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justin bieber selena gomez kissing 2012

Jelena still together! Justin & Selena are more in love then ever!

Sources confirm to E! News that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are more in love than ever. Not only was the alleged tweet proven to be a fake, a source says that the couple is currently making plans to spend as much of the summer together as possible.

The Jelena insider speculates that rumors of a split first started because Justin and Selena haven’t been photographed together in weeks, but the E! News source says this is only because Selena has been in Bulgaria shooting The Getaway with Ethan Hawke. The 19-year-old former Wizards of Waverly Place star is being accompanied by her mother.

But, don’t think the time apart has stopped these two lovebirds from staying in touch. Our source told E! News that the two “talk constantly” and the adorable twosome has been video chatting whenever they get the chance.

So, now that this rumor’s officially debunked, paps get your cameras ready—our insider also revealed Justin and Selena have plans to reunite around the Memorial Day weekend holiday.


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  • Marla

    Sitting by waiting for a FUCK TO GIVE.

    • gabb

      am happy for jb, but to be honest i was kinda sad two…

      • dear justin bieber shrine blog hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that ,every time i see justin bieber falling in love with selena gomez , is so fake to me just like justin bieber is using selena gomez to me , love david b conway

        • None of your business

          that is the truth justin doesn’t deserve selena she is too good for him

        • Jelena

          Wow u guys r nice fans, and to think that thus is his website. Look If u want to say something nice say it if u don’t then don’t say nothin at all. They are together now, they never broke up, is just he stupid medias fault. They r cute together and they all ways will be. :) I love jelena all the way!

        • Anonymous

          go post that on Selenas website! Justin bieber has showered her nothing but love and u have no proof that he hasn’t or isn’t falling in love with her. Honestly u don’t even know Justin! And David b Conway u are the most stupidest sounding person I have ever heard and u shouldn’t be aloud to post on here!
          I love you justin! And i know u like ur life private!!

        • Anonymous

          I think they are a great couple and I hate Justin beiber he make me sick :( and I also hate one direction

        • so cute

          frist of all u just said i think justin and selena are the cutes cupple bu if u dont like him but u said that and u are stuiped and i dont now why u even commeted on this if u dont i like him. also u soooooooo stuiped to even say that they r so cute together and by the way justin nd selena r that cutest cupple in the world !


    • Roxanne

      Lol personally I’d like to see him be with that Cady Eimer girl …

      • Maria

        Will y’all get over that damn girl. Jeez.

      • sydney


        • Anonymous

          you go girl!

        • :D


        • Jelena

          Thank u! At least he has a Real fan!

        • heather michelle long

          i also think that justin is yusing her i mean look at that kiss this is all so fake it makes me sick im not jealous or anything i havve a boyfriend but realy look a little closer

        • Anonymous

          I agree with her

        • angelina

          your right just leave them alone and let them live their life together

        • jb fan and sg fan

          I luv both their music so just let them both chill and kick back.I love u jb and sg just keep loving each other and dont worry about wht people say or do

  • Patricia

    The more the media and all these jelena ” insiders ” talk, the more I think its true that they did break up. To be honest this article, sounds like one big PR move to make the fans think that Jelena is still together and ” in love “. I mean cmon can an 18 and 19 year old really have a relationship that lasts for almost 2 years? I remember being that age and the longest my relationships lasted were like a month or so. To this day I still think that jelena was never a real relationship.

    • skates

      I have seen real relationship starting at a young age which lasted for until they grew old together. I don’t see why this is not possible for the two of them even if both of them are celebrities. You obviously don’t understand how their relationship got started and you don’t think that either one of them will fall head over heels or be totally in love with each other, thus you have that doubts lingering in your mind that this is all publicity. With their great personalities as being compassionate, and with their having similar family background and strong moral values, the possibilities is 99.99%. This is enough ground to build great chemistry together. This is as good as it gets and as real as it can be! Lol! I could definitely guarantee you that it’s not a publicity, but instead it is a real relationship between two people who are in love and are working together to achieve their dreams and build a happy family together! Lol!

