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Justin Bieber crushing on Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez pissed!

“High School Musical” cutie Vanessa, 23, co-stars with Selena, 19, in the upcoming movie “Spring Breakers,” and insiders say “Baby” singer Justin, 18, flipped for Vanessa while visiting Selena during filming.

“Justin spent a lot of time on the set in Florida during the late winter and early spring,” said a source. “He was there to see Selena, but he wound up falling hard for Vanessa. He couldn’t stop raving about how smart, sexy and talented she is. Plus, he loves the fact that Vanessa is like Selena, but minus the goody-two-shoes personality.”

The two struck up a friendship even though Vanessa is dating actor Austin Butler, 20, and they’ve been secretly texting each other since “Spring Breakers” wrapped, said the source.

“Their banter tends to get very suggestive,” the source revealed.

“A mutual friend told Selena about it, and she freaked. Now Selena is threatening to dump Justin unless he cuts ties with Vanessa.”

Meanwhile, Vanessa – who dated her “High School Musical” co-star Zac Efron for over four years before they split in 2010 – is still hot ‘n’ heavy with Austin, who’s starred in the TV series “iCarly,” “Ruby & the Rockits,” “Zoey 101” and “Life Unexpected.”

“Vanessa thinks Justin is adorable and talented, but she’s devoted to Austin and she doesn’t want to betray Selena,” said the source.

“Still, Justin’s crush on Vanessa is creating major tension between him and Selena. Now Justin is trying to get back in Selena’s good graces by vowing she’s the only one for him.”


Whatever National Enquirer! You can file this under “bull crap”, or I hope it is because Selena is way better.

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  • emily


    • Ashley

      Wow.. This is def not real. The National Enquirer is known for reporting RUMORS that are almost NEVER true. No need to call Justin a “Player” over a stupid article in that ridiculous magazine!!

      • emily

        but maybe this time the national enquirer is right and the article is true!

        • Laurel hates jb

          Omg I have been waiting for this day ever since they started dating!!!!!!!!

        • Smh

          U hate justin but ur BIEBER BLOG? Bitch sit

        • ggglittergloss

          i know its sad but a mirical sorry i didnt want this 2 end salena ihope were still friends unless u wanna become friends justin she’s a keeper as 4 me even if we didn’t go together can we still be friends if yes press 1 and explain y i didnt put no because i know u wont let me down and ask salena if she’d like 2 be my friend pleeeeeeeezz reply luv u guys ttyl lol omg c u later bye :d!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$ oh and if u need my #just ask ill do anything 4 u bye 4 real

        • natalia

          foreals. cause inside you probly sweat him.
          but you dont say cause your prob tryna fitt in
          bitch there mad cute and you know it.

        • alisha

          thats rude what if someone wanted to split ur relashintiop u wouldn`t like it

        • Akelia Haynes

          go girl i hate all girls who date justin bieber i think he belongs to me ……….

        • david b conway

          is this web site up set with me here just by actting up to much ,im so sorry for that i just what to apolongzines here please come back on ,line please just with a new issue on the main home page please , i love to come back here , love david conway

        • sreekant


      • Patricia

        Personally I feel like this story is true. I’ve been creeping on Justins tumblr ( on his likes ) and he ” liked ” a couple of naked Vanessa pictures. I didn’t pay much attention to it untill I read this article now! 😮 But honestly I have NEVER liked Vanessa. I don’t find her pretty at all, she just looks trashy to me. Thats probably why Justin likes her, because of her trashy naked pics that everyone has seen. Im not a Selena fan either, but Selena is 100 times better than vanessa :/

        • Purple_Panda

          your so right Vanessa is a slut why the fuck would u take NAKED pics of ur self then post them on tumbler honestly slut im actually disgusted that bieber LIKED the NAKED pictures of HER ewww

        • Selena

          aint tht true i dnt understand why people even do dumb shi*like tht crazy but hos gonna be hos what can you do…

        • lauren

          omfg i use to like vanessa when she was in high school musical but after i found out how much of a whore she was when she took those pic i was like omg u want to be known as a slut dont u and i cant believe justin would like NAKED PICS EXPECALLY IF ITS NOT EVEN SELENA if it were selena it would be a diff story but this is a whore we r talking about…………justin im ur biggest fan but im very dissapointed in u

      • Amanda

        “It’s true but it’s a rumor”!!!
        But Justin, Vennsa are tweeting secretly since he came back from his tour. So we don’t kow if they will get back together because she got soooo pisst at Justin her boyfriend .

