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justin bieber believe tracklist

Justin Bieber “Believe” Tracklist [Official]

Justin Bieber BELIEVE Tracklist (Click to enlarge)

  1. ALL AROUND THE WORLD featuring Ludacris
  3. AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME featuring Big Sean
  5. RIGHT HERE featuring Drake
  7. FALL
  10. BEAUTY AND A BEAT featuring Nicki Minaj
  11. ONE LOVE
  16. MARIA

A few surprises. No Taylor Swift, no LMFAO, and no Chris Brown, no Lil Wayne. But yes Nicki Minaj!

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  • gabb

    but where’s the song with taylor swift?!?!?

    • maddie bieber

      i dunno maybe its gonna be on the next album he has well i hope its?

      • Anonymous


        • Gwinny

          Could Be On Taylors Next Album ^^

        • Lexi

          It’s gonna be on Believe Volume 2 🙂

        • JBlover

          What about Love me like u do??

        • 6yearsofkirauhl

          wasn’t it just a prank??cx

        • Aquib khan

          Justin u r realy rockzzzz……..

        • juscy silva

          justin i love you

        • justin bieber

          keep quiteeeee….
          i hatee youu …
          whoo are youu m justin small sister….!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!

        • habib.ur.rahman


      • ellyana octavia wagey

        why do not you know .. if he will make the next album?

        • ellyana octavia wagey


        • paris

          i lo

    • carri

      i am happy i dont like that girl anyway yey to my ears but i will always love jb

      • mrs.bieber

        what is wrong with you taylor swift is amazing. K.

        • Georgia Bieber x

          Shes not the best

        • Anonymous

          Taylor swift rocks

        • Anonymous

          i like this song///////

        • Anonymous

          No she is not /:

        • love forever justin love love love

        • Joshua

          You are the best singer in the hole world I love you and im your bigist fan

        • paris

          i love justin ur the b3st bf ever

      • ashley

        Justin is hot and sexy

      • Anonymous

        me to right hes so handsome

    • brooke

      his song that he wrote with taylor swfit never made it on the album but there has been rumors and speculation that it was a duet and that its going to be on taylor swifts upcoming album

    • Anonymous

      there isn’t

    • aqib javed

      j.b u r a really an amazing singer.i want to meet u.it is my desire.i want to say that when i sing your songs specially baby,never say never,beauty and a beat, then people say that my voice i like j.b,s voice then i feel very happy.it is reality.i have wish that please sing a song for pakistan there is not any fight between us we r friends and friendship has no boundary i hope u will accept it

  • Michele I wish my name was drew D:

    FINALLY!!! the official 😀

    • Courtney

      Yeah you right the Official YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        I think that he should be my god dady

  • Anonymous

    Really was waiting for that collab with Taylor but on the other side, you can’t miss what you never heard. I’m glad he put “Be Alright” on there. I didn’t think that song would make the album because he wrote it so long ago. I’m sure it’ll be great!

    • Georgia Bieber x

      EVERY THING,AND I MEAN EVERY THING IS AMAZING THATS BY HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HES AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

      I love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lesleyann

    Yes he did a song with nicki minja and drake and big Sean this album is goin to be amazing I just love Justin and I know this album will prove all the haters wrong and the people who doubted him will see what a true entertainer looks like!

    • david b conway

      hi my name is david conway

  • Kelsey


    • Anonymous

      You have some serious problems

  • Ruth

    I HAVE BEEN DREAMING OF A JB AND NICKI MINAJ COLLAB FOR SO FRICKIN LONG!!!!! never thought it would happen!!! I will be in heaven!

    • Anonymous

      q fea q sos

      • EMMA

        Yea me too… I am goin to his concert:) in January so excite:)

    • DESTT




    • Anonymous

      Go on fbsjhfbsjddsjkf.com 🙂 hehehe

      • Georgia Bieber x


  • Desiree

    selena Gomez has a song called ‘hit the lights’ and he has one called she dont like the lights


    • Anonymous

      hmmm thats weird they are both lovers (jelena) i was waiting so long for a that has selena and justin….

      • Georgia Bieber x

        SHE TOOK OUR MAN OFF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 HES WAY 2 GUD 4 THAT,THAT,THAT,THAT,THAT………………………………………………………………………………………. MAN STEELER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Kathrine

          go to hell they r meant to be they r jelena no matter what u say everyone thinks so exept for uuuuuuuu fyl ur just jealous and shes way prettier then you

    • Anonymous

      hmmm thats weird they are both lovers (jelena). i was waiting so long for a song that has selena and justin….

  • MT

    OMG..!! one of track is called MARIA!! that’s ny name!!! xD

    • Maram Bieber

      That’s so cool its like its meant for you! 🙂

    • Tony

      don’t be to happy, its about that lady who said the baby was his

      • Anonymous

        No her name was Mariah. Totally different.

        • Anonymous

          but Justin didn’t know how to spell her name, so he put “Maria” instead of “Mariah” lmfao. Oh Justin…….

