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justin bieber florida 2012 Chilies

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez @ Florida Chilies April 14, 2012

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez are staying at my development in FL this wknd and I’ve seen the devil in the eyes of every teen since I arrived – @BSchwitt

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  • Abatha

    Wow. I love his shirt.

    • @justinnrone

      yes ! i love JB !

      • Anonymous

        not as much as meee <3

    • Anonymous

      i looooooovvvvvveeeee Him <3 <3 <3

  • Anonymous

    I can only read the top half of his shirt 🙁

  • Ruth

    Haha hers says ‘you make me happy’ while his says ‘fuck you from miami’. Love it! Xxx

    • Anonymous

      Best Thing Ever! Hahaha

      • Anonymous

        well, florida is were all the famous people go. he’s performing at the american airlines arena. hopefully to be going.

  • everything inmy room is jb my phone computer wall ground everything

  • jessica

    OMG TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY APRIL 15 AND HE IS IN FLORIDA WOW I LOVE U JUSTIN but i no this is old but what made u get a tatto of jesus we dont even know what he looks like that is not his real face that just just dum i could see if u would of tat his name on you but a picture God is going to me mad with u no affense just sayin i still love u tho i cant believe ur 18 u grown up too fast i could just remeber when u cam out with one time i wish u was like 16 cuz i am 15 now but ur grown up sad face lol still sexy tho dam u need to take a pic of ur chest again lol

    • paulette

      it doesnt have Jesus’s face, it only has the praying hands…

      • Yasmina

        He has a tat of Jesus’ face too … 

  • paulette

    Lol he looks hott. he’s 18 he’s not always gunna wear cute shirts. i like his rebel side. it doesnt go too far. he looks very attractive 😉

    • bieber fan

      heis attractive 🙂

  • Ally VanDaSWAGGER

    Loove it..<3

  • Directioner

    Omg, on JB shirt it says F**K UP

    • Bianca_x0

      And ?….. He can ware watev he want ! ! ! He looks mad ass cute in the tee anyway so who da fuck care !? lol

      • Selly

        seriously. kinda makes him look hotter. im glad he doesnt care what haters say and wears what he wants. he shud get the shirt that says “im staring at ur titties” LMAAO my guy frend has it it would look hot on Justin. plus justins 18, he can do anything he wants, time to grow up children, & get over it.

  • I can’t see the pictures! :O

  • Anonymous

    nice shirt 🙂

  • carla grayson

    i think theres nothing wrong with this t-shirt justin is wearing i think he looks very nice and if people dont like that dont look

  • carla grayson

    he looks very sexy love the top

  • @_MrsBieberSwagg

    He’s just amazing.!(:
    Hes so adorable
    Hes so talented
    Hes so sweet
    Hes so handsome
    Hes so loving
    Justin is so wonderful <3.!
    I love you Justin Drew Bieber


    • lalala

      you forgot SEXY 😛

    • Bianca_x0

      You also forgot he has SWAGGGG ! ! ! ! ! LOL

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  • mrsbieber

    WOW WOW WOW WOW is that a praying hands on justin’s leg? when did he get that?