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Justin Bieber hits paparazzi! May be charged with criminal battery!

Most of you probably already know this bit of news already while I was away from Belieberland but I think it’s important to make a post on it.

On Sunday, May 27, 2012 Justin and Selena went to the Calabasas Commons to watch a movie. On their way out of the parking lot a photographer blocked their van from leaving. Justin repeated asked the guy to move aside but the paparazzi refused. A frustrated JB then got out of the van they were in and got into an argument with the paparazzi.

The two exchanged words and Justin got really mad. Selena tried to calm him down. What happens next is still unclear but the paparazzi claims that Justin hit him in the face and chest. When the police and paramedics arrived on the scene Justin and Selena had already left.

A lawyer who happened to be at the scene went up to the paparazzi afterwards and told him he could make a lot of money from the Biebz and advised him to call for an ambulance and file a police report, which was what he ended up doing.

Now prosecutors want to speak to Justin and Selena to get their side of the story. If Justin is charged and convicted of criminal battery he could go to jail for 6 months.

I think this whole story is kinda ridiculous. Yes photographers have the right to take pictures but they do not have a right to block people’s cars. There really needs to be a paparazzi law in California. Papz are known to try to cause shit to get celebs all worked up and mad so they can get their money shot. The more mad the celebs look in the picture the more money they get.

But don’t worry. I don’t think anything will happen to JB. I’m sure there’s enough witnesses around to testify that the pap refused to move out of the way provoking Justin to get mad.

Justin will be interviewed once he gets back from Europe. He’s currently in Norway.

Pictures from that day here.

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  • iris martinez

    justin bieber i love u ;

    • iris martinez

      u sing great

      • smiley

        we all love u justin bieber and if u go to jail all of the beliebers have ur back dont worry i understand wat u did cause of the poparazia it is true they do bother alot i dnt know but i know how u feel cause they just stay follwoing famous people and tht can be annoying poparzias should just chill a little like stop stalkin them anyways i LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER ALWAYS WILL AND I WISH I CAN GO TO ON OF UR CONCERTS IN NEW YORK CAUSE THTS WHERE I LIVE MY PARENTS WONT LET ME GO IF ONLY A FREE TICKET COMES TO ME I WILL LOVE THT IM UR BIGGEST FAN I WENT TO UR OTHER CONCERTS BUT THIS TIME MY PALERENTS WONT LET ME GO

        • Anonymous

          I pray that he goes to jail and gets his ass taken by some big black guy…..

        • RandomGuySurfingWeb

          why black guy?

        • nick

          justin will probaly drop the soap on purpose

        • Anonymous

          Why black there is Black and white people out there

        • Anonymous

          Assault is assault and the law is the law. Doesn’t matter who you are. Time for these assholes who think their shit don’t stink to realize that. If you can’t handle the heat of being famous, DON’T GET FUCKING FAMOUS!!! Simple, really.

        • Kate

          Shut up your not his biggest fan I amu

    • Anonymous

      oh wowww

      • Anonymous

        Oh yeah! Eat some shit you stalkirazzi! GO JB!

        • Anonymous

          Haha yes go jb paparazzi ruin stars lives!!!! They people too an Weel Jb’s a really bomb person at that:)

        • kyra

          Justin bieber ur so dum for hitting a proparatzzi in face ur rr gonna get arrested ur a duh duh justin bieber.

        • Tommi

          just because he hit the paparazzi don’t mean nothing

        • kennedy

          Your mean

    • Anonymous

      I hope he goes to jail…. hahahahahahahahahhahahahaah

      • kennedy

        Me to girlllll im with you 20%

    • nick

      i bet ur a man

    • shekel

      all of you are haterz▒▒♥▒▒♫▒▒▒ATTENTION▒▒▒♫▒▒♥▒▒

    • Destiny bieber

      I love you so much Justin<3
      My moms sooo mean and made me cry for over 3 or 4 hours
      cuz my mom said I couldn't go to your concert in minniapolis mn.
      I really want to go but I can't get my mom to take me there she said
      if it was in Fargo she would take me but I gess not sense we live in breckenridge mn fargo's way closer then minniapolis. O and if you ever come to breckenridge mn ask ppl where destiny Stroehl lives ok I know I shouldnt have said my last name but crap woo oops. But yeah Justin plz come to breckenridge mn and ask for destiny Stroehl PLZZZ. I really want to meet you.
      !!!!!!!<3<3 FREEKIN LOVE YOU<3<3!!!!!!

