who he whats ad ps it not that bad that I’m dating him

          Love šèłèñà gômèź

        • Anonymous

          ur not the real selena! jb sucks! 1D IS AMAZING!<3 Niallforever<333

        • Selena Marie gomez

          Anyone can fake selena gomez online see ^^

          Now I’m sorry If u really are selena I’m just tired of fakers!


        • Anonymous

          Walk away

        • LOL-4LYFE

          you said piece of shit twice

        • Anonymous

          1age difference WOW calm the fuck down if you wouldn’t do that for your bf /gf , hell your stupid as fuck

        • Anonymous

          i think justin and slean shod be together

        • Anonymous

          yea justin could be for selena and i could be for niall

        • bobo

          you do know they’re the same age niall and justin so it would NOT make a difference if justin dumped selena and niall got her and even if thats not what you ment if you really love someone you won’t leave them just because there’s a age difference epically if it’s by 1 F*CKN’ YEARS!!!!!

        • Justin's girl

          No u don’t talk about Justin like that

        • Anonymous

          your right

        • Anonymous

          uhm excuse me? if you hate justin you dont have to be reaserching about him…. he aint stupid… he was doing the right thing and standing up for his woman… when it cames to love it doesnt matter about age… as much i would never date a guy thats younger than me

        • Bieber❤Gomez

          Fuck you jack ass you probably don’t have a life either your on here textin stupid fucking comments!

      • Anonymous

        That was bad that one direction boy came and flirted with selenea gomez

        • Anonymous

          I’m happy that bieber stood up for the one he loves it’s really sweet, and why is everyone spazzing at all the coments !?!?!?!

        • Bieber❤Gomez

          Ya I just want to go to justin and be like dude you and selena are meant for eachother don’t let these comments get in the way

      • Anonymous

        No need to hate guys 1d is good I’m not a fan of justin but im not hateing and selena loves Justin so they will stay together and if he really did that then why did he post something on twitter saying hanging out with Justin or something like that so plzzz don’t hate 1D and don’t hate justin

      • robynhall

        i think he should be mad at him for flirting but its her fault to for even turning her back on justin and going for one direction

        • tsegi

          its his mistake to go n flirt ! but hope she was so polite no to say im with my bf!

        • Anonymous

          It’s probly not even her fault she maybe walked away for like two seconds then nialle was there not her fault!

      • ....

        belieber…..dont be a sarcastic bitch kaay!!

      • talieya

        y is sel older then justin

      • Olivia

        who cares if she is older

      • Anonymous

        SO Love Dontt have Age

      • 1D 4ever!

        I know! Isn’t that weird? Selena is 20 and Justin is 18!

        • capri

          touhgt luck justin

      • Anonymous

        One direction is much better then Justin beiber. Honestly they have more talent and Niall horan looks better then Justin, Justin looks like Miley Cyrus in a way…. Just speaking the truth:)

    • sammy

      well that Niall guy doesn’t have a chance against JUSTIN BIEBER he is HOTT and niall isn’t

      • sophia

        Why would Niall want Justin’s girlfriend? And I’m sure Selena was pretty happy about it even though Justin weren’t…

      • Sarah

        Hey … not tryin to argue , but you dont even know who niall is and he is a better person than justin. Looks don’t matter it is personallity that people should care about…

        • asheley

          yes thank you!!!!! dont juge if u dont know the person!!!!! Niall is amazing xx

        • marie

          incriel quer dizer horrivel o jb é 1000 melhor do que esse dai e ainda mais jb ganhou ele namora a sele

        • marie

          incredibly horrible to say the right justin B is better than this and give further jb won because now he’s dating seal and they are happy together and the two masters happy!

        • anonymous

          no matter how old this word might be, I simply say….DITTO!!

      • Anonymous

        Lol k bitch you did not just call Niall ugly! I have the most respect for Justin but Niall is pure amazing! He is beautiful so shut your face! x0x0

      • Anonymous

        oh no you did not just say niall was ugly hes already SO insecure to the point where he looks in the mirror and tells himself he is so disgusted by what he sees SHUT UP AND GET A LIFE

        • abby

          ya people get a life here! and F.Y.I. no matter if people say how ugly niall is when he is NOT those people have no idea what there saying

      • anonymous

        seriously?? That Niall guy? He is Niall Horan and I doubt he was trying to COMPETE with Justin considering the fact that he is a HUGE JB fan and I doubt he would try and steall his girlfriend!

      • Azelia

        Wow. You are a jerk. You don’t even know him and you are insulting him. That is absolutely disgusting of you >:(
        Niall Horan, from all that I have had the privilage of seeing, is a beautiful, bright, and funny person. That is much more than I can say about you.

      • 1Dlover!!!

        UMMM, NO.
        Niall is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much cuter than justin bieber and he’s irish and has the CUTEST accent EVER!!!! and he’s part of the BEST BOY BAND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! So u obviously dont know niall so just shut up! and how do u even know niall went after selena, it could just be a rumor and she’s butt ugly and niall could do SOOO much better!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          i agree, but selena is realy pretty!

        • love

          i love niall sooooooooo much he is sosososo hot and i agreee niall could date anyone he wants

        • 1D♥

          i love niall too and nobody even cares about justin bieber and selena is pretty but not pretty enough to make a rumour about justin going crazy and wanting to fight niall. seriously people grow up. and yess i agree too niall can do much better.!!!!!!

      • Mari

        Maybe he was just being nice? Calling someone beautiful isn’t exactly flirting. It’s nice for a girl to be called beautiful once in a while. Plus you shouldn’t always believe what tabloids say. Something else could of happened. I don’t hate 1D or JB. I think they are both inspirational musicians. People are just blowing this out of proportion. I just came here to compare this to another website to see in the info is real. If you are going to bash someone, keep it to yourself.

        • Anonymous

          i agree with you ,niall is a big person

      • love

        fuck uuu niall is so hot

      • 1D-fan-foreverz

        Yeah Yeah Seriously Niall Could beat JB Anyday……I mean Why would you even say that?

      • Bieber❤Gomez

        True dat shit

    • Anonymous

      U stupid mother fucker I hope u get her pregnant with your fucking small dick you remember last summer in Ontario I’m mirada remember me Dickie small

      • Anonymous

        Shut the fuck up and get off this damn page y do stupid haterz like u come on ppls pages u dont like?? Just stay off this page u fuckin idiot!!

      • mrsbieber

        like he really is gonna remember you, do you not understand that he meets people everyday, wow the brains of the u.s. citizens. AMAZING and how would you know the size of his dick, you never saw it and never will,so stop haten!

        • bieberdirectioner

          what the hell. I agree with you and all of how she should shut up but like. SHE SAID ONTARIO. ONTARIO IS IN CANADA. A WHOLE OTHER COUNTRY. And so what if she’s american? doesn’t mean she’s dumb. Damn idiots.

      • Mai

        Yeah shut the fuck up with that shit! Nobody wants to hear that crap….Hop off and get off the website if you don’t like him. Quit looking at his face if you don’t like it…..Your just a hater!!!

      • Anonymous

        yeah get ur fucking dick out of here if u arnt going to say smthg nice

    • shirley

      chose 1d so the cute justin bieber can go out with me ha lol he is so cute

      • Mai

        haha! your right:)

    • Carina

      Well I hope Justin and Selena get married cause I’m Niall wife so yeah !! He calls every girl beautiful 😉

      • Anonymous

        Niall is my husband! Stay away from him! LOL jkjk 🙂

        • abby

          :# NO!!!! NIALL IS NOT YOUR HUSBAND!

        • i love harry

          ok maybe i do like justin bieber a little bit but not a lot and by the way im still abby. also u no the one where i said justin bieber could get on here i didnt really mean it i mean tha would be dumb right! to look at comments other people said about u 🙂


      NO they are not the band 1d and justin bieber are good friends not enimies!!! thumbs up if u agree

      • Rosy

        There frenemies now!

    • Anonymous

      well i love both selena and justin so im not gonna hate

    • awesome

      yea i kinda agree with u but im not gonna hate becuz i love both of them im a huge fan of jelena people plez stop hating im not saing your haton belieber 4 ever and always

    • Anonymous

      oh my gosh.. dreams arent gonna come true begger, shes all like, HEY JUSTIN U CAN BE MY BOYFRIEND, and im like, wtf is this…. and person who wrote justin get a fuckin life at may 5, 2012.. u said peice of shit 2 times.. u suck at combacks..

    • I Love Niallll

      What is that sopposed to mean????

    • Dont Care

      Ok for 1, Justin Bieber is a SOLO artist. He doesn’t need to be compared to a band. One Direction is a BAND. They sing great! I caught Bieber fever and One Direction Infection.. so yeah.. There BOTH really great. You cant be hating on one of them ’cause their in different music groups. THANKS

    • sol

      honestly jb shld be happy that other guys think that selena is buetiful!! and if she really loves him, he dont have to worry about what naill did!!

    • alexis

      Justin, you keep breaking Selena’s heart by going with an on and off relationship! Niall probably wouldnt do anything like that! So, Justin, you better pick on somebody your own age you little ass hole!

      • Anonymous

        then you suck balls too

    • chloe

      i love justin bieber soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    • Anonymous

      justin suck balls but niall is cute and you can’t hurt he justin cause you are a weak son of a bitch

    • arunique

      i love justin bieber is is better than 1D.

    • Dayana

      i would love if justin bieber deefended me from niall flirting with me!!! justin bieber i love u!!!

    • Anonymous

      Hey stop being mean

  • gabb

    i was expecting there will be something between selena and one of the 1D boys, i dont know why but i expected it…

    • Anonymous

      It’s because one direction is getting bigger right now, and she moves on to whoevers big at the moment

      • LOLA

        SO TRUE!

        • Glimmer 1351

          When the jonas brothers were in she dated one of the memebers. When Taylor Launter was in she dated him. When Justin was a hit she decides to date him. Trust me 1D doesnt like her for example Zayn a memeber of 1D says he would never date Selena he only sees her as a friend

        • Anonymous

          Yeah but thats what Justin said too. He said that he only saw her as a friend, and she said that she saw him like a little brother. ANYTHING is possible with her.

        • sammy

          how do u no i bet u haven’t met him and justin is better for Selena because they r sooo cute together

        • trend follower?

          still if she follows the trend 1D is defiantly common in for a crash landing and Chaz was right cuz of the fame thing. When Nick was famous there she was When Taylor was famous there she was. Now Justin and he’s mega famous so her just being around him is boosting her pop-rates let alone since they’re dating. Did anyone else notice that? I mean not to be a hater or nothing i mean I swear I love Sel. I love Jay and I love 1D but still they should be extremely careful. If she is only using him for the fame I hope the boys of One Direction are smart enough to avoid her. I told Justin (met him in person (oh yeah go me) sorry for gloating) and now I’m telling you guys. Believe me I want this to be the end because they are sooooooooooooo cute together but she ‘s jumping around for the fame. I mean from friend to boyfriend. Friend to boyfriend. Friend to kid brother to boyfriend. How many hearts have to break???? This girl is the equivalent of gold digger but for fame (Fame digger right?) But still I hope and pray for the very very very very very very very best.

        • alexis

          that is true , thou , No lie but i have aa gut feeling that she will prolly go out with Niall ,

        • Anonymous

          mi sie wydaje żę nie justin biber

        • 1Dlover!!!


      • Anonymous

        I agree

      • awre

        bitch please ..One Direction will never be bigger than justin .. Trust me

        • Sarah Beth

          I agree I mean I freaking love one direction they’re hot and amazing….but justin bieber i think is more talented…No one will ever replace my bieber fever

        • Eew, no, no one will replace my ONE DIRECTION INFECTION. Justin bieber is talented, agreed, but still don’t talk stupid about one direction if you like justin bieber. There is more people who like one direction, jb had less likers and stuff.

