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Should Justin Bieber choose One Direction or The Wanted?

If you haven’t heard yet, One Direction and The Wanted (both boy bands coming out from the UK and both making it big at the same time) aren’t exactly the best of friends. Read here.

It is rumored that Justin is scheduled to perform at the Olympics in London this summer and when the paparazzi caught up with The Wanted last night they were asked whether Justin should choose them over One Direction….

What do you think?

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  • katie

    the only people that have the right to vote on this should be english..just saying.
    and everyone obviously chooses one direction because they’re younger and fan girl heart throbs. but the wanted are far more talented..they worked to get where they are today, not everything was handed to them like one direction. i do like one direction but i think it’s unfair how people have voted on this.
    plus the wanted are signed by scooter! so that’s another reason biebs should support them

    • Kate

      i totally agree with you! & im not really a fan of one direction.. i only like one song of theres and its ‘what makes you beautiful” other than that, i dont really like theyre other songs. to be honest i dont like bands at all because we all know they are gonna break up sooner or later, get over it directioners its gonna happen one day. the jonas brothers are blood brothers and they broke up, therefore, one direction will break up one day, and when that happens i can care less when all the annoying directioners are gonna be crying there eyes out -__- no offence. but if i had to choose one direction or the wanted i defenitly vote for the wanted.

    • Roxanne

      Agree with all of this except for “the only people that have the right to vote on this should be English.” Uh, no. EVERYONE IN THE WORLD watches the Summer Olympics. Not just people in England. Since it’s a choice of who he’ll choose to perform with at the Summer Olympics, A WORLDWIDE EVENT, everyone has the right to vote. But yes, The Wanted have worked harder for a longer time than One Direction and have paid their dues. But I like both bands.

  • Marissa


  • Taylor

    Beliebers shouldn’t judge One Direction if they dont TRULY know 1D. I mean no offence but some beliebers judge One Direction to quickly and it’s really annoying.

    • Anonymous

      bitch please justin is amazing one direction sucks SHIT!

      • holly

        i think btr but justin bieber sucks and 1d so y coudlnt justin bieber pick btr but that not in the choeses so the wanted

    • Anonymous

      I have a question for you five boys if some one is being mean to you what should you do push them down and say you don’t do that to me and say your sorry and hug them and say its ok I still like you and ill always will we will never be apart never say never I love you and I love you to your my best man ever

      • Anonymous

        hi bieber its a bieber fan and I think your brother and sister are so cute like you I have a old school friend name Justin too I think you and selean gomez should get bake together you guys look cute together you guys can do fun stuff like making birthday cards and buying winter hats you guys are so cute like princes jazzmen Justin bieber you are a good big brother to your little sister and brother I wish you were my big brother too I love you Justin bieber so much

  • I really don’t have any experience with the wanted and I’m not judging or hating them, but honestly I think their songs suck. No offense. I think Justin should choose One Direction over the wanted because Justin and the wanted are singed by the same person, Scooter. And One Direction is kind of more famous than the wanted. I believe they are going to be the biggest boy band by the end of this year. So does Justin. He said it himself.
    Yes, One Direction singed up on xfactor. That doesn’t make them bad artist at all! They didn’t know where to start to get a singing career and that’s kinda the main reason why people sign up for singing competitions. You can’t say they have no talent, because they have! If they didn’t, how do you think they got so far in xfactor? Seriously, people need to grow up.

    • Melanie St Vincent

      To be honest maybe Justin should choose The Wanted to help boost there popularity up. I mean seriously, think about how big Justin Bieber is and how little everyone knows about The Wanted. Maybe this is a great opertunity for The Wanted to really shine. I mean I am absolutly in love with One Direction and obviously Justin Bieber. But I think because Justin Bieber is a kind, helping, down to earth kind of person he would help The Wanted yeah. That’s just my opinion.
      Love Mel xoxo

      • venessa

        yep the wanted they need more popularity up

  • nicolebelieber


    • holly

      really u love one direction the losers tw need more help and better music but tw r mature so idk oh well lets see who he chose by the way justin bieber sucks

      • Anonymous

        dose one direction stay up all night do they like staying up all night or they get tired and go to bed together and be like a sleepy heads like my brother he is always a sleepy head but waver he sleeps like a bunny he always sleeps like a bunny like you guys you guys are so cute like my friend Justin

  • Mia

    One direction!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s all upto Justin….!!1D or TW…never mind!!!

  • Melanie St Vincent

    I think he should choose One Direction because all the teens are into them and they would sort of be more viewwers and stuff like that but, on the other hand, The Wanted aren’t as big and maybe Justin can help The Wanted with getting bigger and having more fans. I mean like seriously, we always hear about how big One Direction and Justin Bieber are but we never really hear anything about The Wanted unless we are listening to the radio and there song comes on. . .

  • ruwa070

    who are we kidding..? it’s gonna be The Wanted… i mean… they are hanging out and working with scooter and justin himself these days… so its hard to believe that he’ll choose 1D over TW… i mean.. 1D AND JB would do so well together considering they go along the same lines while TW are a little bit more mature… but i guess ill be happy for either of those boys.. they’ve all worked hard since 2009/2010 and since 1D are a bit more popular now around the world.. maybe TW do deserve a good break…

    • catlyn

      he thonks that

    • ruby

      ahhh i dont think so.

  • ruby

    one direction XD im there biggest fan ever!!!!! honestly i have over 100 posters and ive met them xxxxx i love harry and zyan and louis.

    • Ivette

      If you were really their “biggest fan ever,” you’d love ALL of them.. Not just Harry, ZAYN* & Louis.

    • zoe

      ya IVETTE is right and btw just cuz u have a lot of posters dosnt mean u like them it means ur crazy and i true 1Der would love the whole band

    • holly

      okay u r 1d fan loser but for goodness sak help the waned they need more fans and better music but one of them is cute but if u pick one direction ( loser ) i pick the wanted and again they need more help ( loser )

  • Maddy_Bieber

    Justin should stay solo because all one direction would do is change him and make him become unpopular…

  • thulshen

    bt ow cms jb got so popular hz nt evn gud at ol?

  • zoe

    ok justin ugly should not be able to just chose i think the wanted because 1D is way to HOT 4 him

  • kenzie


  • trollin the beliebers

    He should choose someone that sucks as much as he does. One Direction and The Wanted are WAY too good to be close to that bieber chick.

  • holly

    i think justin ( loser ) would pick 1d not because im there fan but im not im in love with btr ( loves ) but tw r mature so 1d again not there fan neither there biggest fan but i think 1d r losers and tw i dont know about them but one of them r kind cute

  • venessa

    hey ppl if ur a beilber eww but 1d im just a fan well not really and tw they suck like shit so hey im a btr fan biggest fan ever and i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee btr im a rusher so see ya later guys leave comments plzzzzzzzzzzzz and tell me wat u think about