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justin bieber’s bum 2012 heathrow airport

Justin Bieber shows bum, bumps & whacks paparazzi at Heathrow Airport video

To say that there was mayhem yesterday at Heathrow airport is an understatement. My only question is why did he only have one security guard there to protect him? No wonder he was whacking and bumping his way through the airport. And poor Mosh.

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  • Katie

    Haha. He’s his own security guard!!! Lol

  • Not Hating Just Saying

    I know he gets frustrated with the paps and all but he seriously needs to stop hitting them. The pap could sue his for hitting him with his bag, and thats something I don’t want to see. He should just follow his own motto and “kill them with kindness” its really sad to see him act like that

    • lmao the paps have little to NO respect in the face of the law. there have been mnay paps who try to sue celebs for hitting them or whatever and have failed. a pap could try and sue him and i grantee you 1000% they would fail. their not even suppose to get close enough to him that he can hit them so.

      • Not Hating Just Saying

        The good thing about the legal system is that everyone is treated somewhat equally! Rules don’t change just because you’re a pap or a artist or anyone. Point being, there’s is video proof of justin physically hitting him, which could be construed as assault. It is minor but his level of aggressiveness has gone from finger the pap to almost running them over to now physically attacking them. I like Justin a lot I think he’s a very talent guy. Im just saying it would be a shame for him to lose everything he’s worked so hard for over an stupid lapse of judgement. He should just practice what he preaches and KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS.


    i wish i had been there, but no i had to go to school ….

  • Anonymous

    I love him but find it really sad seeing him get so angry, but that will nhever stop me from being a BELIEBER

  • belieber

    i didn’t think it was that bad until i saw the mans camera in mid air. i personally feel bad for him even though he is invading justin’s privacy they get us hot pictures! and those camera’s aren’t cheap. i love you justin! <3

  • @BelieberOnCrack

    You can see his bum through his boxers. 😀

  • Buttlicker

    Look at that ass mmmm want to lick it clean

    • Anonymous

      Me too

      • Ass worship

        Fuck I want his ass squat on my face, get my tounge right up his hole and taste his sexyness, have him rub his ass all over my face

  • Buttlicker

    I want to have beiberconda slither down my throaght

  • richard wiles

    id love to lick his bum.

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow

  • Yum

    I wanna lick his asshole so badly …

    • Mmm

      Want to lick it clean

  • Anonymous

    Yo I would love to lick that ass so fucking bad!!!! ^_^ I just want to fuck that so badly

    • Anonymous

      Me too

  • Jose Alvarado

    Is it just me but can you see like his balls if you really look at the picture, but anyways I love his ass 😛 love to lick it clean and be fucked by him !!!

  • liijay gagi

    i wanna try to fuck justin bieber’s ass harder! but its made a possible thing runout away and i admire his outfit only not his voice or even him… he’s boastful cant ya see? any way… i like lady gaga than him…lol

  • Anonymous

    I have a crush on him and will kiss his lips to marry him

  • boybutt

    I want to sniff and lick his sweaty ripe little butt SOOOOO bad!

    • Anonymous

      I would love to taste the sweat on his butthole after a concert

  • suba gimzo

    mm.. i just wanna lick is fucking ass hole till it turn red hehe

  • Anonymous

    I want to lick his asshole so badly… Even after a sweaty concert!! Yummy!! I bet he taste so good