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          Yea one direction(I think)is better than Justin bieber and I luv one direction cuz they r hot and awesome and Selena would probably go for naill since she usually goes to someone who is just a fad(like somethin that popular for a while but goes away in a while)

        • sammy


        • 1D infection

          Well in my opinion Justin and Selena are ugly stupid andd they should stay together bc 1D deserves way better than that hoe Selena she dates every big hit like Taylor laughter, someone out of the Jones brothers andd now Justin so just should keep her close at all times before she tries to get either Zayne, Niall, Harry, Louis, or Liam ( one direction )

        • Anonymous

          o ya who made over a 100 mill last year and who sat around in england eating crumpets all day? ya whos bigger now let me give u a hint ( JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

        • no way 1d is bigger then jb

        • bieberfever

          Hunnie, Justin has 21,373,042 followers on twitter whereas one direction have 3,505,498 followers. One Direction will never amount to Justin, so, grow up 🙂 xx

        • anisha

          now do’t fite over dat girl

        • anisha

          y not 2d is bigger

        • Anonymous

          WRONG 1D is not better then justin bieber

        • They will be bigger to me

        • hirai misaki ayuzawa

          you’re wrong they are better and bigger than justin bieber…
          just accept it..

        • Anonymous

          Um, I won’t accept it. Puh-lease, 1D just started to become big and everyone is like all crazy over them. Justin’s been in the business since he was 15, so he’s much more experienced and talented AND hot. HANDS DOWN MOTHERFUCKING 1D FANS. SUCKMYDICK.

        • Anonymous

          fuck you mann one direction is better dan justin bieber < justin should not be jealous … i could sick you're dick but i ill cut them and you wil eat it (6)

        • bieberfever

          Have you seen the JB stats lately?? Mmm didn’t think so 🙂

        • Anonymous

          okay let me get this staraight to ur dull head 1d is never going to beat jb even if they made a million dollars every time they sang a note

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          Are you kidding me? By now 1D is bigger than JB the only reason JB is so big is since he has so many haters!!!!

        • sammy


        • Anonymous

          ok if u think hes so bad cry about it cuz theywill never be better than jb

        • Albi

          Are u kidding me? Justin Beiber is so not cool right now! hehe i even spelt his name wrong! 1D for the WIN!

        • Courtney

          I totaly agree about ONE Direction!! Love them! But, I honestly don’t see Selena just dumping him for someone else. She’s not like that. Imma big Sel and 1D fan!!!! <3

        • i love niall horan

          yeah they will actually they already r

        • sammy


        • sheladi zak

          he did sell madison square garden in 22 miniutes

        • Anonymous

          agree and one irection is not going to sell out M.S.G. anytime soon. woops spelled it wrong. hahahaha. but Liam payne is hot but i like Justin Bieber more, one irection is ok.

        • JustinBieberandAustinMahones#1lover

          agree and one irection is not going to sell out M.S.G. anytime soon. woops spelled it wrong. hahahaha. but Liam payne is hot but i like Justin Bieber more, one irection is ok.

        • Mazi

          Sorry to burst your bubble, but 1D sold ot MSG in only 10 minutes. You can look it up.

        • Anonymous

          uhm , they already are . . . . .

      • niall lover

        thank you for stating the facts man! selena is such a player. just watch she’s gonna break justins heart like she broke nick jonas heart 🙁

        • sammy


      • Christina

        That is so True like she was with Nick jonas from the Jonas brothers then she goes with Taylor launter then with Justin Bieber so year personally I believe she is using them for her fame so i wouldnt be surprised If she moved on

      • Directioner

        I agree with u

      • cami

        i know right! she dated nick jonas when the jonas brothers were big, the she went out with taylor laughtner when twilight was big, now shes dating justin because hes big now! and now one direction is becoming big and of course (we all saw it coming) shes soon gonna be with one of them! just watch, everyone, she will!

      • anonymous

        that is so not true selena is really in love with justin

        • 1D

          Sure babe, so as it was crush on nick jonas and taylor, baby grows and realistically it takes advantage of others

        • sammy


        • A true jelena

          Yah I agree with. If you all people see how they love each other. You you should not judge other people.

      • Taylor


        • jennafer


      • anonymoose

        false. they tried to keep ot a secret for as long as possible which proves that she does not use people for fame. plus. she doesn’t need anyone to keep her fame up. honestly, if anything, this just gave her more stress because she got hate messages and death threats.

        • Anonymous

          Really I think that now she would need fame more than ever since her show is over so I think she would go on to naill just bc they’re so big and famous now, even more famous than justin

        • JustinBieberandAustinMahones#1lover

          sorry every thing was rite until “they are bigger then Justin bieber.” they are NOT and NEVER will be more famous then Justin Bieber.

        • I love louis

          sure Salena date’s alot of famus guys but that does’nt mean she’s a player it’s bcuz the new fameus guys r so sweet and her old boyfriends are’nt as sweet as they used 2 b and + u guys r just mad cuz ur not her 🙂

        • A true jelena

          Yah that’s true. Their just jealous,

        • JustinBieberandAustinMahones#1lover

          actually no we are not we just wont like to see Justin get his heartbroken by anyone. get your facts strait. Selena is ok i dont have a prob with her.

        • A true jelena

          Yah I agree with this too. Of course Selena is very much stress of you people keep on sending selena bad and hate messages. If you are in Selena’s places..?would you be not stress of all the comments about you,? Please all of us gave god a big heart. Not a devil a heart… PleAse stop all the haters not only on Selena but all the celeberity.

        • JustinBieberandAustinMahones#1lover

          i agree but i don’t see Selena telling Niall to stop ether.

        • sammy


      • herpderp

        exactly. she wouldnt “melt” if she wasnt like that. if i was her, i’d say “thank you! but i have a boyfriend. sorry!” just for taking it the way she did, SELENA DOES NOT DESERVE JUSTIN

      • IMJUSTINS#1GIRL AKA Gabby J.

        right when i read this i thought that it might be true sooooo thank you soooo much for this information!!!

    • Ok .. What If It Really Was True . Not About Justin Blowing Up But Niall Flirting With Selena . I Mean It Really Could’ve Happend And What If She Was Flirting Back Then What Would Youu Say To That ?? : ) xoxo Ps. This Is My Opinion !!!

      • I went on another website it said she was flirting too! I don’t think anything will happen between them two Niall is a belieber he wouldnt do that to him! If Justin started hating him I know he would be very upset.

        • Anonymous

          That I very true

        • sammy


        • Rayonna Bieber

          well if justin does hate him i would to i mean like no one thinks abt it like i do. ok so we all get over worked wen its abt a celebrity but its just like us. so theres a really cute couple and there is this other guy. the guy wlks 2 the girl they flirt even if she doesnt like him or he doesnt like her they might even flirt without realizing it so just think abt situations tht way so there isnt so much hating and stuff im a belieber 4 lyf3!! but i still like 1d. but ppl just think 1D is bettr than jb only bcz they JUST came out so everyone is worked up abt them just like jb. I liked justin bieber b4 he became famous so i actually like him not just bcz hes was or is really famous. #MYOPINIONNOHATE

      • sammy


        • Rayonna Bieber

          He is!! he is like the ugliest one the cutest is…… either liam or harry

        • Anonymous

          SHUT UP nobodies perfect you got flaws to so leave niall alone he is beautiful in every way, so stop putting him down he actually cried when a group of girls told him he didnt belong in 1D how would you feel if somebody said you were ugly and didnt belong? i would feel horrible i actually cried when i heard about people hating on him. you already did it to harry so shut up NIALL IS BEAUTIFUL

    • emily horan


  • hgvjh

    so not true.

  • Anonymous

    Haha this is an obvious rumour, is Justin really that insecure that he thinks if one guy out of billions calls her beautiful shes gonna run a mile? I highly doubt it, they are a famous couple, this obviously never happened

    • kimberley

      well one direction are really famous and Selena moves to whoever is popular and Justin knows that even if he denies it so he probably is worried that she will fall for Niall and leave him

      • Rayonna Bieber

        idk think so naill is the ugliest but she might go for one of them but i really dont think tht jelena will break up for awhile but ya kno it wont be a surprise if she does….just sayin

  • Brenda UK

    Well Selena does have a proven track record of dating guys when they’re getting really famous and 1D is getting really famous so who knows. lol I bet she likes the attention.

    • Anonymous

      I agree! I use to be a huge fan of selena but when she started
      Dating guy to get her famous it made me lose respect for her:/
      If you really think about it she betrayed her so call friends to! Taylor dated Taylor swift first then when they broke up in comes selena. Then when mileycyrus and nick Joan broke up guess who came in the picture again? Then Justin burner who is an aweso
      Guy an became huge she dates him .. Idk if she moves on to one direction it will not be a huge surprise! My opinion don’t hate!

      • Anonymous

        *sorry I spelt a lot of thing wrong my iPhone likes to correct me :/ but you no what I mean..

      • Anonymous

        Actually Nick Jonas broke Selena’s heart
        Selena also dated Taylor before he dated taylor swift
        I really don’t think Selena will date someone from one direction but if she does i don’t think I would be surprised either

      • Anonymous

        Im just afraid if she did date Niall she will soon break his heart 🙁 and nobody wants one of one direction members torn

        • A true jelena

          No. Selena wouldn’t date from one direction bcuz Selena and Justin are very In love with each other. I have proof. You. Can all see their pictures that they are very sweet in every shots. I’m sorry I’m just giving opinion.

  • Anonymous

    load of bull, this just sounds like a teenage chick flick.. Justin is way more mature than that

  • kirstIe

    This probably isn’t true. Star so nothing but bull shit story’s. So please stop posting stuff like this and spreading the rumor(s). If you are gonna post stuff like this start using the word addledgely. I just hate people that spread rumors. So unless you hear it from the horses mouth don’t believe the horses ass.

  • biebslover

    guys really.. this so isnt true if u look through alfredo’s twitter u can see him and niall talking and they didnt seem like him and justin were fighting 1D were in the studio with justin last week and heard his album why would justin be mad and then let them hear his album? really… and niall isnt dumb enough to hit on justin’s girlfriend hes looked up to justin since before he was famous

    • markie butler

      that is very true nialls role model is justin bieber he even said it on x facter he would never do that to justin

  • gabz

    honestly? what a load of bullshit. niall is a belieber himself, and he wouldnt do that to justin. if anything, he would be trying to talk to justin, not selena.

    • kimberley

      and if he did he probably wouldn’t be flirting it would just be polite

      • manny

        true and any single girls hit me up 1-619-248-8056

        • M

          Wow listen dude lots of wierdos are going to be calling you #justsayin

  • I think Justin did the right thing,but do Selena like him.

  • Roxanne

    I doubt this was true, but even if it is, someone acknowledging someone’s beauty isn’t a big fucking deal, and if Justin would get mad about THAT, he has maaaajor issues, and I’d probably break up with him if I were her or give him a talking to because that’s a scary reaction to something so small.

  • TayBay

    Niall was complimenting Selena. He’s a total Belieber so he wouldn’t do anyting to jepardize Justin and Selena’s relationship. That’s like someone walking up to Justin and telling him that he’s beautiful. I doubt that Selena would freak out over something like that. Justin should’ve just let it go.