      • ds

        im 16 and i’ve been with my girl almost 2 years. its very possible. we’re also engaged.

        • Korana

          Oh I was wishing they would break up. Jasmine V looks better with justin bieber

        • Anonymous

          you are NOT engaged

    • Jelena

      I dissagree with u patricia! To thunk bak and see what they have been through I thunk they r mature and a real couple. Just because u didn’t have a real relationship it doesnt mean they won’t!

  • Michele I wish my name was drew D:

    Dear Justin,
    heyy i am like Ur biggest fan! (besides Pattie) lol anyways I’m a huge fan! the sad thing…..we’ve never met :( I’ve always really wanted too though.Your story…..gosh it made me cry!!!! no joke! and BTW you were cute when you were younger *blush* anyways……your story k so you sing AMAZING! Never Say Never <3!!!! and i loved "Under the Mistletoe" and CAN'T wait for "Believe." I have some questions kk? 1.Love you (not a question lol) 2. Come to San Antonio,TX!!!!! 3.(last one) It's a fact your Beliebers love you more!!!! I think you're such a good role model for everyone! You really care for others and charity,and you're sooo sweet to your fans Examples: Paige Conway,Cady Eimer,Hospital patients,Selena Gomez (Jelena <3) and many more!!!! you are my inspiration and have been since "One Time" <3 i did have a Justin Bieber club called "Bieber fever hood" lol. But, because the end of the year it'd done….till next year! 😀 Your song "Turn To You" was so sweet and my mom had me at 18 too! gosh I'm dieing to hear "believe" and Congrats on the Billboard award :) also gonna watch "Ellen" the 23rd! (Wednesday) *happy*…….when i see you performing and see you enjoy it….it makes me smile (u smile,i smile) teehee You love what you do and i just to say…..
    Thank for everything you do! your human you'll make mistakes but in my eyes you're FLAWLESS! Justin you made the butterflies in my stomach….you are the other half! Love you!!!!
    Swaggie (lol),

    Michele Bailey San Antonio,TX <3

    P.S. I Doubt you're Reading this :) lol

    • Anonymous

      your so i wish that was i was there to give u a big hug and kiss

      • Anonymous

        your such a looozeerr

    • Anonymous

      sorry meant to say your so cute

    • Anonymous

      LOVE love love this note

    • belieber

      Wow Michele that was good I think everyone’s jb fans because we all luv him like who can’t finally wow I have someone who is jst like me. I love u jb and tell Selena sorry everyone hates cause of u to I feel so bad anyway I bet your not reading this LOL….email me Justin at rblewis1058 its my dads email LOL its on my phone anyway I love jb ill do anything like fall off a cliff your so freaking cute I can’t stand it and its not jst that people like u cause of your looks but I luv everything about u your sensyof humor your big heart especially your.
      hit your eyes smile your laugh I luv u email me at rblewis1058 and mi

  • :)

    we will see monday, he was seen holding hands with that cady girl

    • Anonymous

      That is a fan. He even gave her a hug. Lets start a rumor that they are going out now…. seriously. you cant take every touch, and look serious. Guys don’t read into stuff like that…. only girls do.

  • Lovebug

    spend much time together? isn’t he touring this summer or something? it’s funny how selena is away everyone is happy

  • katherine

    y cant yaw biebers be happy for him n he is still with selena. they both r stars n they both wrk that how things go in life if they didnt wrk they both would nt have nothin n besides he love her n he jut told truth shr really is makin movie n if u all love him like yaw say u do then trust hm he love her.

    • A.