    • kennedy

      I hate you dissing little kids

  • gabz

    tbh thank god justin is out of the country for now. besides, i think this story is absolute bullshit & got blown way out of proportion. poor juju.

    • jessica

      i totally agree the story is total bullshit

      • abby

        Is a bullshit a fack man was in the way for jb van why the man not move way for the van that why him hitting him when selena try to talk with him to stop mad at him and why did,t seena said to him stop minds mad at him talk to the caps and she not said tht shit her him hitting i like jb in best heat we all love him right we not with him
        Go to. Jail for 6 moths we with him and i sooo mad. At the man i wach i can help jb and selena gomez but im boyfriend said no

        • Anonymous

          Are you restarted? Because what you just wrote made no sense at all.

      • Anonymous

        Its not bs u morons! The only way the biebz will not get in trouble is if it was in self defense. If they blocked his car it still doesn’t give him the right to put his hands on anyone. Bieber is a darn fool for what he did. Its part of being famous. He chose the life and he knew what she was getting into. if you ask me it’s a small price to pay to have unlimited amounts of money to take care of your family for the rest your life.

    • lala

      Yeh i think justin got mad but i dont think he would hit the man. He’s better than that

      • julia

        the guy shulodent of did that justin bieber had the right to do that

      • smiley

        Yeah tht is true jsutin bieber knows better than tht but he did it and if he goes to jail i am gonna start cryin but he isnt cause im thinking postive not negative ppl dont thing negative think postive

        we all love u justin bieber nothing is gettin gin our way from stopping we will always love u no matter wat

  • Katie t

    This is ridiculous. There is no proof that Justin hit him. If they send him to jail for six months, he can’t go on your and that will start riots. Justin Bieber in jail. The LAPD might as well get bombed and the paparazzi might as well get sniped in the head.

    • Patrick

      It doesn’t matter, if he’s found guilty he prob will get 6 days because he’s. Famous but it’s what the judge decides

      • jessica davidson

        he could get sent to jail, but he’s got money and can make bail, but i don’t think he will be sent to jail, the paps should be the one in trouble, the paps did start it not Justin, in my defense Justin isn’t guilty and the paps is guilty

        • Scarlet

          ANd u know Justin’s not guilty how? How can’t say the paps are when clearly your only taking Justin’s side cause ur a kiss ass fan?

        • Kirstie

          Ok Scarlett I’m not a kiss fan, if Justin did hit thats not right. But the pap did break one of the laws that they have( yes they do have laws that the paps are suppose to follow), and blocking a celebrity’s car or even a celebrity from being able to leave is one of them. I’m so sick of the paps driving all the celebs crazy, some of them are really nice cool people like tmz but most are annoying lazy bastards who don’t want to actually work. Some of them need to het their ass kicked, and run over as some paps have been lol

        • Anonymous

          Look juss let people say what they want and ha um if ur not a crazies fan why u on here dumb bitch fck you!

    • A.

      Sniped in the head? Lol no only do you clearly not know shit about government but your comment was so ignorant its laughable.