    • Ashley

      Yes, but this is Niall Horan, a famous boy from One Direction! Trust me, I’m totally in love with Niall and could care less about Justin Bieber, and I’m not saying that I AGREE with Justin, but I would tell Niall off NICELY. And maybe he just is complimenting her, but where did, ‘Niall’s a Belieber!’ or however you spell it, come up? I doubt it. You girls need to get over it. Obviously Selena’s going to move to One Direction, probably Niall, because they’re getting more popular. I bet you they will be more famous than Justin. We all saw it coming. She dated one of the Jonas brothers when they were really famous, because she wanted to have fame. THEN, she dated Taylor Lautner, and she was starting to get a reputation from haters that she was doing it for fame. THEN, once Justin was a big hit, she dated him. NOW she has the reputation and more haters. If she is going to date Niall, I’m gonna be mad, sure, but we all saw this coming, girls. Don’t make a big deal about it.

  • A

    NOT TRUE. come on fellow beliebers! you’re devoted and you’re accusing our god of doing this crazy act!? get real. we love and know justin, & there is no way he would do this. there are always going to be rumors with selena and justin. remember the “pregnancy scare”? not to worry 1D and justin are good friends, RELAX and remember YOU ARE A BELIEBER NOT A HATER!!

  • LENA

    SO FAKE and so dramatic at all lol.

  • Rienne

    I dont’ think this is true cause Niall would obviously know Selena and Justin were dating and wouldn’t have done an obvious move even if he did have the hots for Selena. Don’t you think so?

  • Anonymous

    selena always go to the big stars just so more people can see her, attention whore !


  • justfan

    if niall look into my eyes and say “you’re beautiful” i could melt and niall is pretty cute so i think justin has a competition

  • laila

    why dont u all leave them alone its none of our busniess and haters if u hate him so much why r u searching him up u idiots grow up justin is better and much more mature and if he did who cares its his girl he dated her for a hole year he dosent need some one to brake them up

  • blieber 4life

    lol u all r going crazy because of this its all fake how else are editors getting money by making up crap to see the jelena and the 1D fans fight just leave it all behind

  • It was Selena who start flirting, and after that Nial flirt back to Selena.

  • Anonymous

    nahh its not true cuz just de other day justin tweeted something GOOD about 1D!

    • M

      yup he tweeted about 1D NOT Niall!

  • camilla

    actually I hope it’s true and Selena later will be with Niall. because then I can have Justin ;P

  • Paol

    I hope no because Niall is a Belieber boy… he loves so much Justin Bieber and I don’t think he do that…. It would brake my heart

    • Anonymous

      But I think that Selena needs the game now more than ever since her show is over and even if naill is a belieber,Selena still gets any guy she wants and doesn’t care how she leaves the one she left behind like she left nick Jonas broken hearted and I never heard anythin else that she said after the breakup

      • Anonymous

        Sorry I meant fame

  • Niall would NEVER do that! Every directioner knows that, and so do Beliebers! And Niall is a belieber, so it’s a lie!

  • Belieber4Life

    Don’t be surprised if they break up soon and she moves on to one of the one direction boys whether it’s Niall, Liam, Zayn, or Harry. She loves the attention of having a famous boyfriend. Do you think she EVER would’ve taken the time to meet Justin in Canada if he wasn’t famous? No. She wants the guy of the moment. Even if this rumor isn’t true, who wasn’t expecting something like this between her and one of them?

    • M

      dude i totally agree i loved selena i looked up to her and miley cyrus (but look how she turned out) my fave couple was selena and nick then when taylor lauther blew up a few weeks later she broke up with nick and dated taylor then the same with justin. if she breaks justins heart for one of the 1D boys…. i think that every one is going to have seen it coming 🙁

    • Anonymous

      No niall cant date herrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HES mine! <3333333 and also niall wouldnt do that he dosent like her! plus hes a beiebler!

      • Sydney Horan:)


    • Laura

      How would she even know about him If he wasn’t famous don’t be stupid

    • sophia

      they will not break up!

      • Pidge

        say that again in 5 years 🙂

  • Directioner+Belieber

    Niall’s a total belieber, he wouldn’t try to flirt with Justins girlfriend, he wouldn’t do that to him! Niall might have complimented her, but he wasn’t trying to hit on her!

  • Magenta

    Niall would never do that! He is a HUGE fan of Justin.

  • alexis

    Justin bieber just needs to come down Selena Gomez already loves him whyif another guy flirts with her who cares because she’s probably thinking “this guy is ugly I’m so happy I’m dating the hottest guy Justin, if Niall says I look pretty or in beautiful I’ll just smile and act all cute

    • Sydney Horan:)

      she prob wasn’t thinking this guy is ugly thats an ass hole move u just said she prob thought he is being os nice but i love jb no matter what

    • helen

      but niall horan is not ugly at all

      • Anonymous

        kiss my ass jb is so much better than 1d

  • keep her away frome niall horan and we flirt with her sorry justin bieber

    • Anonymous

      everboby so you know that justin bieber is the best singer ever and that one driection is the worst band and songs are so annoying so you should know that justin is better


  • Belieber Bitch

    It doesn’t surprise me that Selena “melted” when Niall hit on her, I hate to say this but, One Direction are becoming more famous and you know Selena alway’s move’s onto the more famous guys. I don’t know if this rumour is true or not but, Justin has a right to step in and tell Niall to stop flirting with his girl. One day you will see Selena dating one of the 1D boys, Trust me, it’s going to happen.

    • Makayla

      Yeah I think it’s time for everyone to see who Selena really is a fame whore.

      • Anjali

        Justin is perfect for Selena, but I think Selena should go to the super smexy boy Zyan Malik. Sry biebs but I think your days are going to be done with Selena

        P.S you both are a perfect couple (for now)

  • swaggy

    1D will never be bigger then Justin, trust me.. 1D are famous only because they ware on xfactor and because many girls think they are cute… I don’t think they have some big talent. But Justin worked hard to be on the possition where is he now and he still work hard. He has a really big talent.
    I don’t like Selena.. I think she don’t really like Jutin. She don’t deserve Justin.

  • Arializ Almdoavar

    i luvvvv justin bieber……. he is such a very nice artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

  • Arializ Almdoavar

    i think that he is the best of the best!!!! lol

    • lala bieber

      that waqs soooo nice i realllly like it tht was so nice of you to say bout justin drew bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • wow, i think niall and selena would make a good couple sory justin i love u but one direction is my heart

  • T-Bone

    Justin relax. U don’t need her take a deep breath and calm down. Ur better off with me

    • Anonymous

      yhur fuckin ugly

  • Oh My Bieberr

    That’s not what his rep said. When asked about the incident, Justin’s rep called the story ‘bs’

  • Erica

    Ohhh my goodness, at last! She clings to whoever is the most popular and people are starting to catch on, FINALLY!

  • Makayla

    Well, it’s Selena she is a whore, obviously she “falls in love” with the most famous guy at the moment. Ugh she needs to do the world a favor and disappear and Justin need to see who Selena really is!

  • That was so super mean of justin.Niall should not be treate like hat

  • ;)

    Who cares if she was flirting lol. I’m married and people flirt with me all the time. As long as nobody is getting the wrong impression and you’re not leading someone to believe you’re interested in them, its really not a big deal.

  • Mary Loves Justin Bieber



  • katey

    everyone should chill! one direction is talented and so is justin bieber

  • Niall is way better then Justin Bieber!!!! I don’t like Justin Bieber!!! I only love his song ” NEVER SAY NEVER ” thats all… because Jaden Smith made it all cool 🙂


  • I LOVE NIALL HORAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! MRS.1D UR THE BEST!!! 😀 <3

  • ruwa070

    OKAY.. I’ve been a HUGE belieber and directioner relatively for the same amount of time… since 2010 to be exact.. got to justin through his popularity on the net that time.. and i knew the boys of 1D b4 they were even in the group coz I’m a huge follower of the xfactor… and I’ve been a huge fan of this site for the longest time now too.. but in all honesty.. i DO NOT like how this post was presented..AT ALL…!!!!! its doesn’t even give niall the benefit of the doubt considering the fact that this just might be another rumour and nothing more. we all know that niall is one of the biggest beliebers out there..that was clear from his 1st day at the xfactor itself.. (and if your just a directionator, i suggest you educate yourself) and he himself told that he would never make a pass at selena coz she’s justins. and incase you didn’t know… we directioners joke that niall has quite the crush on justin anyway.. (hence the whole I SHIP JIALL thing).. so yeah.. as much of a fan i am of this site.. I’m a very disappointed with the way this rumour was posted… you’ve just disappointed a belieber! :/ oh and to all the people showing hate towards selena above!^ geez!! get over your jealousy already..! if justin loves her.. thats the end of the story. okay. end of rant! thank you! 🙂 xx


  • BieberLicious!!

    every1 knows that Niall has a celeb crush on Selena…. and also all of us directioners know that Niall loves justin ! i really doubt that Niall would of done it to make justin mad or to try hit on selena on purpose.

  • Brenden Makowski

    Fantastic post.Thanks Again. Awesome.

  • gergina

    omg they are going to have a bad fight

  • jacia

    i LOVE NIALL for real and the niall really looks up to bieber but selena just wants the attention of fame (just saying) shes had so much boyfriends in the past and couldnt u tell that all of them were very famous that time!! so niall is innocent and bieber should see the truth…….<3 1D

  • Jess

    BITCH She is on what is best

  • Fuck this shit

    Selena don’t touch my NIALL HORAN if you touch him I’m gonna break your face ok? stay with justin and I stole quite a reputation … keep doing what you have talent for that girl …

  • Anonymous

    Ok? everyone knows Niall is a fan number one of Justin Bieber… i think Niall prefer to have a relationship with Justin before Selena… JUST SAYIN’ 😉

  • I think all you heaters for Selena are jealousy for her fame and her beauty you never goin to have and she dosent need to date someone to be notice she is a great artist so stop complaining and get a life heaters

  • Anonymous

    i knew this wood b comin one of the 1D band wood b flirtin with selena i taught it wood b harry but i was wrong it was niall nd also he is a fan of justin damm dont hav words to say for this

  • #stuffed

    BROOOOOOO ! your pointless comments aint gonna do jack … and who cares if justin bieber gets angry, it’s his loss if he doesn’t step up to the plate and burst out of that fake/ innocent shadow. we all know what’s gonna happen next and BTW the question was about whether justin and niall were going to have a “fight”, it didn’t say to right don your personal thoughts … aha … and talk smack about selena –

    #one who laughs last, laughs the best

    Yours sincerely, #stuffed

  • Sofie

    Niall is an idiot. Keep away from Selena ! #Jelena<3<3<3

  • lucy

    all the people sayin that 1d r bigger than jb what a load of crap! i was reading in a magazine the other day 1d only have 15 million or so followers combined that all of them put toghether! when jb by himself has 20,532,730! plus justin bieber is more talentde but i must admit 1d r funny <3 xxx

  • Anonymous

    i knew this wood b comin but from one direction but from niall really he is a big fan of justin nd 4 me i taught it wood b harry who wood b flirtin with her

  • Kim

    Justin Bieber is way bigger than 1D. If you ask a grown up if they knew who 1D was, they wouldn’t know.

  • nikepinke

    hay bieber love you hope you get better that scar is wow bad man bad i say but love you watch you out with night clubs

  • whatever

    I think selena is so in love with jb that she wouldn’t go out with anyone else! And good job for standin for your girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys were meant to be together

  • Anonymous

    Go Niall! sorry justin 😮

    • Person

      Sorry, But NO. Selena and Justin are cute together 😀 Plus, Niall and Selena don’t really seem like a good couple . . .