      Learn how to spell and not sour so ignorant please

  • nise

    nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo………………………………………………………………am going back living sad life am now in the bed 24/7

  • salma

    i hate this bitch she is using everybody for fame

    • Anonymous

      go fuck yourself

    • cassie

      ima tell you this she aint a b***h nd ya need to gt a life

  • jewel

    i hate selena gomez forever i really hater her because her face sucks and she wants justin’s money that’s why selena love justin sorry selenator peace

    • big girrrllll

      Kay, listen.
      1) she is one of the richest teens, she doesnt need his money
      2) youre jealous because you obviously dont think youre good looking and you are beautiful. dont put her down b/c of your insecurities
      3)Hop off bro. stop analyzing their reletionship. deal with your own not anybody elses

    • miya burton

      y in the hell would she want his money she has her own if u havent noticed shes on t.v gettin paid 2 your just a low life hater thats what u are im sure your face is not better than her’s because its clear u have an ugly personality im sure u have an ugly face as well!!!! YEAP

    • Anonymous

      Selena doesnt need his money
      She works if you havent noticed
      She makes her own money
      Stop hating and let them be

  • Mrs Bieber

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo way
    I hate you selena
    I love justin so much

    • kete

      stop hate on selena

      • Anonymous

        ya! i love Selena she’s so beautiful and deserves Justin

    • jackie

      fk u HO3

    • jackie

      LIKE I SAID KISS BECKY A$$!!!!!!!!! ^.^

    • Anonymous

      shut up bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bieber-fan

    This is for sure bullshit I think!

  • jazzlyn

    i wish that you and selena is forever bf/gf………….love you jelena………..

  • jackie

    shu up people selena is pretty jewel u can kiss becky!! ass and mrs BEIBER wanna be. And noo way justin beiber ever qonna marrry u soo how about u qet your stupidas out of her life.

    • Anonymous

      i put shut up bitch dont mean it

  • luanatavares

    I like this photo. I’ll be honest I do not really like selena gomez.houve many Girls who were beliebers justin and ceased to be because justin started dating with selena.eu sad but I’m not going to stop being so belieber because justin dating with selena.

  • vemkatesh j b

    justin your kissing style & smileing super jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj bbbbbbbbbbbbb

  • mowqui

    i am happy for justin and selena and originally i didn’t like justin but after hearing his song “baby” i fell in love with him but since he’s dating selena i’m not going to go crazy about it cause if you really love justin you would support him all the way ; and for those of you who don’t know why i love him its because i think he is :handsome,considerate,kindhearted and someone any teenage girl would want to date. I wish him happiness and if you ever come back to Chicago,Illinois and want to hang out with someone just post something on facebook ill try to get on facebook justin and don’t worry about me being lovestruck cause i won’t although i may be a bit nervous because I don’t know alot of people or have alot of friends so good luck with your career and i geus i’ll talk o you through email and im in a ok relationship so i wont be trying to hit on.

  • hollyberrry

    everyone shut the fuck up and leave them alone. they are young and they are in love. FUCK OFF

    • Anonymous

      rude asss

      • Anonymous

        well she/he is just saying every one gets on them about dating and they love each other so everyone just needs to back off and STOPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angelina

    Aww I wish JB didn’t have a girlfriend! :( but I’m happy for them I guess?

    • Anonymous

      what do you mean. i gess?

  • Amnayar

    i hate you justin… idiot p.d

    • Someone

      Don’t say that! Quick ? If you don’t like him then y are you on this wedsite?

      • Anonymous

        I hate Selena Gomez she sucks her momma’s ass!

        • Anonymous

          i bet you suck your dads balls

        • None of your business

          Yeah your just a stupid ass bitch who is jealous so why don’t you go and suck your dads dick bitch yeah i agree it was dumb of her to date justin beaver but still she can date whoever the hell she wants you stupid ass whore

    • Anonymous

      Well i hate you! Idiot!…

  • Rachel

    I don’t think it would be smart for them to break up. Yeah they’re both hott and rich and famous and they could easily get another boyfriend/girlfriend but since they’re both hot and famous and rich it’s just easier for them to be with each other and know they won’t be used for their money, fame, or looks. I think it makes sense for them to stay together, plus they’re so adorable together. They look happy. You can’t fake the look of love and they both have it when they’re with each other. I’ve never seen a picture of them together when they weren’t both glowing. I support Jelena.