        • Anonymous

          Lol he knew how to spell her name, its just altered to make it slightly less obvious. (: But we all know its about her 😛

        • Anonymous

          Lol he knew how to spell her name, how could he not after all shes done? It was altered to make it less obvious (: but we all know its about her. 😛

      • Anonymous

        true true xxx lol i luv jb soooo much

    • gerbana

      my name maria too

  • Mj

    OMG! Theres a song called MARIA! THATS MY NAME!!!

  • Natasha

    Finally a long list of songs, 16 NEW songs, not just the normal 10 or even less, and even better no REMIX songs, like putting the same song again but a remix!!! Thank God we are gonna listen to a lot of JB new fresh awesome collaborations songs!!! Cant wait anymore…june seems so far!!! =D

  • Emmanuel Uweh

    Am in love with almost all of Justin Bieber albumes, i wish i would have be a star like him

  • Mike

    SWAGGER KING JB just an amazing album Coming Soon! #BELIEVE

  • maddie bieber


  • From Poland

    OMG!! I must buy this CD!!!! I’m soo happy ;D Thanks for ,,Boyfriend” it’s awesome ;**

    • Maram Bieber

      *OMB* true beliebers say that!

  • anonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    there’s gonna be a part two of the album so don’t be disappointed

    • Anonymous

      i didn’t know that! where did you hear?

  • Elenilsson

    bom como no album My world 2.0 foi bom !
    esperamos que este album supere o primeiro……..

  • Elenilsson

    bom como o album My world 2.0 foi bom !
    esperamos que este album supere o primeiro……..

  • Anonymous

    do you think maria is about selena because it is her middle name

    • Jb

      It can be possible buddy

      • Courtney

        What do you mean it can be possible is it or isn’t it don’t be scared tell us the truth :}

        • Anonymous

          um, Selena’s middle name is Marie*, just to clarify stuff up.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, it isn’t Maria. & it wouldn’t make any sense if it was about her anyways. It was about that Mariah Yeater, the lady that claimed her baby was Justin’s.

    • Belieber

      Selena’s middle name is Marie and Maria is about Mariah Yeater…..

  • Bieber

    He made a dong after me !!!maria!!!!

  • Bieber

    He made a song after me !!!maria!!!!

  • some1

    where is turn to you??

  • kaydee

    I’m glad he collabo with Nicki . That will save the album . I was hoping that he would collabo with Akon on this album but he did not i hope he would do that on the next album also with Pittbul . Lil’Wayne and Enrique Iglasias

  • BiebSwift

    ohh.. no Taylor? i really wish they’ll make a song together… Just think of it, two of my favorite singer in ONE!

  • Zoe

    “She don’t like the lights”
    is it juts me or does that sound sexual……


    • Courtney

      It’s so just you sexual didn’t even faze through my mind ( LoL )

    • Anonymous

      It’s about Selena Gomez & the paparazzi. In other words, “She Don’t Like the ‘camera flashes'”.
      Seems legit.

  • Kristy Bieber

    There’s definitely gonna be a Believe 2.0 album, or maybe something similar =D

    • Courtney

      Why will there be a Believe 2.0. . . That’s a statement. . .Justin’s got a new hair style,his older so ‘m saying his changed and I myself just don’t think he will do the same as in the past we’re in the future now and I think (BELIEVE 2.0) Is not going to be happening

  • fiama

    aww estoy tan ansiosa que ya quiero escuchar su album entero

  • Akash

    C00L TraCkLi$t 8)

  • Tony

    Maria is about that woman that said she had his baby.



  • savanna

    4 days is to long

  • ellyana octavia wagey

    justin bieber is that his real girlfriend selena gomez?

  • jblover

    i bet taylor swift is gonna be on his next album !their really good friends soo yea

  • mountassir

    I spent the morning has Justin and I want to give my chonson justin??

  • H.griego

    Justin, i want to say that i really really really wished that i can meet you that would my birthday wish and my cousins and i really want to go to your concert that is at the Pepsi center. Please tell Selena Thank you for letting me be a part of her perfume well you might or not get this i will still Believe. <3

  • Belieber


  • Aruzhan

    Класный трек

  • Bhavana

    hi justin i m ur biggest fan i dont have ur concert tickets i really want ur concert ticket

  • zayda

    OMG!!!!!! justin bieer is so hot even in boyfriend ur so cute justin bieber in all of ur photos

  • zayda

    I LOVE U

  • justin and selena fan

    i like the song boyfriend

    • Lydia

      yea it’s cool 🙂 n in 2:36 he whispered “sel” :L 🙂

  • drgvyh

    wswdxerse5y tfuj8 gnh

  • justin


  • na

    u r bst n evryting.

    • Jaundalynn

      That ing’ihtss perfect for what I need. Thanks!

  • Mrs. Bieber

    Justin, I may just be another fan to you, but to me, your not just another singer<3

  • Maria

    I have the cd, but I just have 13 songs?
    What that gonna mean?