  • emily horan


    • Sydney Horan:)

      its called love blonde

  • Arianna

    Look it was just a complement it’s not like Niall was going to steal Selena away from Justin -_-



    • rachel and quinn

      you know he doesn’t reply right??? Just Putting That Out There!!(:


  • rachel and quinn

    i dont think that justin bieber would get all mad about a complement like justin bieber gets complements from fans saying he is hot and stuff like that and you dont see selena getting all up in there faces !!! me and my friend quinn know alot about the one direction boys and niall wouldnt do that expecally to justin!!

  • okay. niall is the sweetest guy ever, and probably one of justin’s biggest fans. do you know what a slap in the face that is for your idol to come up to you and tell you to “back off”, even though niall was just being nice, and justin made a big deal about it? i’d be so upset. not cool, justin. i lost a lot of respect for jb over this… niall isn’t the type of guy to do that…

  • Anonymous

    i dont like the bieber staring @ my comment. I feel like my privacy is being invaded!

  • Nialler loks so handsome, Justin Bieber looks so gruesome and cheap. I don’t like or hate JB. He’s an afterthought now. Watch out JB. Don’t mess with 1D or Irish hotties. e.e

    • I’m sorry I mean looks* Haha. 🙂

      • Zayn Malik Lover!

        i completely agree justin is completely lame compared to 1D! 1D fans could over rule JB fans i bet!

        • lulu and kalu

          im sorry but you have no reason to hate because he has done nothing wrong he got a lil mad at niall but i know that niall should have never done that but at the same time it was a complement and she is lucky that 1D gave her a complement instead of a put downer!!

  • Zayn Malik Lover!

    i think justin is jealous! cuz niall is hotter and a way better singer!!!!

  • Zayn Malik Lover!

    it just makes me mad that justin cud be such a jerk to the sweetest guy EVER!!!

  • amethystcloe

    too bad, but Niall wouldn’t go for Selena. haha. he likes/ has a massive crush on Demi. probably what happened was Selena approached Niall and him being the respectful guy that he is paid her a simple compliment. Justin heard his compliment, thought it meant something, then got mad. Selena was probably fuming. Justin just ruined her “conversation” with another guy. haha.

    • Sydney Horan:)

      thank you ! finally! Niall is to nice

  • Anonymous

    All of you are annoying.
    This really isn’t a big deal.
    Calm all of your fourteen year old Pre-pubescent tits.

  • Sydney Horan:)



  • aekjrgbg

    I think One Direction is way bigger then JB, & Selena should stick to one guy and not flirt with Niall Horan.. She brought this upon herself, & plus the only reason why she likes Niall because Justin changed into this wannabe gangster … & she thinks it’s not cool, that is my opinion 😀

  • Anonymous

    Niall is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Person

    Selena and Justin ALL THE WAY!!!!

  • Jess

    I would be upset too if I were Justin!!

  • Sydney

    Umm Niall definitely wouldn’t do that… He’s a HUGE HUGE fan of Justin’s and was simply giving Selena a compliment. These stupid websites just loves to start rumors that aren’t true.

  • Yaania

    selenas a fame whoore v.v , she cant just stick with one guy .
    shes gonna break one direction up watch , shes gonna get with niall then get with the rest of the band , NO ! shes a groupie bro. she needs to go back on wizards of waverly place & leave one direction ALONE -.- .
    stay with justin bieber selena ! ,

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


  • Kayla Lasha

    i’m not on either side. I LOVE Justin Bieber but at the same time Niall is my fave from one direction. I’m on both sides. One Niall was wrong to flirt with Justin’s girl & Justin was wrong for flipping out.

  • Eddie

    Forget Justin he’s a wanna be gangsta

  • Hot is my middle name

    Yea stuff Justin

  • Anonymous

    Who wouldn’t fall for Niall?

  • Aisha


    • Laura

      So what if Justin is kissing girls in his videos Selena is kissing guys in her shows and movies. Almost all actors and singers are it’s a part of their job and dey know that. How clueless can u be? And that source was probably jus over exaggerating. Justin has been in the game long enough to know not to get angry at Niall like that I front of everyone. And sure Selena will lose some publicity for breaking up with him but she will still have a lot of publicity like she did before she was with him.

      • Niall_James_Horan's_wife

        Selena lost alot of publicity for going out with him; all the girls that loved justine and were jealous, all the justine biever haters, ect.. I actually stoped liking Selena for dating justine because hes so stupid and all.

    • Tash

      It’s called acting sweet heart. This whole article is a freakin lie and i can’t believe people can be so gullible. All these people want is readers and so they will make up any lie to fool you into reading what they have to say and forwarding it. Selena, Niall and Justin are good people with successful careers they don’t need some stupid article about a “fued” to get them any further, why would they waste their time? They’re already living a dream. Niall would be fangirling over Justin not Selena anyway.

  • lulu and kalu

    to all the people that are mad and wrote alot , im sorry but it would be alot better if you wrote a story cause that how it seems

    and sorry but complements are part of life!!(:

  • katrina

    I think Justin Beiber needs to calm down, its not like niall was going to ask her out or anything. I love justin alot but i have to say that One Direction is better 🙂

    • Courtney

      Agreed! Plus, Niall is a Bieliber himself. He wouldnt do that to Justin.

    • Tash

      That is true Niall would never intend on doing that however this did not actually happen. Articles make up these lies knowing there will be gullible and naive teenage girls there to read about it and forward it. Don’t believe all of the things you read.

  • jenize

    I think niall doesnt suite selena!!!! fu selena

  • jenize

    justin should go out with miley cyrus!!!!!!!!if they did I will be happy. HAHAHA!!!!!!!

  • Nouf

    I love Niall he is so cute so stupid Selena
    Better not fall in love with him or I will kill
    Her cuz Niall is mine p s job rocks

    • Courtney

      Don’t send death threats. Its hurtful, also called CYBERBULLYING!!! She dosent deserve this what if u were her? u would b scared to ever fall in love think b4 u act.

    • Niall_James_Horan's_wife

      Actuuaally,, Niall is alreaady miine. We’re marriied. Selena is not stupiid she’s just mentaally diisaabled. Don’t maake deaath threaats to haandiicaaped people!! LOL. And Niall is miine.. No offense but he probaably would NEVER daate yuu!

  • gretell

    keep her away frome niall horan and we flirt with her sorry justin biber


    Justin is way better, he is the best singer in the whole entire world!!!! People need to respect that, sure One Direction is good doesn’t make them better than Justin. They made a song about being beautiful, Justin has made each and everyone of his fans feel special just by making music for them. So Justin is better.

    • michelle

      Sorry but i thought he was better back then . Now he’s trying to be a rapper , and his looks are more like a thug. And compare him now and 2009? Really no , justin changed . Now the guys from One Direction are getting better and fame . But i cant do noting about it , you like him .

      • TheTruthKid

        He’s not trying to be a rapper, if you are in the music industry you HAVE to sing about things you don’t want to sing about, especially if you didn’t write the song. In 2009 he was younger & was not 18 now he’s 18 he needs to grow up, and actually “Boyfriend” sounds actually well done compared to his other songs. Look at him donating to charities, visiting schools, donating $100,000 to schools & buying them more then $50,000 worth of toys, and if you cannot see that your a idiot 100% obviously you are a hypocrite & judge people, say they have changed when they have not. This is fake, this whole article was copied off another website & Justin is NOT like this, honestly if your that stupid to believe this then go back to school because you need it. This never happened, Niall DOES follow Selena on twitter & Selena follows him, but I think Selena IS more interested in Zayn next would be Niall, it’s quite obvious that they want drama & want her to break up with Justin. Plus if you did know anything about one direction it would NEVER been 1D if amazing Katy Perry said “Yes!” to him on the X-factor, and people hate on her for that! Niall is a charming young man, and I think he DOES like Selena same with Zayn due to this twitter comment https://twitter.com/#!/zaynmalik/status/5744485619212288 but he never got a reply back.

  • Nial horan

    hey this is niall yes i was flirting with sel it is final the word is out we are dating

    • michelle


    • Courtney

      R u kidding. Everyone knows thats not Niall cuz there not dating not being mean, just being real.


    • Niall_James_Horan's_wife

      Whaat the fhuuk.. Who are yuu, yuu knno yuu cuuld get chaarged for iimpersonaatiion? Niall is my husbaand, he wouuld never say thaat.

  • michelle

    it’s her fault. Nial just gave her a compliment, he didn’t know how she would react. Justin is over protected too . If he stills be like that she’s gonna end up with one of the guys from One direction! Justin are you jealous of their fame? I bet Selena is going to end up with one of them ! She just wants fame #JustSaying ! Well that’s my opinion 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Onedirection maybe more new than Justin but it doesn’t mean they are not. As good as them I admit Justin is talented but I will forever be a directioner x 🙂

  • Laura

    Most of you guys are saying that one direction is better then Justin beiber but Justin beiber has way more fans hes been in the game for longer and is famous in way more places. One direction jus really got big and like a lot of artists they might not be that famous for long. And no I am not a die hard Justin fan I like both him and one direction.
    And also you guys are saying selena Gomez is a player and moves on to whoever is big at the moment but that’s not true. Niall approached her not the other way around and Niall is a big Justin fan I’m pretty sure he wouldnt steal his girl. Niall was probably jus being nice and like most paparazzi theyre just making a big deal out of something that’s not. And Selena and Justin have been together for more then a year and half if Selena jus moved to whoever was really famous at the time her and Justin would of broken up already. Selena probably only dated really famous people because they where famous like she is they know what she goes through and there fame is probably the reason they met in the first place. People should really know their facts before critizing.

  • Laura

    Most of you guys are saying that one direction is better then Justin beiber but Justin beiber has way more fans hes been in the game for longer and is famous in way more places. One direction jus really got big and like a lot of artists they might not be that famous for long. And no I am not a die hard Justin fan I like both him and one direction.
    And also you guys are saying selena Gomez is a player and moves on to whoever is big at the moment but that’s not true. Niall approached her not the other way around and Niall is a big Justin fan I’m pretty sure he wouldnt steal his girl. Niall was probably jus being nice and like most paparazzi theyre just making a big deal out of something that’s not. And Selena and Justin have been together for more then a year and half if Selena jus moved to whoever was really famous at the time her and Justin would of broken up already. Selena probably only dated really famous people because they where famous like she is they know what she goes through and there fame is probably the reason they met in the first place. People should really know their facts before critizing.

  • OK PEOPLE If You Think that Justin Would Be Better With Selena Gomez Give Me Thumbs Up And If You Think Niall Would Be Better With Selena Thumbs Down I Go For Thumb Up

  • OneDirection :D

    Look, Personally I think that Justin Bieber is mad at the whole of 1D cause in most of the recent interviews with 1D the interviewer says “Oh I hear Justin Bieber said u were doing a collaboration with him”….Don’t U get it, Justin realises that 1D are becoming more famous than him, so when he heard that 1D DIDN’T want to do a collab with him he got mad….and let it out all on POOR NIALL… cause If u r a Belieber you will know that Justin isn’t usually like that…(mean)
    He needs a something that will still keep him in the spotlight….:D…….SELENA GOMEZ….Plus we all know that Selena doesn’t know the meaning of LOVE, she dates whoever is MEGA FAMOUS at the time :)…..recall…Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner, then she started becoming fwends with that Glee guy…forget his name….then she was friends with Demi Lovato, ditched her and went to Taylor Swift, then….Justin Bieber……then….who else???? 1D…I HOPE NOT

  • ShayaHatesSelenaNow.

    Its true, Selena is a slurry! She always moves onto the bigger things. and whoever is big in the famous world she has to be with the guy!