  • Lauren Docherty

    Dear Justin forget the haters and love the beliebers just like me am a belieber and always will be, i have got your cd’s, books, two t-shirts and lots of poasters of ya, my mom just so very kindly went and bought me your new believe t-shirt. And next month am getting your believe pack with the deluxe 2 disc album, poster, mosaic fan picture. And am really wanting tickets to come and see you live in conert in your big believe world tour this year, your friend Lauren xx

  • SKyla

    Hey my name is Skyla I love you o much

  • Anonymous

    its sad that people hate jelena shut up because ur not dating jb

    • Anonymous

      yea they are so f** ur momma

  • Anonymous

    i love jb not like that but is song just leave them alone

  • nena

    yea shut the fuck up because when it said he was going out with that black girl when he wasnt yall bitches were being races and if your races you can get yo ass beat and justin will never love you stupid ass bitches now wat the fuck yall got to say and if you do have summthin to say ill beat yo ass stupid ass dumb ass bitch and this is fore all the races jellisis and haten ass bitchs other than that the people with the positive comments yall cool

  • Fallyn

    Dear Justin <3,
    I love you so much kids at my school bully me for liking you sometimes. But I don't care what they say. But it hurts at the same time cause popular girls hate me and always give me that look and boys do it too. I believe you and I wanna follow in your footsteps. I'm proud of you for going this far..! Your simply amazing. I love your girlfriend too. She's so pretty and kind. Your story on how you grew up is just so incredible. I got ever album of yours..You've changed into a more mature guy but you still are amazing. I love you Justin keep it up!!! :)

  • miya burton

    justin bieber well your hot as hell okay nd i love ur realationship with selena i thing both of u should be interviewed about your realtionship at once okay well i love u soooo much okay nd good luck with ur relationship take care
    B.T.W i love the song be alright on beileve its a very beautiful song!!!

  • Gabbi and Harley

    We want bieber boy to come and see us in Lake Grove that Gabbi and the one in Cenertereach is Harley. Meet us now now now now thank love you

  • Julia

    i hate. Selena. I in love with Justin drew bieber

  • cassie

    they’re famous and half their realationships end cause of ppl like yall sayin i hate this one or i hate that one guess wat get over it just cause ya’ll make up rumors or send hate mail dosent mean they’re gonna kill em selves or any of that honestly i look up to selena she’s took all ya’ll crpa just like ustin demi miley and all of them they’ve stayed strong even though ya’ll try nd break them i mean really how would you like it if you were famous and some one was hatin you my guess you wouldnt like it to much nd every one here trash tlkin needs ta gt a life cause they’re happy together nd btw he’s famous its nt like he’s gonna b on the street nd b OMG look at that girl ima ask her out he dont know you yea you may go to his concerts gt to go bk stage nd met him its nt like he gonan member you unless you make a fool of your self so gt a life nd leave him nd her nd the rest of them alone

  • Jelena

    Pplz who don’t respect jelena aren’t Justin biebers real fans, they don’t want him to be happy. He said before that Selena makes him happy, and if u don’t respect their relationships u will never get Justin. Ppl who r sayin they hate Selena think and then write. What do u thunk she ll say when she reads thus message? And if ur hoping to ‘marry’ Justin bieber Then keep dreaming he doesn’t even know you!

  • kesutle

    Hi justin pls don split to selena
    you are such a cute couple .May God bless u

  • katie bieber

    iwent 2 sunrice 2day

  • Roxann

    Just saying like really I know we all love him and stuff but we well never get to be with him I wish we all could but that’s just not life :'(

  • jazmine

    i fucking love them together:)!!!!!!

  • Kayla

    why do you guys all care so much it’s there life you wouldn’t be happy if u had people coming into your dating life and saying your a dick head and you dont deserve her just grow up get a life if they’re together there together who gives a fuck

  • fatima

    i dont love justin now…………
    that kiss is mineeeeeeeeeee

  • alicia

    i love you and you have the best song then jessie and my name is alicia and i love you some must and by i love you

  • Midride

    You are so nice

  • sthe

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuck uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • sthembile

    i luv u jb and sg

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