    • Anonymous

      wow. Look. I love Justin to death but he isn’t Jesus. He’s not above any other citizen. If I got angry and fought someone and that person decided to press charges, I’d be fined or arrested. Same goes for Justin. Plenty of A-list celebs have been sent to jail and it causes a scene but law enforcement def knows how to handle those situations especially in LA so the whole riots and bombs thing is a bit ridiculous and laughable. IF Justin serves any time, it will probably only end up being like 12 hours as we’ve seen with celebs like Lindsay Lohan. Your comment shows that you love Justin dearly but sadly, you don’t know much about the law. All it takes is a few witnesses to testify that Justin assaulted the pap for Justin to be arrested. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Justin wanted to be put in jail even for a couple hours just to gain some street cred among his fellow hip hop friends. haha I wish him the best of luck though. Kid needs to learn to control his temper.

      • Jenny

        Amen! But ur “he wants to gain street Cree like his hip hop friends was not only ignorant but racist as hell” clearly you say other people don’t know the law evidently your ass don’t know much about people. Fucker. And FYI. I’m white and that offended me. That’s prob why he hangs around his “hip hop” friends because theyre not racist judgement assholes like you. Justin is practically black his damn self. There ain’t nothing wrong with black people and they sure as hell haven’t been to jail. All types of people et locked up for different things daily. Even Justin’s day was going to be locked up once. And being that Justin was practically raised and learn to sing from his parents “hop hop” friends you sound stupid as hell.

        • @OfficialKoKo

          I agree that statment was very hypocritical, judgemental, and prejudice. I agree with all the other stuff said tho.

        • Anonymous

          guess what? Im black and it was A JOKE haha relax

        • Anonymous

          Yes.. That comment was from me. I always forget to leave my name. So no I’m not racist at all. I just know how to joke around.

        • Anonymous

          Look. The point of my joke was that he hangs around people like Lil Wayne who made it clear that he WANTED to be in jail when he served time and did not want to be let off with a warning. That is what makes them seem real to people. Because it means they are not above the law and can stand their own ground in jail which is a rough place. That is actually fact with many people who go to jail. Once they get out, they feel a certain feeling of accomplishment. They feel tougher and more respectable among there peers. I shall think before making a joke on this website since I now see NONE of you know how to take a joke.

        • Jenny

          Nothing of what you said was a joke and clearly do you know Wayne? Do you know how he feels much less his peers? No okay then.

        • Anonymous

          babe.. it is what he has said. Have you heard interviews? Listened to his music? I’m a fan of Lil Waynes as well as other rappers/hip hop artists who have been to jail. And many of them have stated exactly what I said. I’m not judging them at all. I am well aware that any type of person can get in trouble with the law. I was in no way implying that Justin’s urban friends are bad people. Like I said, I am black myself and take pride in the fact that I know people from many different walks of life (rich, poor, preppy, urban, gangster). I understand where you are coming from. And I’m sorry you took my joke the wrong way. Not sure how old you are but you have made me realize that there are many people especially the younger viewers of this website who may see things as black or white(this or that) and not be able to read between the lines and go in depth to understand a joke such as mine. You blew my statement WAY out of proportion. To further elaborate on my JOKE. Justin is one who is perceived to have a good boy image. Which is why many people are shocked to see him hang with Lil Wayne, drake, Mayweather(people who do not have a typical good boy image). This is where my street cred JOKE came in. haha

        • Anonymous

          its’ okay im black and i get the joke u don’t need to defend ur self to people who don’t get the joke.it was funny because justin hangs out with a lot of black people who have done some bad stuff that’s why u said it. just know that im black and i was not like ”u are racist”.

        • Anonymous

          haha thanks. You put everything I said in a much more simple way. I’ll stop trying to defend myself. but I’m still NEVER making a joke on here again. lol

        • Anonymous

          Hahaha. Silly Females. Computers shouldn’t be kept in the kitchen. It’s an electrical hazard. Come on now. 😀

      • Britt

        thank you very much I do not about the law and listen you can just get a life and quite bothering those black people u r just jealous of blacks and too afraid to admit it. :O

        • Anonymous

          Who the hell would be jealous of the blacks???

        • Michael

          Lost of people actually. Stop being racist.

