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justin bieber’s dogs

Justin Bieber reveals his secret to being a good boyfriend

Sorry guys. I just moved and we didn’t get our internet for a week. I’ll try my best to post what’s been missed this last week. 🙂

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  • Muffy

    Omg him and the puppies are so cute!

    Awe, thats okay. I don’t really know what you say to people that just moved. But yeah… I’m happy for you? :D<3

  • Leena

    He looks good in the color orange 🙂

    • lalala

      yeah i always thought yellow and orange are the best colors for him!
      AND PURPLE!!!!!!!

      • Brooke

        Hey Justin. Birber like Brooke Eastwell .

        • Brooke

          Hey. Justin. Birber. Went. Get. To. Austrian. Went. They. See. At. Austrian. Can. You. Home. At Austrian. I. Love. You. Love brooke. Eastwell

  • Wow, Justin in a week you made your fans fall in love with you in 1 sec.

  • amna blieber

    i love you justin alot and i just love your new song boyfriend

    • amna blieber

      ilove you jb alot and you are amazing and i love your new song boyfriend keep it up

  • mohd zafar

    very good song boyfreind

  • Izel uk  Justin bieber

    Who wouldn’t love u!
    I DO!!!! Xxxxxxxx 

    • that is so nasty she is so ugly how could you like her

  • And expesually why would you touch Selena Gomez’ but do your parents know that you are a two timer i am going to tell all of my friends about this website so they can do this to ha ha ha

  • well i guess that my friends were
    wrong because i know that i still like you no matter what people say to me about you i love you Justin you are my favorite pop star ever I love you 🙂 my friends were just typing what ever srry

  • Mary Loves Justin Bieber

    Justin,You will be a good boyfriend for me!COME TO ME!

  • Paola

    post pics of the slime, this, and with ashton in your fb page <3 it would make me the day

    • Here are the Ashton Kutcher I just uploaded to our Facebook page just for you Paola <33 click here

  • Anonymous

    I love you went to get to austilan Are the best Justin bieber carry in the collingwoodpark my name Is Brooke eastwell

  • i_love_justin_bieber

    i’m verry verry like justin drew bieber

  • i_love_justin_bieber

    my boy frieeendd 🙂

  • i_love_justin_bieber

    i’m cannot forget justinn bieber.. :* i love you so much justiiin

  • justin bieber

    Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss want to meet English Deaf talk like Alejandra Magana am call me