  • salsa

    I really like your latest album is titled believe I really like the song out of town girl

    • bieberbabi

      that song is amazing !! 🙂 i love dancing to it sounds silly but its awesome!

  • sweety bieber

    hi.justin bieber you know i am your super duper fan i like you with i love you please forget selena gomez becous her 1 olrady boyfriend nick please acsept me I LOVE ONLY ONLY YOU my drems cnecting with you please sent me a sms in for my ID by {and i love you to shrine } iI LOVE YOU jb BY

  • Stefy

    Your melody Believe is for Selena or we? Because this melody is hot x5

  • bieberbabi

    okay so i don’t get it i see all these other songs that are supposedly coming from the believe album but they aren’t on the tracklist I DONT GET IT D’: he is amazzziiinngg :3

  • makenzie jones

    I may get believe for my birthday

  • Kshitij shrivastav

    Hya Bieber I want to meet you , where are you?

  • Lydia

    One Love is so perfect! <3
    and All around the world.
    Bahaha I was laughing so hard when I heard Maria,
    i know it's a good song but im wondering what Yeater's face would be when she hears that song LMAO! Justin YOU ROCK! 🙂

    • Elma

      leona,i think i found it via douban.it seems that there is no way anoibi can compete with douban because of the size of the reader group (and hence economy of scale), although it may be easier to find ‘neighbours’ because of anoibi’s smallness. for this i am worried for your friends.

  • cheri-lee


  • cheri-lee

    soooooooooooo hot

  • unknown

    i dont know that you check this site or not but i would like to leave a message for you ”i love you justin and i want you to be happy always” be always happy justin…..

  • unknown

    i love you justin be always happy

  • kelly

    eu ainda ñ consegui comprar com cd beliver, que droga alguem pode me dizer aonde tem..

  • sujit mondol

    justin ilove iam big big fhen form india

  • angel

    i love it!!!!!!!!!

  • samantha rowe

    hoottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you are the one singer that i like

  • luanna ferreira

    eu amo esse cd,comprei versão deluxe é demais, justin te amo sou maior fã

  • lumia

    i think justin got a new hairstyle only for selena cuz i think he wants to impress her more !

  • Sajiena musa

    Wow,how many days did GOD take to make JUSTIN BIEBER,he is hot and sexy and cute he is everything in one and he is quite a looker too

  • Maaike Bieber

    I Lovee Youu Justin Bieber,,!!

  • danielle

    Love Me Like You Do , should have been on Believe . Thats my song

  • hannah

    justin i love you soo much and am soo thankful for you and for being able to go to your concert on 11/21/12

  • Ida


  • ali

    i hate u man because u robb the jasmine i love her

    • bieberlover

      so why are u on a website all bout him?????

  • Juuli

    Lo amo , lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo lo amo Y lo amo JUSTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN TTEAMOOO <3

  • Juana

    Juana I like Justin Beiber

  • Juana

    Hi Justin Beiber

  • Juana Baltazar

    My Name is Juana can Have your Justin Beiber

  • robynn

    : i JUST LISTERNED TO ONE SONG, GOT SO ADDICTED I HAD TO DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE ALBUM. Justin’s music has really transformed into a new level, you can tell that he has grown and matured mentally as a young adult, this is made evident in his music. Officially a Bieber Fan :))

  • matheuscondecarbo

    matheus 20 justin bieber

  • Sonia Khalid:)


  • taylor bieber

    omg i never pictured me going to a jb consert but i am in winnipeg iknow alot of girl say they are your biggest fans but i litterality am and i am ready to date you i <3 jb sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that i have litterality started writting taylor bieber on all my home work assiment

  • laura

    i love that hot guy he is i a super hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nini_Belieber

    As Long as you love meee LOL

  • Rahul


  • bieberlover

    i live u justin!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Griselda medina

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  • bieberlover

    lol srry i ment love:(

  • Griselda medina

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  • Griselda medina

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  • Griselda medina

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  • Karla

    Justin bieber. Hey wast up

  • Karla


  • patricia

    justin is no.1 in my life

    i want to see you justin

  • justin call me this is my no. 09282230498

  • Mileyjbsenu

    Luv all da songs and I go a lot of knowledge just reading the comments 😀

  • Anonymous

    Ilove him so much

  • Joshua

    Theres this girl I like but Im to scard to talk to her

    • Joshua

      What shold I do Justin beiber

  • negin

    ilove justin beber

    • negin

      i love justin bieber

  • Tori

    I can’t pick a favorite song! There all beyond amazingg!

  • Ilariakidrauhl

    I love Justin bieber <3 <3

  • justin bieber

    hi justin bieber i love you?

  • Anonymous

    Omg hi Justin

  • Poojie

    Err my gerrd i love his face . His music is soo beautiful an great ! loved him since 2008 always have always will !!

  • jenny

    u are AWESOME

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