  • chescuxx

    I think Selena is just a simple bitch whoring herself over who’s popular at the moment. I bet once Justin’s out of the limelight, Selena would break up with him. Bitch please.

  • chescuxx

    Besides Gomez practically ditched Demi because of her problems. SELENA YOU TOTAL WHORE.

    • Courtney

      She didnt ditch her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Demi couldnt b around anyone cuz of thropy!!!!!!!!!!! Think b4 u act. Im not trying to b mean, but what u sed was hurtful to her me and every other Sel fan in the world and there r 100,000,000s of them

  • Courtney

    Ok Niall is a Bielieber himslef! He would never do that to Justin! I love ONE Direction too! They r all so sweet. And I don’t see Selena just dumping him for someone else. She has more class than that. Plus like 2 weeks ago they were cot on the kissing cam! They wont brake up any time soon! LUV U ONE DIRECTION, SELENA GOMEZ, AND JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kylie

    Duh. Niall is a huge fan of Justin’s and they respect each other. And if niall did say that, which he propably did, the wouldn’t be any conflict between them at all.

  • Beautiful

    i agree with it..!! give me thumb if u agree too..!!! 🙂

  • Niall_James_Horan's_wife

    Niall Horan is so freaking hot I wish he would’ve flirted with me.. Justin Bieber is freaking ugly, pretty mean, really dumb and getting too juvenile.. no wonder Selena is starting to hate him!! Anyways, go selena, dump Justin and go Niall, I love you so damn much!! 🙂 PS: Niall haters don’t respond!

  • annonymous

    I hope Justin dumps her so i can have him all to myself i luv him he is so sexy

    • annonymous

      and plus Niall is a huge JB fan

  • annonymous

    Selena Gomez is not good enough for both of them Justin should just dump her, then if she goes for Niall he should just reject her easy plain and simple <3 !! 🙂

  • Claudia

    i dont think that it was classy what justin said to niall, Niall is a belieber, he is a huge justin fan. When they were on TXF Niall went down to where he was doing an interview to see justin, he screamed when Justin waved and said hi. Im sure Niall doesnt want to selena, considering justin is his idol and that justin is happy with her…..

  • RandomPerson

    Girls it’s just a picture how the hell is that supposed to give you ppl any proof GOSH.

  • Tash

    Some of you people are so delusional. This story is not even true. For starters Niall has been a huge fan of Justin’s since day one Justin had begun in the music industry. So i doubt he would be wasting time talking to Selena when one of his idols is there let alone disrespect him. If Niall had said she was beautiful, so what? Justin wouldn’t mind if if it DID happen that’s not the person he is and it’s not the person he wants people to think he is. Niall has a huge crush on Demi Lovato anyway. Enough said. Stop believing these stupid articles that try to gain ignorant and naive readers’ attention with their lies.

  • justin! i saw u at mayweather&cotto’s fight. you are hold the 2 belt of floyd mayweather oh congrats to mayweather

  • shirley


  • shirley

    YOUR WRITE FOR EACHOTHER GO OUT MAN GET MARRIED HA LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Asmaa

    We don’t fucking care who’s bigger and who’s fucking not. They are both good. You can never compare artists to another artists, personally I prefer Justin, but that doesnt mean I hate, or dispise or don’t like one direction, I think they’re cool! Everyone has they’re own opinion:) please just stop it. We don’t want any more beliebers Vs directions war anymore.

  • gladys rivera aka justins #1 fan

    fuck niall he sucks dick every night stop hittin on selena gomez….. she to pretty for u n justin is good for her naill u r a piece of shit so fuck off

    • Kate

      Seriously? Shut the fuck up. You obviously don’t know shit about Niall, he is a huge Justin Bieber fan and always has been, he would never do anything to disrespect Justin. So learn a little more about a person before you leave a fake, bull shit comment. Kay? Thanks.

    • Lavida

      actually u mustt be the peice of shit for you to hate on someone CLEARLY more success full then u , u making these SNID ASS COMMENTS is just dumb , so stfu and move on , get at me ! I DARE U

  • nicol

    v sta bine

  • Vera

    Nooo Niall can’t date her Niall is my life I <3 him he's mine and plus Selena only dates who ever is the most popular she's actually kind of like a Player because she has dated soooo many guys but that's only because she date's who ever is the most popular because she want's too be more popular than she is so yeah no Niall can't date her I love him more than anything and Justin Bieber and Selena are cute. 🙂

  • Sarah Vance

    Justin May be mad at Niall, but i dont think Niall meant too hurt Justin.
    Niall and justin are both talented to all those people fighting about that, and they both are attractive to different people…. well i dont think the will be in a fued with each other, but they might be a little mad at each other. 1D 🙂

  • carissa

    Stupidjb tryin’ 2 think he’s soo fuckin’ cool cz he goes selena gomez & who da fuck weuldnt want niall?? Oh yeah ppl who fuckin’ jb is so hot/cute, sweetie, you have got 2 be on sum crack 2 think dat. Dumb ass hoe thinkin’ i wanna marry him or lke i want 2 have his kids. Stupid slow ppl not tryin’ 2 be mean 2 mental kids but dudes jb is not dat good nomore.

    • alma

      go learn to write…oookkkk?

  • Kate

    That’s so fake…Niall is a huge Justin Bieber fan and he respects Justin so much. When he met Justin Bieber backstage during the X Factor, Harry had to pull him out of the room to scream because Niall was so excited. Niall is NOT interested in Selena Gomez, he has had a crush on Demi Lovato for about a year now. He would never do anything to disrespect Justin. If anything, he would be trying to make a move on Justin, not Selena. 😉

  • alondra

    i like how she sings and her songs but she is a big player

    • alma


  • Cassandra


  • Lavida

    I honestly think Justin should be mad , BUTTT i would pick Niall over him any daay ! lets just face it Niall is waay more nicer and non – selfcentred than Justin … # Direcctioner <3

    • alma

      a big thumb up

  • Cassandra

    i care about Justin Bieber like in the song You Belong with me By Taylor Swift it’s hard for you guys to be with Justin Bieber,Cody Simpson,Greyson Chance and One Direction they are really the best of the best if you guys really wanted to dated those boys you got be Famous if you sing,act and dance this is your dream snce your three years old i really wanted to be famous right so i can met Justin Bieber and Victoria Justice and Big Time Rush i could be happy about it but i can’t i’m in Summit School a great school but bad friends in classroom 205 just beacuse if Selena and Justin ever get married it well be my fault not running to Justin’s arm i wish we could met but i can’t i’m in school with my friends who care less about me and my love life i could kill myself i love Justin Bieber,Victoria Justice,Big Time Rush and One Direction i’m sorry your on your own guys bye

  • venkatesh.jb

    I’m big fan of Justin biener go to lick Michael Jackson. And this is venkatesh from indai

  • XN One Directioner

    Niall deserve someone better and more beautiful than Selena ♥ Go Niall!!! ILY ♥

  • anisha

    justin u do not deserv dat

  • anisha

    is it true u and milly cyrus were together

  • anisha

    Goodbye justin love u

  • anisha


  • NeverStar

    Hey i like Justin beaver and ONE D they are both very talented peoples but just because people don’t like a person doesn’t mean you can go ahead and say bad thing’s about them. >,:0
    You Know what i mean?
    And Nothing personal some people who said bad thing’s will THEY ACT LIKE LITTE KID I HATE THAT !!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Niall horan i justin bieber, ELS MILLORS!

  • Maija

    that isn’t true!!!!niall is a belieber so he wouldn’t never do that to justin!!!!!! and this story isn’t anywhere else than here, so why don’t other magazines tell about this??–because it isn’t true!!! try to understand that!!!

  • 1D lover

    i personally think Niall suits Selena better and boys flirt that’s what they do so Justin get over it

  • Anonymous

    creo k si JB realmente hizo eso es porque la quiere con locura, pero de ahí a enfadar-se, no lo creo. =)
    I love JB and 1D FOREVER

  • Jennifer Lee

    You bitches are full of shit. Nuff said.

  • asffddf

    who would you pick Justin Bieber or Niall

    • jane enidez

      niall of course

  • jane enidez

    uggh. justin bieber get a life! 1D is much more hotter than you and 1D is better than justin bieber !!!!

  • sweety girl

    enough with these beaucouse one direction it’s better thet justin bieber hi’s just a baby and one direction it’s winner

  • sweety girl

    ok?and shut up

  • sweety girl

    1 d now has more fam and justin bieber is dying

  • sweety girl

    you will see :p:p:p:D

  • alma

    enough with these of coure that one direction it’s beter that justin bieber hi’ just a kid ,,,a baby ,,,,,,and selina it’beter and runs more with niall …….one direction it’s winer and justin bieber is dying(crying) hahahhahahahahahahahahha:p:p

  • alma

    come one one direction justin will lose like everyone who fights with you …………..justin sweety leave you better beaucouse you will ..

  • sophia

    no afennce but why are the jb haters on this website?
    and if you luv one direction so much why aren’t you on their website hmm?
    i know maybe that they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lame that they don’t have a fan site!!!!!!!!!!!!! and please stop saying one direction is better cause they’re NOT!

  • alma

    i love one direction but this does mean that i should be in theri website ok ….?you are sayin thet justin bieber it’s beter ……and a want to say 1d it’s beter ok …..

  • alma

    well i’m not offendet ,,,,but you see like that beaucouse you ike justin bieber and saying the trouth justin bieber it’s daying and his time its running out!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  • alma

    one thing more one direction it’s NOT LAME ……ok ???????

  • alma

    i thing that is aging withaut time …..my sister it’ 2 years old and knows how to sing better than he ,,,,,,especially the song “baby” that is a kig song :p:p:pD

  • alma

    sorry kid

  • alma

    and it’s not tha t i hate justin bieber beaucouse i do not know his feelings …..but compared with one direction i like one direction of course ,,,,and you look stange that a girl don’t like justin bieber ,,,,well… have ,,,,,to tell the trouth i don’like nothing justin bieber’s songs……:D:D

  • alma

    i want to ask you something ??,,,,you are his advocate ,,,,,because if is litke that ,,,find something else to be taken …..ok ?? lisen to me…

  • alma

    beaucouse justin is just a toy,,,,ok?

  • Annika F.

    Lol, Niall is cuter than Beaver. 🙂

  • Ariana

    Niall would never try to steal Selena, he loves Justin Bieber! Niall is a belieber. 🙂 So don’t get mad at him and call him ugly because he is not. He is beautiful, and so is Justin and Selena. 🙂

    • Cindy

      Ohmygawd. I didn’t read this and post the same. And to those bitches. Please Niall is fucking adorable.

  • Kennedy

    Niall always says that to girls and calls them beautiful and i thought him and jb were good friends and niall is a huge fan of jb like he adores him but im a biebler and a directioner they are both talented and i dont think jb will do that thats mine oppion 🙂

  • alma

    anyway one direction niall horan it’s more cute that justin bieber,,,,,,<3

  • alma

    i do not thing that niall love jb ,,,,,and hi’s not a belieber ,,niall it’s not a huge fan of jb,,,,,,,,realy,,if it would be so why niall it’ ‘ fight for selena’s love………

  • Taylor

    I think that niall and selena would be a MUCH better couple than her and beiber. He needs to get over the fact that she may like to flirt with other guys to

  • alma

    yes,,,,i think so,,,:p:p

  • Cindy

    Oh please. Niall is a real belieber. He would never steal Selena from him . : )

  • evie

    justin should have her not niall

  • evie

    i think that justin is guna win…………and selena i like your song middle of now were and im a girl thank you and your wellcome.