        But we all saw all this coming plus I feel bad for her since they started getting together in 2010.

        It’s okay Selena forget him xox your fan Amanda 🙂

        • KidrauhlUniverse

          Vanessa hasn’t even tweeted once on her account..

        • chloe

          i hate selena

        • justin bieber lover

          its ok he will stay with you hopefully because you guys are a cute couple but me and him would look better jkayy:)

      • justin bieber lover

        well than you should stay away from justin because he looks better with selena

        • Mrs. Bieber

          Shitlena looks horrible with justin justin will look WAY BETTER WITH VANESSA!

        • Anonymous

          vanessa too hot for jb

        • Anonymous

          Io ok you lkie her vanessa hidgens You lkie he justin bieber t love he

    • A. C.

      Um.. Justin would NEVER cheat on Selena okay? he’s not a player.

      • LOL

        And you would know how ?

        • MelineFox

          She knows that because Justin is a kind and caring person. Don’t give me any crap about how I wouldn’t know this because his personality and the way he presents himself…he is not a player and he would never cheat on Selena. He is far better then tha.

      • Selena love

        Really? Take a look at boyfriend music video….

        • Smh

          What does that video have to do with anything?

        • KidrauhlUniverse

          the video was just them acting. obviously it wasnt serious.. lol.

      • Laurel hates jb

        I’ll beat u 5 bucks that he will cheat on her. He is just that kind of person

        • Smh

          You dont know what kind of person he is for starters. Second hes a guy if he “cheats” on her correction dumps her ass good she aint shit anyways.

      • justin bieber lover

        thats right lol

    • Faeze

      I Belive U EMILY

    • Anonymous


    • justin bieber lover

      does jb look at all these comments

    • Selena Marie Gomez

      It not true they take random pictures and say that bc they what fans to think its true and u know how though rumors are like the one that said I was pregnant or I have 3 kids or job Amit that he not a vrigin there stupid rumor don’t believe them Emily okay promise me less I tell u okay sweet heart 🙂

      Be a SELENATOR and BELIEVER!!!
      Love Selena Marie Gomez !!…

  • Roxanne

    This could be true. It could also be untrue. There’s been tension between the two, that’s for sure. We aren’t in their relationship, so we really cannot say what is and isn’t true about it.

    Quite honestly, I wouldn’t give a damn if he and Selena broke up. I love both of them, I respect them both as a couple, but I think they’d be perfectly fine apart too, or seeing other people. I personally am a bigger fan of Taylena, and I think it would be interesting to see Justin with someone who isn’t famous. I’m not saying a fan necessarily, but someone who isn’t known as a celebrity.

    • Micheal

      Taylena? Who the hell is that?

      • emily

        Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez!

        • Micheal

          Oh fuck no.

        • Anonymous

          i like them ! haha

        • Purple_Panda

          eeewwwwww no way hoe zay no Taylena yick let me just say summot selena only went out wid him cuz hes famous like she went out with nick ohh and now suspiciously justin the most famous guy literary she just dateing him to promote her self i dunt care wut others say thats what i belieb in

  • Michelle

    Selena is better? Ha NEXT FUCKING JOKE

    • me....

      no she isn’t. they are better apart. and Vanessa has Austin and they are happy. 🙂

      • Marcy

        Yea the hell she is. You dont know what is better and what isnt you dont even know them so your opinion is ignorantly irrelevant.