        • Somebody

          What do u mean “who the hell would b jealouse of the blacks” what u got sumthin against black people or sumthin cauz dat offended me cauz im black

    • Anonymous

      i love justin bieber but they did have prrooof but i would do the same thinggg!!! i get angry easyy, and it aint perrty when i dooo ahahaha.

      • 4ika.milashka.kg

        I love you Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez!!!pretty

  • nelly

    if you want som einformatipon about jusint biebers promo trip thingie in Oslom Norway you can visit the page “vg.no” cuz thats the biggest newspaper there.. everything is of course in norvegian, but you can watch all the videos ! there’s a lot of them. I read that som of the girls fated and had to be taken to the hospital cuz they were starving og didnt get something to drink when they were wayting. they wayted like from 9 oclock on the morning to 9 or 10 hat night. poor girls. there were 5000 on the operahouse and 20 000 people on the parking lot.

    • A.

      Please learn to spell

      • nelly

        sorry I wrote really fast and didn’t read it before I commented 😛 Now I see that I actually managed to write “and” in norwegian haha

  • Patrick

    I love Justin but every celebrity once you get a publicist and re in the public eye, paps are allowed to take you picture. Justin could be charged for aggravated assault and the lawyer being there does seem suspicious but that’s fame for you. Justin had no right to hit him even though the guy was harassing him. I love the bjustinbut it’s fame for you and he has to lean not to assault someone and swear and give the finger it ruins his image of a good guy

    • A.

      Amen. Preach! There should be more fans with your mindset.

  • Anonymous

    The problem is, if enough witnesses say Justin did hit the man, Justin will be in trouble. Yes the pap is a jerk. And Justin does have the right to get mad. But not the right to get physical even if he had a good reason. IF Justin is charged with battery, I suppose he could argue that it was self defense but that would probably only technically work if there is proof that he and selena were in danger. The other possibility is that the law enforcement in that area is probably used to this situation with celebrities and may side with Justin. Justin may even end up paying some money just to settle it.

    • A.

      Exactly! These fans need to learn what assault is. It don’t matter who anyone is. YOU CAN JUST HIT PEOPLE IN THE REAL WORLD. Point blank.

      • Aimee

        But what if he didnt do it? what if they dont like Justin and want him to go to jail? Then he will for no reason and thats not fair for him not alot of people like Justin but that still gives them no reason to lie and i know paparazzi take pics of celebs but even if Justin did hit him than he did something wrong ok Justin isnt just gonna hit the pap for no reason hes better than that

      • deoja

        you are so hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot and sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy

        • aaliyah

          just justin bieber in jail makes me sosososososososososososososossosososososososososososos sad but he still sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy and hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you

        • Anonymous

          you doooont have to doooo longggg letteeeeeerrrrsss iittssss stuupiiss!!! /;|

  • Roxanne

    I have a real problem with the way you worded things at the end of that article, Daisy. “I’m sure there’s enough witnesses around to testify that the pap refused to move out of the way provoking Justin to get mad.” What that is saying is that if someone makes you mad, it’s totally okay to physically assault them and act like a two year old who hasn’t learned that it’s not okay to hit people. Which isn’t true at all. Justin isn’t immune from practicing basic human decency just because he’s famous. Honestly, I’m a little sick of the special treatment he keeps getting. He has been stopped for excessive speeding at least three times, but never ticketed – In total that’s about $500 total in fines, which he can easily pay. For someone like me who has gotten those tickets and not let off because I’m not famous obviously, $500 is a huge chunk of money. And if I did anything like what Justin (may have) done to this pap, I would easily be charged, and there would be no question about it. That’s how it should be. Celebrities should not be above the law. If Justin did this, he did the wrong thing, and he should be held accountable for it. It is not okay to get physical with someone unless they are threatening yours or someone else’s physical safety. If someone won’t move away from your car, you call the police. Oh, not to mention, it was a really stupid decision on Justin’s part to leave the country when he is wanted for questioning. It makes him look even worse and more guilty. Can’t believe his legal team let him do that. A smart person wants to take care of this asap, by going in for questioning first thing. He’s really got his priorities screwed up right now. Of course his career is important, but his legal status is more important.