  • alma

    i don think so,,,but will see that,,,,,niall will win,,,,ok…????

  • mackenzie

    naill is cute but flirting with selena should go out but justin might be jeasluse

  • alisson

    niall horan es super mejor q justin bieber y la estupida de selena gomez es una roba cuna ademas q solo quiere handar con los más ricos ej justin bieber ella selena esta ilucionada con q en el futuro se casara con justin pero no se como justin la puede aguantar p q es una malcriada y no canta nada su voz es compuesta eb una ocacion justin le regalo un anillo de compromiso y ella le tomo una foto a su mano y la subio al twiter p luego la quito en otra ocacion las fanaticas de justin bieber golpiaron a selena y justin se enojo tanto q les saco el dedo a sus fanaticas y selana nunca dejara de ser copiona y ademasde todo justin bieber la va a cortarla

  • edith rusher moreno

    amo a nill y no se merece a la tonta de selena no se para k le coqetea si el mucho mejor

  • Anonymous

    Selena, dump that messed up weirdo Justin Bieber, and date Niall he is way cuter, sweeter, loved and MUCH more talented.

    • Marissa

      So true. JUstin is weird and ugly no effence. DATE NIALL OR ANYONE ONE FROM ONE DIRECTION!!!!

  • alma

    yes ,,,,,yes,,,of course that niall it’ more talented than justin bieber ,,,hi’s just a bad kid..y tienes mujo razon,,,

  • alma

    I THINK TO that niall it’ so much betet than justin bieber ,,,,and i think that selena it’s joking with two boys,,,,but niall will win because it is more samrt….:p:p:p:D like ewry time…

  • Hannah

    Hey you guys, don’t need to be rude. I am pretty sure Niall didn’t mean in anyway to flirt with Selena. Just probably making friends. Thats all. And also no need of accusing Bieber, he loves Selena and Selena loves him and besides Niall is a huge Bieber Fan, so Niall would never do such sort of thing like that. One Direction is an awesome band and Justin Bieber is an amazing singer with a great voice, so no need for being mean. And these who are saying ****** shit on this page, JUST LEAVE. You have no purpose being here commenting on this page!

    • anonymous

      I completely agree with everything you just said and wish I could give you more than one thumbs up.

  • OneDirectioner

    It’s kinda funny because Niall loves Justin Bieber and now Niall is on his bad side >:)

  • girlswantattentionwomenwantsrespect

    First of all, Niall is not “flirting”, he just told her that she’s beautiful and I think a lot of you will AGREE with him.I mean we all watched Alex Russo right? 🙂 Justin is just A LITTLE TOO overprotective of his gf or something.People are just making small misunderstandings turn into world war III.

  • Pidge

    or maybe justin is just insecure or scared about Niall that Selena might choose Niall next, who knows?

  • alma

    yes exactly,,,:) and justin bieber should be scared beacouse niall it’s very nic and beautiful,,,but for selena i have many doubts ,,,,,:(

  • zoe

    thats sooo sad but he has no rights to be like that because he might be friends with her

  • zoe

    niall sooo nice so he might be just mucken around as boys do

  • alma

    sorry but vhen you like someone it’s inovoluntari ,,,like niall selena …when you like someone you dont’ ask if “he have a girlfriend” or yes because if you do that you are a special case,,,,,,:)it’s just that

  • alma

    and niall to don’t have to ask for justin but fight for selena’s lobe,,,if this is valid for him ,,,,,ok??:p:p

  • alma

    and niall to don’t have to ask for justin but fight for selena’s lobe,,,if this is valid for him ,,,,,ok??

    • alma

      and niall to don’t have to ask for justin but fight for selena’s love ,,,,ok??

  • alma

    and niall to don’t have to ask for justin but fight for selena’s love….

  • Sharda Spencer

    To Justin Bieber don’t worry Justin Selena loves you and you don’t firget that and i get you point about being angry, but it’s not really necessary to…you know what do kinda do have a roght to be mad…but not to like almost threat Niall…I mean if i were you, I would shake it off he is just being nice to her, i really sure she doesn’t want you to worry about it…so don’t be all angry and up tight forget out about Selena love you and you guys are cute together

  • ROSE

    STFU I LOVE 1D but i would feel pretty upset if Selena rejected Justin. Justin called her ANNOYING like a few months ago in 2012 and selena called him a DORK and niall called her beautiful. CASE SOLVED i love niall hes so cute

  • Julia

    OK I am not that much of a Justin Bieber Fan But, I am a HUGE directioner and I know that Niall would never do that! Niall is a VERY amazing person and he is also a fan of Justin. There is no way he would ever do this!

  • roxy

    Wow jb and Nile selena gomez should stay single

  • cass

    justin is cute sure but niall is sexy, justin may try to act like a man but niall is so much more of a man than justin is, not trying to get anyone mad but its nothing but the truth

  • alma

    yes,,but selena should not behave like a interesting girrl..but should choose as soon because it is not the only girl in the world for miall and justin ,,,but i want it to choose niall because they look more nice,,,,,,:)

  • Mystie

    Yea he is mad. I kno that.

  • Anonymous

    you are all fucking dumb this is clearly FAKE. idk if you guys are beliebers cause if you were you wouldnt believe stupid shit like this. Niall is a BELIEBER he wouldnt do that and justin respects his beliebers too so all you stupid as fuck people saying that you hate justin or niall can shutup and sit the fuck down.


    como pueden comparar al bellisimo niall con el horrible de justin ademas a niall no le gusta la porqueria de selena solo al vavoso de justin que parece que la sacaron el cerebro por que anda con selena , a niall le gusta la bellisima de demi lovato no como les dije la porqueria de selena por que a niall no le gustan las chicas que son roba fama,copionas , deserebradas etc como jerdena gomez hay perdon selena bueno la cosa es que la que subio la foto es vavosa por que nunca se puede comparar a niall con justin y menos por selena por con justin selena si nose no me interesa pero con niall nunca por favor se los pido por que es una gran locura comparar a ellos dos ok.

    • 1D FOREVER


  • zalma

    i wish you would be able to meet me september on my birthday 26 im in love with yu

  • remey

    guys niall didnt kiss her or somethin’ he just flirt with her and justin get mad and stop hatin’ one direction , cuz justin and 1D are the same so stop hatin’ anyone of them .

  • alma

    i think that it’s not HATE but one like more for one direction …tis is my opinion and i want that niall be with selena ,,,,this is all,,,,,,,,,,:)

  • alma

    ooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkk,,,,,,,,,must write 100 times this because you don’t understand ,,,,,,,IIIIIIIITTTT’SSSSS NNNOOOTTT “”HHHHAAAATTTEEE”,,,,,,,,OMG

  • Cloe

    Its selena’s fault not naill its selena’s fault i hate selena if i were justin i will break up with her selena flirt justin because justin is famous now she want to flirt one direction ……… i hate her so much

  • alma

    yes you right ,,,,,but i dont think that selena will keep two boys ,,,,bad for hereee ,,,,i think that it’s the time for shoose 1 boy and here we will se here love ,,,,,,:D

  • Anonymous

    Bitch pls. Y would Niall do that? Niall is a fan of Justin! Fucking idiots!!!

    • Anonymous

      Selena is an ugly stupid fucking fame whore bitch.

    • Anonymous

      Selena is an ugly stupid fucking fame whore bitch. Bhum

    • alma

      stupid!!!!1go do something else,,,,,

  • Anonymous

    Selena is a fame whore! Can u not see? She dates almost all boys who were/are famous!!! She’s a fucking fame whore!!! That bitch! Niall and Justin are Friends!! And Niall is a JB fan too!!!

    • alma

      you cant say something new because we understood this ,,,and it’s not that i like selena but pls not to offent here ,,,

      • alma

        and pls ,,can you say me :whom you like man jb or 1d ,,,,because i see your coments and one time you like jb and one time you like 1d ….pls DECIDE,,,,,and pls you should like 1d because they are more cute than jb,,,,:D:)

  • Namrah

    Ok u guys seriously! i love both 1D and JB and this is just some stupid rumor. How the hell do you guys even know its true just cuz some website said it doesnt mean its true! and even if its true calling someone beautiful is not flirting, it could just be a compliment!!

  • Niall horan

    Niall is supposed with Selena because Selena is pretty Niall is handsome not lik JB(Johor Baharu/Justin)

  • Boy Beliebtioner

    haters…would you like it if somone flirts wih you gf/bf…Duh!! Get a life…pluz I dont believe this happend…Because all reports can’t be truth!

  • britany

    it’s obvious she uses him for money & fame. she did with nick jonas and taylor lautner. she’s gonna go out with one of the 1D boys any time, just watch. don’t get me wrong, i love justin & like some of selena’s songs. but i just had to say something.

  • alma

    guys here is mestaken evrything ,,,look niall it’s not filtring with selena hi just say:he is beautiful,,,nothing more,,,,,you cant say to me what have bad here ,,,,or beter “who do you like justin bieber or niall horan ??i am whating for your answe r,,,

    • juveria tahir

      NIALL HORAN cuz he has done nothing wrong i mean if JB came up ploitely and said Hi dat was fyn but taking him behind and telling him to stay away 4rm selena was rude i mea what is he a husbad of selena??????

  • Jane

    But Niall Horan isn’t ugly at all..I know what he did is wrong but it’s crazy how SELENA melted when he said that.. And Justin came and told Niall to stay away from Selena cause he loves her and he’s afraid to loose her..He’s afraid that she’s gonna love Niall and not love him anymore..You guys know what i mean? So no need to hate.

    • anonymous

      How is what he did wrong?? He simply told a pretty girl that she was beautiful, other’s merely interpret that as flirting, it very well could have been that he was simply paying her a complement.

      • alma

        yes exactly ..was just a compliment,,,or a boy can not do a comliment a girl….OMG ,,,pppllsss don speak bullshit..

  • alma

    look i like so much niall horan ,, justin,, nooo,,,and if selena realy love justin why he should be afraid ,,,,but i want that selena one day love niall ,,,,he’s more simle ,sweet and talented ,,,but we will see what will shoose the love..

  • Anonymous

    Ya goin overboard….selena should be with the one she wants shet the most n we dont care if u hate justin or one direction

  • alma

    omg,,,,omg…you don’t understand ,,i don’t hate justin bieber i just like more niall that it …..ookk??and i want” to” that selena be just with one boy ,,because she is joking with the two boys and this most be stopped ,,,it’s not right ,,,,what you think ??

  • alma

    in all your comments you say “like niall”and pls why you written like this ,,,or you change your min,,,,,ppppffffff

  • snooper girl

    justin bieber i love u my room is full with justin bieber stuff cushions,dolls and all i talk about is uxxx

  • snooper girl

    is it true that niall and selena are flirting as i heard

  • snooper girl

    selena is messing with niall and justin i mean i wouldn’t take that i bet she thinks its one big game for her she does not have any fellings

  • snooper girl

    i feel sorry for justin selena playing with his head i think justin should break up with her if i was him i would

  • alma

    ooohhhh please don’t speak bullshit ,,girl niall it’s not filring with selena he said just “you are beautiful”,,,don’t egzaggerate ok…..pls

  • alma

    niall cant have evry girl who wants ,,,he don’t need selena ok…in the world have so much girls who are better than selena and please don’t speak false things ,,,,

  • true person

    they should have a 3some and they should all get killed by a volcano

  • OmgItsSamm!