      • selena

        Hi its Selena gomez…….sorry to burst your bubbles but stop with your gossipping!!!!! Its annoying and yes you all are backstabers

    • KidrauhlUniverse

      I agreeee. Selena’s sweet but, i love Vanessa !

      • Someone

        Vanessa is a bad role model, but so is Selena! They both have done things that their labels are not proud of, so you really can’t say which of them is better. I think Justin would be better off dating someone who isn’t famous, because I think Selena is only dating him for street cred. I don’t give a damn what people think but that is my opinion. So go ahead and hate on me, but I could care less of your opinion.

        • derpy doo

          amen to that. if it werent for justin, selena is a former disney girl so she woulda died out. she took him before her show ended so she’d still be huge. she gets all over him and has him touch her in every sexual way possible when she sees a camera around and hides and complains about the hate and attention.she just wants it. she likes it. she likes being nasty. but shes also able to keep the title of a good girl somehow

  • Adult Belieber

    Just my opinion: Justin has been lately like bored of Selena. When he was in London on the press conference on the supper club, he said something like “women sometimes get annoying” or something like that and he rolled his eyes. And the another interview (french one i guess, in London) he said that He was gonna get married when he found the right person, and then he was like “Well i’m not saying that Selena is not the one. Selena is gonna kill me for saying that”.

    When he was on the set shooting the Boyfriend video, there were some pics of him talking very close with the girl from the video, and like trasing numbers. I know she’s married, but come on, who wouldn’t take the chance?

    i don’t know, before he seemed so in love, but i’m perceiving him like a little player lately. I don’t know if it is because of the new promo, but he’s like trying to be “more single” now

    • Anonymous

      yeah right ! he’s trying to be more single. and thats what i want. peace everyone.

    • MEl

      Justin wants to play single because he realised selena is annoying,Shes just way to jealous for every little shit.Justin should get another gf and someone who is way less jealous.At a autograph session Justin told me he was annoyed and pissed about Selena because she wont give him air to breath.When she is not there she calls him every 10 min,shes such a jealous freak because she knows any girl can be better then her.

      • derpy doo

        wow did he really tell you that? good boy. hes come to his senses

  • christina

    OKOK, who cares if he’s into vanessa or not, you guys act like they’re a married couple when they’re not, Yes they will break up maybe not you don’t decide fate for them/”perfect for each other” you guys don’t even know the real justin or selena at all, you guys know the things they tell you. Trust me, they say mitchel musso is cool but he’s an ASSHOLE when i met him and when my cousin met him. You can’t always think justin is a sweet innocent person because he’s not innocent all the time. Se;ena isn’t perfect either

    • Michelle

      I love you for that okay. I am marrying your comment Lol


    Maybe he does….vanessa may have had a pass with the naked pics but those were sent to her boyfriend, it wasn’t meant to be out there. Don’t sit here and say “i never took naked pictures”. Justin & selena probably send each other stuff like that, so leave vanessa alone. Justin is probably getting bored with selena, it can happen all relationships are not perfect like what we think it is or what we see. “selena&justin look in love” what really? i didn’t know smiling at someone was being in love, i guess im in love with my friends. He barely smiles when he’s around her, when hes with his friends you can actually see he’s happy around them. Justin could be having second thoughts about selena.

    • Michelle

      I love you for this! Omg amen.

    • KidrauhlUniverse

      YES. I LOVE THIS COMMENT. Everybody’s ganging up on Vanessa, they better sit tho.

  • ebba

    this is probably not even true..

  • Rey

    It’s so obvious that it’s false. i never liked Jelena, but if you’re gonna try to ruin the relationship, you gotta do it better than that.

    • Micheal

      -_- vanessa wouldnt have to “try”.

      • Anonymous

        hahahaha so true

  • gabz

    okay. i dont care if this is true or not, because honestly, who gives a fuck. this ‘drama’ & justin & selena’s relationship is absolutely none of our business. a relationship is between 2 people, NOT THE ENTIRE WORLD.

    • Tish

      Awd momwnt when they are famous so it actualy is peoples business. Especially when they make it everyones business. And coming from the person (YOU) reading this blog ur argument is invalid.

      • emma

        well your comment is invalid 🙂 so is mine!!!!!!

        • LOL

          Actually no her comment isnt invalid at all yours is.

  • your mom

    sooooo fake my friends soo fake………..Selena is better for him.

    • Tish

      And YOU would know whos better for him? Ha okay. You dont even know him

    • What

      And YOU would know whos better for him? Ha okay. You dont even know him

    • Bitch Please!

      I agree with you! Selena is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy BETTER for him 😀

      • LOL

        Next joke

        • christy

          hahahaha good one

        • patrina

          ur such a bitch

  • mrsbieber

    wow i think its about time, selena gomez is old news to justin and i think he should move on to a better person, and yes i do think the most of the time she used him for fame and other things just like she did to other guys, and once they lose their fame, byebye selena on to the next. so good job justin ( if its true)

    • derpy doo

      ya… i felt sorry for him for even falling for her. she called him a dork and all that crap. he used to be a better christian. he kinda lost it after she came in. hes better off without her. he needs to take a break for a moment and get his head back on track and ignore her little complaints

    • lana

      yea selena….. go hide yourself…

  • Kieren Paola

    Justin shouldn’t do that again! He must think first before he flirt to other girls

  • Beliebsss

    This is definitely not true. It would be completely inappropriate for Vanessa and Justin to like each other. Justin obviously loves and is devoted to Selena, no matter how much we dislike it and even if she doesn’t like him the same way. Vanessa is 23 and she probably wouldn’t consider him..

    But honestly…I personally wouldn’t be upset if Selena and Justin broke up. The relationship that they have has caused major tension between beliebers. It has seperated us into two groups, the jelenators, and the nonjelenators. It’s even driven some fans to leave the group. It’s caused a definite change in Justin, even if some people don’t want to see it. It’s not just maturing. He doesn’t smile as much lately, and his songs have taken a different mood.

    I still will always love Justin, and Selena is okay…but I personally think they’re better apart. I think that she doesn’t feel as devoted to him as he does to her, and she’s just used him for the extra fame boost. If she and him weren’t dating no one would’ve given a crap about “who says” or even taken the time to listen to it. That’s just my opinion

    • LOL

      I agree with everything you said omg. Not so much the first part but the rest…. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

    • me....

      agreed with everything. i really don’t like jelena…… and i have noticed a change in justin too…. finally he is moving on. but i still don’t mind selena she is pretty cool

    • Loving Justin

      Omg i agree completley, selena may not be perfect but neithers vanessa or justin, but they are all people and no one but their real friends know what they are really like so us as beliebers need to accept that we cannot control what these people do and its their lives we have no right to turn up and change everything!

      Everyone knows that justin loves his fans and he really does care about what we think but we dont want to make him unhappy and dump selena because if justin really does love her then we dont want to ruin it for him!

      I love justin, selena’s not my favourite person but if she makes justin ‘happy’ then i can learn to tolerate her but, personally i dont like vanessa hugens! :s sorry! Lol 🙂


  • Anonymous


    • LOL

      Hun go seek help. Noone is gonna kiss selenas ass get over it

  • Biebersgirl135

    And if they do break up???
    We don’t have a say in their relationship.
    Let them do what they chose to do! I myself don’t “Like” jelena.. I just deal with it…
    I bet if jelena ended MANY BELIEBER/SELENATORS WOULD BE SOOOOO HAPPY! I’m sure they would! I wouldn’t care lol
    It’s their life, not ours.