    Justin has the right to be angry, it’s his girlfriend! Wouldn’t you do the same if someone were doing to your boy/girl friend? I know I will! But I don’t think that Niall were flirting with her coz we all know that selena and Justin are this item and so I think that he were only being friendly xxx p.s lovee youu Justin even though I know I will never meet him xxx lool

  • rose

    haters stop hating i love 1d and jb stop all the hating

  • noemi

    selena tu sei una troia

  • alma

    yes selena it’s exaggerating the situation,,,,,ppppppfffff she it’s not the only girl in all the world ,,,she wants the fame just that “fam” she don’t love enywone ….so do mot bother vain ,,,she is and will remain so ,,,

    • Courtney

      U obviouly dont know the meaning of vain

      • alma

        it’s not necessary for know that word in my coment you have so much word to explain that selena for me it’s multiplying with 0..and if you know selena*0=00000000

  • Courtney

    who ever believes this is– I mean really cmon they havnt talked since and Nialls a belieber…. JB probably would stick up for her but wouldnt b a jerk

  • Courtney

    OMGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U would b head over heels if u were dating justin too!!!!!!!!!!!!! U would also mely if a guy like Niall told u, u were beautiful!!!!!! Its oly fricken natural get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • angela

    selena tedoy un con sejo q date con justin si tienes buenos gusto porq el otro es iu para botalo para la basura creo q justin es mas o mil bese mas guapo q el q esta e
    n la foto ok y se te quiere en valencia ok

  • angela


  • alma

    pppppffffff please don’t tell me that (crying) you cant say to me waht have beautiful JB ???niall it’s so much beter than him it’s more simple to and jb it’s so vain and stuck up ,,,and selena ooooohhhhh,,,,it’s the perfect vainglorious couple,,,:(

    • anonymous

      WOW O.O You must be really close to them to know them so well………oh wait you don’t, do you……oops, my bad.

      • alma

        hahhahaha omg you are so joker ….and i’m like you ,,,and how do you know that i am not …hahahhahaha idiot

        • alma

          and ooopppss if i remember good in one from your comments you say selena “niall it’s more sweeter and bla bla ,,,so sweety think 100 words and speak just 1 ok and look your coments and then write …

        • alma

          and you have to be wery close to them for know all that,,,,,hahahahahah,,,,and i will say the same :you don’t//

  • alma

    and if you say that niall it’s not beautiful deeply reget but you do not have nothing tasteful ….ok??jb it’s ……realy i dont like it ….

  • anonymous

    Honestly, they are all teenagers, Niall is a flirt, Selena is a verry pretty girl, and yeah, Justin is her boyfriend. Mix up all that and you get some drama…………really the same thing happens to teenagers every day in a public high-school, Besides the fact that all three of these people having amazing voices, I really dont see what the difference and, or big deal is.

  • alma

    say the trouth …”yeah” they are all amazing peoples …but we have mistaken evrything here…

  • itzel

    stap stap love nill

    • alma

      and you stop love justin bieber ,,,ok?

  • jennifercervantes

    justin is the one that should procted selena becuse a lot of boy love her like nail ggood job proctectin selena jb almost exploaded !lol••>

  • MeganBieber


  • alma

    this began because like jb and niall are amazing peoles and have amazing voices so …

  • shivani

    Justin is handsome and selena beautiful but when they r together i hate them both!

  • alma

    yes it’s very lame couple …and does not fit with each other ,,,this it’s my opinion ,,

  • lyn k

    well , selena is a b*tch and jb is way better than her she’s just dating him because he is so famous i used to hate him and love selena but now i love jb and hate her first she dated nick jonas and stole him from he’s ex-girlfriend miley cyrus and then she dated taylor lautner now she is dating jb after that she’s going to date niall horan i swear because he became so famous 🙂
    and she will never have a true love 😛 trust me if u agree like 😉
    Ty <3

    • Steve

      Don’t be a hater!!!!!!!!!!

      • alma

        ohhhh pls ,,,don’t be a stupid…she just gave her opinion ..and for this she should be a “hater”

  • alma

    yes ….i did not even had beter say….you are completly right it is joking with the both boys…well with all the boys ….ppppppppffffffff and have peoples that say selena it’s good and love jb OMG

  • Brianna

    OMG i can be your boyfriend…. i lisin to ur song and i dont like you because ur hot i like u for who u r and ik i am too young for u but i just love ur personalities on ur movies never say never… and i am 13….. 🙂

  • Brianna

    when i said i can be ur boyfriend i meant girlfriend and i was listn to ur song and i got cought up…. I AM A GIRL!!!!!!!

  • Hayrun Nisa

    I love you Justin Bieber.Iam Belieber.Justin PLEASE COME TURKEY……

  • alma

    you realy love so much justin bieber?but what you like to he?you like more his songs or his appearance….because it’s not soooo goooddd or maybe not for do like that …….OMG

  • Kate

    Junstin Bieber needs to lay off. He should just take it as a complement that his beloved Selena was called “Beautiful”

  • Lexi

    Niall has a girlfriend so…

    • Bill

      So what?

      • alma

        pls dont spek “bullshit” hi have a girlfriend and ,,,hi call selena just “beautiful” oookk…what is wrong here…selena it’s exaggeratin the situation…

  • Anonymous

    i dont think people should be on this website if theyre not a belieber and kids can get on it 2 so i dont think u should be swearing either

    • Marty

      I agree

      • alma

        you are agree ,,,,but i hate this opinion…hahhaha

  • Bill

    Dont make fun of JB

  • Bill

    I give Justin Bieber credit for sticking up for his girlfriend Selna Gomez. He has every right to say what he wants! I mean, if you saw a good looking guy like Niall talking to your beautiful girlfriend, you would say something!!!!! IM I CORRECT!!!!!! So please leave Justin alone!! PLEASE!!! I’m not saying Niall ment to flirt with Selena but just leave her alone too! THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • alma

      nnnnoooo….i’m not understanding why niall have to leave selena alone,,,OMG today it’s a bad time you don’t cant say a girl”you are baeutiful….ppppfffff pls..

  • Bill

    I mean his girlfriend SELENA Gomez not Selna Gomez!! 😛 SORRY!!!

    • alma

      hahhahahha funny…

  • juveria tahir

    I vote for 1D i mean they r better than JB and JB has no right to say dat to Niall i mean he felt bad but he only said selena was looking pretty he wasen’t insulting her or something by da way dat was rude of JB no offense!!!!!!!GOOOOOOOOOO NIALLLLL U R FOREVER!!!!!

    • alma

      yyeeaahhh i love your opinion,,,i have the same opinion with you…:D

  • CHua


    • alma

      hey what…if i can’t know

  • Lamija

    Niall diserves to have Selena.Then i can have Justin

    • alma

      hahhahahahhahah this is really funny…if you want it you can’t take it ,,,but please right now …

  • ...

    another thing, jusitn had selena first if she breaks up with him for somebody from 1D shes stupid. hes just being a good boyfriend. hes obviously still wants to be with selena so hes gonna say if something to her is she is doing soething he doesnt like. they are in a relaationship she shouldnt be flirting with anybody in the first place. and this 1d guy is a straight up ASS for doing that to jusitn when HE KNOWS THEY ARE DATING. #JBFOREVER

    • alma

      bla bla bla…ppppffff please don’t speak bullshit…

  • Doaa belieber forever

    belieber forever self justtttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  • Giselle

    is this true?!

    • alma

      we dom’t know to this anymore…we ahve mistaken evrything…

  • Hello kitty

    Justine bieber needs to back off he needs to find another girl man he needs to let Niall to have Selena Gomez and 1d is hotter then jb and jb needs to bitch off

    • alma

      how bad…why i not can do more than 1 thumb up…:)

  • Hello kitty

    Fuck you jb you need to back off man

  • Mabel


    • alma

      yyyeeaahhhh,,,this is so true …:)

  • Anonymous

    kiss my balls 1d

    • alma

      without shame ,,,is useless to speak with you,,how bad because if i could i will do 100 thumb dawn

  • itzel

    love love boyfried justin bieber ven a puebla

  • Selena marie Gomez

    Umm m ad Justin are steal dating and I don’t go to the big stars and ps Justin bieber more famous than one direction bc he was famous before them and as more song and CDs than one direction have something to say call me and leave a voice mail #12138614692

    • Selena marie Gomez

      And s hate me all u what

      Love śèłéńà gômèź

  • Selena marie Gomez

    And ps Justin as the Right to come to Niall and say something bc me and him gettin close to marrin so yea and ps love you justin and to fans don’t believe it Selena call the number ^ there

  • Selena marie Gomez

    By the way I can’t get text only calling 12138614692

    Love śèłèñá gômèź

  • Selena marie Gomez

    Hey guys it’s me Selena and if u don’t believe here’s my number 12138614692 and Jb and me are getting married soon do yea please don’t talk about my husband tht way thank u

    Love śèłèñà gômèž

  • fuck you

    I love Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Selena marie Gomez

    Rather not And please dnt cuss in here read the rules!!!

    and ps what call me and say tht 12138614692

    Love śèłèñà gômèž

  • Selena marie Gomez

    Guys in really tired of people cussing me Out because I’m dating Justin drew bieber he’s my love and I’m he’s love we’re getting married soon so please check ur self before you say it because its really rude what u say and don’t believe it Selena call me 12138614692 it email me seg.fanmail.con and follow me on twitter @selena Marie Gomez .com but all imaayn us put ur self in my place that would tell you to stop sayn mean crap to me I hate and yes I don’t like it I lessoning to talks opinion all the time but not about me and Jb break up bc were any Gunna so please just chick ur self and put ur self in my place what if yr was dating somebody that u really love and someone said you couldn’t date him and ur was famous and all this people around the world sayn that u Gunna die or u couldn’t date him or ur not right for him don’t that make u upsit YES!!! So please check your self before u say something that about me or Justin or anybody please I’m an having u a favor so u wot be hard in life okay I love all if y’all even the hater bc I am a nice person. And I would respect that if you just leave me or Justin alone if it’s a cussing or mean comment and u can keae a good comment and if ur a hater than why are you here f u hate him so much and even on my page why are u here if u hate us that bad ??? New dont lesson too the mean comments but we read them and it’s really hurts us but don’t do anything to us sorry but all the good comments are 🙂 all around showing there are carrying for me and Justin 🙂 love all have a good night.

    Love śèłèñà gômèž

    • Selena marie Gomez

      Iment if u hate him it look like I said f u but tht ant correct my stupid iPhone

    • Shaelynn

      UR GOING TO MARRY HIM?? lol congratz 😛

  • Selena marie Gomez

    And I would love if people say nice things the next day if I see a mean comment I’m telling Justin and he said If its that bad he’s delet this page :-()

    Love śèłèñà gômèž àñd Justin drew bieber

  • Selena marie Gomez

    Omg call me tht all u what but call frist 12138614692 lol

  • Selena marie Gomez

    Dislike all ur what ! 🙂

  • anonime


  • Shaelynn

    Wow.I can get why Niall likes Selena. She has everything Niall looks for in a girl, And they are the same age and perfect for eachother. I luv Niall and i HATE justin biber. Justin needs to noe tht hes a little bit too young for selena and tht he shud find somone his own age. I bet everyone wud rather choose Niall And Selena for a cute couple instead of Justin and Selena. #One Direction Luvr <3

    • Shaelynn

      well i dont HATE justin i just dont like him like how i like Niall. srry bout that.

      • alma

        why you should be sorry evrything you say here it’s perfect ……i have the same opinion with you….:)

  • joselin otero solarte

    no pues eso lo decide selena ella es una mujer hecha y derecha pues eso creo yooooo.

  • :)

    Dude who cares! Anyways one direction is bigger that Justin Bebier and justin and his girl break up and and go back together Wtf just make up ur mind Niall and selena would make a cute couple and so yah <333 Nialler! Niall and Selena!