  • MishelleBieber

    Guys can have girls as friends too O.O

    • me....

      exactly that’s what i was going to say !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


    finally! a more prettier than selena…….. 🙂

    • Seth

      Theres tons of girls far prettier than selena. Even some beliebers themselves. To me she isnt pretty at all. She looks like a slanted eyed asian/mexican big head on a stick. But hey im a guy so thats just MY opinion. With all the hot sexy drop dead gorgeous girls in the world trust ladies justin wont be with her mch longer. When us guys turn 18 our tunnel vision widens. His whole “i wanna be a young dad and married by 25” will disapprar also just like how scooter said. Im a giy we know these things lol

  • Anonymous

    go justin cheat on selena but with Vanessa i mean i am cool wiith that just she to old and u could get somebody better… anyway hurry up and breakup with selena!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U justin i will support u all the way! and (jasmine villegas) should go out with her! i love u

    • Emily

      Vanessa Hudgens is even MORE OLDER than Justin Bieber

      • Marcy

        So? He likes older girls clearly. All people date others older and younger than them. He needs someone more mature anyways.

        • emily

          Justin is just like Harry Styles.And…what Vanessa Hudgens?why her i mean she leaked naked photos,smokes..etc
          Justin needs to be loyal and honest and blablabla he even doesn’t that!

        • kayla

          First of all vanessa didnt leak shit. She sent them to her Boyfriend which is something EVERY couple has done including your precious “jelena”. Vanessa is grown. She can do with her body as she pleases. And so what she smokes? So does every other damn american on earth get over it. And “e doesnt even that” that phrase doesnt even make sense so.

  • mary

    he always says that a good boyfriend is someone who is patient, honest and loyal.. this articule is a crap and those comment saying that maybe is true is because they dont like jelena and trying to convince of something that justin isn’t……

    • LOL

      Just would tell you the sky is pink and believe it? Clearly you dont understand just has publicist. People who TEACH him what to say in interviews for a reason. Everyone is HW does.

  • candy(yes that is my real name)

    i can’t say i am surprised at all
    justin bieber is hot and he knows it
    so why won’t he use it
    justin loves older girls but vanessa is so much older than him COME ON

    • candy(yes that is my real name)

      :$ 8) :p

    • Marcy

      And? People date others older ad younger than them all the time.

    • emily

      ahhh,i just______love your comment but i cant like it because it goes away when i want to click it so just saying AGAIN I LOVE YOUR COMMENT!!!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to believe that this is true but if it is then justin really screwed up

    • Okay

      -_- How did He screw up exactly?

  • DanhiHoran

    Las Dos Valen Caca =P

  • DanhiHoran

    Las Dos Valen Caca =P

  • Ashley

    This is totally a rumor, Selena never threatened to break up with Justin.

    • Mmm

      And u would know what selena would “NEVER” do how?

  • Selena is way BETTER for him 😀

    • Sarah


  • I Support The "J In" "Jelena" ONLY

    YAAAAA FINALY!! 😀 F selena…

  • I Support The "J" In "Jelena" ONLY

    i hate selena.. shes annoying Af’ -.- she needs to GET AWAY FROM OUR MAN. #JS

  • Me

    Hm.. Selena is beautyfull 😀

    • Anonymous

      your so right

  • Me


  • anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I.LOVE.YOU! For saying that. Justin isn’t a player, and Selena is no idiot to just start jumping to conclusions. AMEN.

      • Anonymous

        no you all are stupied not you justin

        • Anonymous

          Your a bich thats bull crap i know justin is hot but your calling me stupied your stupied

        • Anonymous

          Ilove you justen if you see this i dream about you. trash talk slene tell her shes a bich.dumb her for me i,am a model and i,am hot i want to have sex with you justin i fuken love you justin.

    • Someone

      And you know that how?

  • Justin

    what the…

  • jasper

    i think justin and vanessa will make an awsome couple, so selena’ stop dreaming’

  • bieber

    selena’s a slut and so is vanessa so justin needs to cancel both of them haaaah..loove yoou bieber<3

    • Cassandra


  • Anonymous

    The point of a newspaper is to NOT include your opinion or anything you think in the article, obviously, Daisy and the rest do and it’s not professionalism or anything like that.