    • Boom!it's Laura


      • alma

        yeah,,,,wake up..i’m asking my self “where are the beliebers”uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i thing they are sleeping ,,hahahha guys one direction it’s the best…:)<3

  • Lexi

    I love both of them.But im on Nialls team right now.Niall is a fan of Justin Bieber and would not try to get him mad on purpuse.He was prob just telling Selena shes pretty not that he wants to date her or annything.Geez..

    • Ms.Payne

      omg ur totaly right i forgot about that ur so smart but i dont like justin beiber alot

  • Emily

    Justin Bieber is such a spoiled brat! He is such a wuss and he has NOTHING on 1D! First of all, just calling a girl beautiful is supposed to be a COMPLIMENT not a pick up line. So just shut up because Niall and the rest of the 1D crew seem so nice and, in my opinion, Niall has eyes for Demi Lovato, not Selena Gomez.
    Sincerely, Emily, a true Directioner

    • OneDirectionForLife

      Exactly I LOVE 1D Too JB Is Just So Supid And A Showoff Qnd Selena Is Shitt

      • alma

        yyyeeeaaahhhhh,,,true but the beliebers are exaggerate the situation to become more intetesting ,hahhahha,,,guys why i can’t not to do more than one thumb up??<3 directioner forever,,,,

    • Ms.Payne

      i swear

  • OneDirectionForLife

    I don’t Know why they fight sooner or later they are going to know that they fought for a piece of shittt

    • alma

      hahhahahhahahah,,,,this is so true,,,,i thing that in this web side don’t have mire beliebers ..oooooppppsss i want to say “losers”..

  • thaina

    if this is true it is a great intereceira fame of this is true then I want the end justin bieber with it before it’s too late …. but if it is not okay love j.d.b

    • alma

      never ,,never it’s late for the love…ok? directioner forever<3

  • thaina

    I love justin bieber you want q to be very happy kisses my love love you forever …

  • Anonymous

    I love both of you but I like better one direction cuz the new song “boyfriend” it makes me cry cuz my boyfriend broke up with me and that song it say “if i was your boyfriend never let you go” and thats Wat my bf told me:'( and the song of one direction “that’s what make you beautiful” it makes me feel better but I still love Justin<3

    • alma

      i am sorry it’s very bad when you broke up with you boy/girlfriend …..so ,,sorry ..listen the songs of 1d because really help you for forget the past and thing just for the future,,ok?one direction it’s the best in the world it’s a group with so much values..and they have a amazing voice and they are very beautiful saying the true….one directionet forever<3

      • 1Dlover!

        One Direction songs do make people feel better

        • alma

          ooouuu yeah..

  • sarathsarma

    justin love only truly selena but she doesnt love only justin but likes her she is not eigible to marry justin [email protected] leave her we want to see u and talylor

  • mytime

    well what i think is that selena is a cheater because she is with justin not niall i think its all selena’s fault she shouldnt fall someother guy i dont blame niall or justin besides niall just complimented her sooo >.< i dont want them to fight

  • Marky Mark

    “I would let Justin Bieber suck my dick, as long as he didn’t tell anybody”!

    • Key Grip

      “I would let Justin Bieber suck my dick, as long as he didn’t tell anybody after I sucked his dick back, YUMMY in the back of my star Limousine (Well, my parent’s limo I meant. I am just 16).

  • kiara

    Selena Gomez how do you what to be with?

  • alma

    i swear i don’t understand beliebers they are exaggerating the situation just because niall told selena “you are beautiful”just that.. they no comment where selena say “i love zayn malik”huh and now ,it’s the same no?……so pls let these conversation without sense ….directioner forever <3

  • hi

    i think maybe niall shouldnt have said that to selena but he was just giving her a complament right? idk but i think justin shouldve chilled out maybe and it was mature of him to take niall aside but they seemed before this whole thing even happened that niall and justin bieber were kinda close friends on twitter and they just seemed like real good friends.! /: again idk.. but also niall and one direction is an amazing band and justin bieber is also an amazing singer and i think if there not really friends or as good friends as before i think they should put this behind them.! before this it seemed like they got along so they should be friends again WITHOUT niall flirting(; lol and p.s. niall cant help it selena is gorgeous.! lol well thats how i feel this whole thing is(: like if u agree and dislike if u disagree.!

  • alma

    OMG are you not tired writing all that comment ?:)hahha i think that this friendship it’s breaking dawn every day more …it’s not niall fault that hi call selena “beautiful”was just a compliment.. NIALL IT’S NOT FLIRTING …..you can understand?right no?niall it’s better with demi lovato they yes that like each-other and she is better than selena ,,huh….so beliebers should shut up because they are tired ,,,directioner forever in my life<3thnx for understanding..bye;)

  • jb es mas bueno que el jajaj mentira los dos son lindos

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  • Carmen

    Ughh why you all calling justin bieber names… i bet you guys would do that of the love of your life was being flirted with by someone else obviously that shows how much justin bieber loves selena gomez doesnt it??. TO ALL THE GUYS OUT THERE WHO HAVE POSTED COMMENTS..
    if your girlfriend was being flirted with and you loved her to pieces would you tell the other to back off……. and he did it to save the realtionship cause he didnt want to lose selena to niall which fyi is ugly comparred to justin bieber…

    • alma

      niall it’s ugly…ooou girl you are so behind with the time….WAKE-UP..

  • Fuck you

    She’s only a year older so SHUT THE FUCK UP. Dumbfuck, People don’t have to date someone the same exact age as them.

  • Guess who?

    the Beatles ????! i mean really? maybe they wer big….but they’re not now and that has nothing to do with one direction or JB. and its not like you could sing better then they can so dont put effort into putting them down. just move on with ur own life. they work really hard for what they do and just cuz they dont entertain you doesnt mean you can be all nasty

  • Ms.Payne

    calm down every body now i am a one direction luver big big one now no one can about my brother in law like that my sis is marrying niall i am marrying liam ok wat eva but every one has a different taste but i think u should choose one direction the hottest boy band evr jb is fine not sooo hot like the members of one direction just dont cuss for little things actually its a big thing what the hell actually noo i am beaing to easy on u dont talk like that to my loved ones oo its on!!!!!!!

    • alma

      choose justin or one direction ,,,,hhhuuuuummmmmm(5 sec later) of course “ONE DIRECTION” what you think..?

  • jjanery yo

    well i think that justin bieber is way to hot for selena oh and selena if you are reading this stay away from my man!

  • 1Dlover!

    Okay everyone! Look Niall has a crush in Demi Lovato and directioners should know this! And no matter what happens JB fans will think they are the best fanbase but directioners (like me) will think we are the best fanbase but neither of us are we are we comparing a BOY BAND to a DAMN SOLO SINGER but JB and Niall are friends now

  • »Tlangs«

    Well, well, well here we are again JB vs the fabulous most interesting One Direction! Well obviously One Direction rocks my world! Justin Bieber is *in my eyes* a failed singer in denial!!! Let the best do what they do best! Let One Direction direct the way and JB follow! 5 Boys 4 me 3 words 2 say 1 Direction: I LOVE YOU!!! <3

  • 1Dgirl

    But doesn’t Niall have a crush on Demi Lovato

  • alma

    “VAS HAPNIN GUYS”i came back again from my wonderful holidays,,,uuhh i feel so good..what ever let’s take a survey for the beauty of course the 5 guys of one direction are the most beautiful guys of all the world (for me of course) but justin have continued to look a little beautiful because..because he copy zayn malik hairs (uuu he is my idol)but anyway again one direction it’s better oookkk? with all my love from me…directioner forever<3

  • Samantha

    1D and Justin anre both awesome but Niall is a tad bit cuter.

  • alma

    “VAS HAPNIN” look one direction are amazing band ,,when you have a band it’s very hard to sing because they are 5 boys and the song is like 3-4 min. and justin bieber he is just 18 years old and he make the record of youtobe sooo i’m sorry that he make this record with the most bad song of him ..but i like more direction because they have the level of complication more height and for accept it they have a wonderful voice ,,i live in ALBANIA and i love this 5 boys…..with love from the most biggest fan of one direction..<3

  • guadalupe

    justin vos sos el mas lindo <3

  • guadalupe

    justin sos love

  • Mrs.Horan

    Is this true or just rumor

    • 1D FTW.

      Just a rumor darlin’ lol.


      Rumor trust me I really don’t think this happened

  • lorena

    long hair

    • lorena

      one direction love justin back

  • anne

    chose like if u r in love with naill horan CHOSE UNLIKE IF U LIKE JB

    • 1D FTW.


  • myya

    selena would never chat

  • Anonymous

    everboby so you know that justin bieber is the best singer ever and that one driection is the worst band and songs are so annoying so you should know that justin is better


    • Kate

      lol you suck dick.

  • alma

    i’m sure that you are dreaming of course 1d it’s the best band of ever and th 5 boys are the best singers in all the world justin know just throws up in the scene and nothing more ..desert peoples who was close him in that moment..and 1d know only entertain the fans…….love one direction 4ever<3

  • Lara


  • Lucky_Girl

    Just imagine it as a fanfic tumblr jealous Justin and his girl who likes selena Niall: D I love it to be the girlfriend of one of the boys from 1D because justin is way too jealous for her ..

  • naru

    I can not believe all the fault of that bitch selena and justin nialla before was all good god I hate selena look what you did

  • catalina

    cuz they get both a relasion is ke are your fans should support their belieber but justin biber cantande ASU to be happy with ke eya keremos ber porke all happy to justin biber selena gomez kundo this with this I am happy Latino Support him I ke kijo’m not a beliebers but their support deverian berdaderas beliebers nosoteras Latinas sienpere as we support nosoteras support him in every moment cuz the asus nesesita beliebers to support 🙂

  • 1D FTW.


  • 1D FTW.


  • Min

    Jeez Justin! Sounds like all this fame has gone to your head a bit.
    No need to get so mad on poor Niall.
    I understand if you think that Selena is your property only, but i don’t see Selena going bananas on your fangirls or other women complimenting you.
    Stfu and deal with it, i think you should be happy for that she gets complimented 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • keisha

    i luv both jb and 1d and hate Selena Gomez and Taylor swift because Taylor swift is with harry now and Selena is my baby so haters in your dreamz u wont be with him i hve tried trust me luv u jb and 1d

  • ????

    Wtf did I just read…

  • Justilicious

    It’s his right to protect his girl so that’s why he was mad.
    And for haters :
    “U Just Need To UnderStand”

    <3 YA. BIEBER

  • Aklesia


  • Maja

    it is good that you are flirting at Zelena for you is better than Justin Bieber … + Niall whore, I love you and your band <33 you own

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Well now actually Niall has a crush in Demi Lovato now so i think that he was just complimenting her is it a big prob?And F.Y.I Niall is a huge JB fan so how could he do that?

    • Anonymous

      soz for the extra now xD

  • Anonymous

    Hey i love 1d and i think this is not true cause Nialls crush is Demi so why would he flirt with selena AND Niall is Justin fan so i dont think this is true

  • Yolo

    Stop beating his heart man I am a FAN of jb

  • Paulina Rubio


  • meow


  • Ariella

    I don’t think Justin’s mad at Niall and besides Justin and Selena keep breaking up.Niall’s a good friend to Justin and maybe Justin would let him flirt with Selena.Justin could either be single,find someone else to date or get back with Selena.I’m a huge fan of Justin and maybe Selena could do one of the three things and one the third one she can get back together with Justin.It’s up to them and us Beliebers,Gomezers or Directioners will see what happens.

  • Ariella

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