  • You Dont need to know :)

    I know The Jelena Relationship isn’t any of my buisness but, I kinda think it’s alright for Justin to be texting Vanessa. Justin deserves to have girl friends. Especially Selenas friends. Taylor Swift is a close friend of Justin’s but there hasn’t been rumors that he has a crush on her. I’m so bad at stating my point lol. Selena and Vanessa are two beautiful and sweet girls and Justin should not be in between them.

  • Cassandra

    Justin bieber and Selena Gomez are a good couples they were ment to be to gether for the rest of there lives you people are just saying things that will make them fight stop saying things that heart them and think about there fellings and what they will be going theu.

  • Cassandra


  • IngridlovesJB

    i thin selena and justin will break up soon i think he has become bored with i think he wants to date an OUT OF TOWN GIRL like a fan or something but i totally respect both of them as people.

  • alisha

    i love vanessea she use to have black hair that was her naturaul hair color

  • lourdes maria

    nossa a vanessa ta muito diferente nem a reconheci mas como sou sincera vou dizer que ela esta muito esquisita me desculpe mas pra mim essa e a verdade.bjs! !!!!!!!

  • Deseree Bieber

    Vanessa Hudgens Is Beautiful but idk about the blonde hair

  • official mrs. bieber

    i kinda hope its true i meen i love jelena but i dont like the fact that selena is changing him anymore but i think it IS true and i’ve heard break up rumors about them this whole year and i’ve heard they’ve been arguing nonstop i think selena has had enough of him but if its not true people need to stop making things up ya know their fans worry about this crap or if they dont like jelena get their hopes up that their breaking up and then just hear their still together in the long run but i also heard that justin wants to dump selena and start dating other girls!!!!!!!!! so just let the worrying stop for now and then u can wander about this later on!!! kay im leave it at this 🙂 ♥

  • Carmen

    Really to be Honest If Justin bieber like Vanessa
    then its his choice Selena cant get Jealous over it Maybe Vanessa has something more special than Selena
    and she is only using Justin bieber for more fame.. Soon she’ll break his heart.
    If you wanna chat more about it follow me on twitter at CarmenIshMah xx I support you Justin bieber what ever you make Loove you loads

  • Cindy

    I honestly don’t “like” Selena either- and it’s not because she’s dating Justin or whatever…Every time i hear about Jelena on the news, I roll my eyes, because it gets annoying for a while you know? But i can’t get this feeling in my stomach that something will happen soon. And I can’t tell whether it’s good or bad.
    I think that Selena is the most boring celebrity i ever heard of. She never does anything bad, other than the sexual touching that Selena and Justin share- But other than that, you never heard of her being drunk, annoying the fuck out of people and other bad stuff that young adults do.
    I asked my mom this…and she said and I quote, “It’s ridiculous that girls cry over justin when he walks by or takes a picture or something. Is he the great messiah coming back to determine our fates?? No! He’s just a regular guy who makes music and who’s got the looks.”
    I asked her about the whole Selena doesn’t do anything bad thing: “She does innapropriate things with Justin..yet, she still manages to keep the “look I’m a good girl who’s never done a bad thing in my life!” image”
    My mother has never even heard of Selena Gomez when she was on Disney Channel and her fan rates were low. When she heard of Selena’s name when the rumors of Justin and Selena were dating, she said, “Selena Gomez?? Hmm..never heard of her..Cindy??!!”
    I’m not saying she’s a fame whore or anything..but her patterns of dating famous people and dumping them when their fame time is up, is soon going to be revealed.
    They also don’t look happy anymore…I think they need a break..Justin to spend time with his best friends and Selena visiting her family and playing with her puppy.
    But overall, this fucking bullshit will be over.
    Justin is transforming….into something we don’t like.

    • Jessica T.

      lol u have many good points im not gonna lie at all this girl selena is a no body and shes boring as crap. shes just a fake and a liar she touches on justin inappropriately and tries to act like shes soo perfect and doesnt do anything wrong…and u know what that is its just a fake cover to try to stop ppl from seeing how much she sucks and how fake she is and that shes not as nice as she tries to act bc shes not nice or good at all…she only does charity for publicity…she only dates celebs that r really famous like justin to get herself attention and someone needs to call her out on all of that…shes just being completely fake and shes a freakin nobody…she tries to act like shes soo nice and sweet when in reality thats just a cover for the fact that shes a horrible fake bitch that likes to manipulate and use ppl and someone def. needs to call her out on that lol and i have a feeling soon ppl will bc they see thru her fakeness…shes just soo much of a nobody no one cares enough to call her out…but someone should bc bad ppl always deserve to be called out and shes definitely a bad person

    • Jessica T.

      and oh yea she is a total famewhore…someone needs to call this fake whore out on all her shit…bc shes not a good person shes completely fake…lol thats what liars do they lie to try to hide the horrible person they r on the inside….by making u think they r soo nice and perfect…when reality there r the most horrible things u could ever meet…

  • Anonymous

    hey, bieber, I’m a close friend, I’d rather you stay with selena gomez. You know she’s a beauty. :):)!!!!!!!

    • Jessica T.

      lol ur not a close friend of his…nice try tho loser…his close friends dont even like her…if they did they’d come out and say it and they havent so stop playing kid

  • Anonymous

    I want Justin and Vanessa starting dating

  • Trisha Manna

    Justin be my boyfriend forever I love you

  • Xoxo

    Hi Justin I want be your new girlfriend I was been dreaming about you

  • Jessica T.

    lol im happy if this is true…bc justin should play this bitch hard and hurt her all he can bc shes just using him and she doenst like him…and if she got jealous its not bc she likes him its bc she wants to pretend like she does bc she wants to keep using him and bc she wants to keep using him so she tries to isolate him from other ppl so that doesnt take away from her using him for attention like i know im not the only one that notices he nvr gets to hang with his friends or even his mom anymore bc this bitch is following him lol not cool he totally needs a new gf 🙂

  • Lupita chaidez

    Justin biber is a cheather.

  • bieberlover636

    Omg Selena why would u get mad at him? He has a crush on her doesn’t mean that u get pissed wow, he is not even dating Vanessa my option Selena is stupid.

  • zendeya

    I agree with Jessica she should’not act like that she should’not be change justin, I hate her cause she’s changing him that why I hate her.

  • justin's girl636

    she should’nt be like that she showing off she’s just using justin to get fanz and other stuff idlh its means i dont lkie her

  • bieberlover636

    Dear Selena gomez,
    u should’nt be perfect, and u should’not be all that,that’s how some my friends were the were hanging out with me after that this new girl name Giselle took away my friends and turn them different, they were my friends but not anymore I don’t really talk to them cause the think they’re all that, well I have to friends whom the don’t think they’re all that cause they were just their self, they weren’t we want this, we want that or don’t talk to her don’t talk to him; u should be ur self if not perfect with justin the do something about it and the girl changed my friends into peace a crap popular don’t try to changed justin or the fan are ganna hate u just like me its my option I’m not saying mean stuff about u I’m just saying that I don’t like, please don’t try to changed justin, or I’ll hate u forever
    love, bieberlover636.

  • bieberlover636

    Selena if u changed justin, some of ur fans are ganna be a hater u don’t want that to happen if u like to try to hide ur old personality it’s never ganna work I trade to be with the popular, but it didn’t work wut I’m trying to say is that don’t be all that don’t even date some and then just used them to get money or fans and just dumped them, u do that it’s not ganna changed ur personality, I don’t like u but don’t think ur all that or try to be the popular cause ur fans are ganna hate u and remember haters ganna hate, people are say don’t be a bitch and stop being spoiled and stop acting like ur nice.

  • zendeya

    No offense I prefer Taylor swift with justin

  • lana

    oh he’ll live lol….. i wouldnt mine if selena actualy hides herself….

  • Anonymous

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