    And before anyone starts being a jackass to me and calling me a “fake Belieber,” you can stop yourself right there. I love Justin, I love his music, and I want the best for him, which is why I am disappointed that he did the wrong thing. I’m sure Pattie is pretty disappointed about this, but you wouldn’t say that makes her a bad mom, would you? It’s the same kind of thing here. When you care about someone, you want what’s best for them, and being in legal trouble and doing the wrong thing is not the best for them. I hope he gets his act together. Sorry for “writing a book” again, but I had a lot to say about this.

    • @OfficialKoKo

      EVERY SINGLE WORD YOU SAID NEEDS TO BE SPREADED THROUGHOUT THIS FAN BASE. Too bad only SOME of us are intelligent enough and know enough about law enforcement to know and understand this. Thank god your not one kissing his rear end and can be honest and tell him when he’s right and when he’s wrong. It don’t matter what the paps do. assault is assault and there isn’t anymore to it. That’s why other celebs get charged. And it don’t matter if the pap did it on purpose Justin fell for it and know HE looks like the bad one. Notice how HE usually only get Agilent with paps when he’s overseas or when a certain “someone” is around. Cause before this he was chatting and smiling with paps. Paps are APART of the industry and nothing about it is going to change. Don’t like it? Then leve the industry. Taylor swift even addressed that on Ellen once. It’s apart of the job. And funny how fellow beliebers are taking shit about the paps but if It werent for paps think about it. WE WOULD NEVER HAVE PICTURES OF JUSTIN. EVER! So it’s a win/lose deal. If the paps didn’t touch him he has no right to do so to them. And majority of the time even others stars who deal with paps WAY worse than Justin have dealt with these types of situations better. It’s pretty logical that if you run and doge paps they will hound you. But take some pics not looking like you have shit to hide and say a few words be polite ad ask them to move they will do the same. These are human beings to. They may not have the job preferences other may choose but they DO run Hollywood and help fans. In ways alot have yet to realize. They have bills families and mouths to feed and lives to live. Unless they are sticking cameras in your bathroom or sneaking into your home then they are not invading your privacy especially when you are in PUBLIC. so fans need to realize that. Even sarah stalker who actually KNOWS paps and See and interact with them all the time have even said people should judge a bunch by what some do. Didn’t you hate in school when one kid talks and the whole class gets punished for what one person did? Same here. That example can be used. My mom works law enforcement and practically everyone she knows consist of doctors, lawyers and judges. And even they agree. I got mad love for Justin which is why I can say “justin baby, shouldn’t have done that” not “Justin hit a pap! Thats my boy!” because I’m intelligent to know the consequences of actions. This is the real world and the real world has punishments when people do wrong. Just will leane that now I see. People want Justin’s career to last? Then shut up praising him when wrong is done. Be there for him by helping GROUND him. I sure his mother , crew, scooter and security were not happy. Especially when they know all the attention he draws he shouldn’t be out without security anyways. Yes he may want a “normal” life but he has to get over that. Even mama jan said in his movie that’s gone now. He will never be “normal” again. Hell be himself but not just any regular guy. FACT! He’s only creating shit for haters to munch on and reasons for them to think he is stuck up with a bad attitude. Doing things like this will ruin his career and image not improve it. Things like this and just maturing and doing other stuff are different. Beliebers never want Justin to leave the industry so patting him on the back like I saw them doing and praising him for punching a pap in the face which we havent yet seen proof of. Is NOT good. wake up beliebers! Supporting Justin and kissing his ass are different. Be there for him but let’s be realistic. It’s called tough love. It goes farther than being a Brat. And before y’all throw that “fake belieber” shit like what the girl said above said DON’T EVEN GO THERE. you are not Justin nor the queen to call ANYONE FAKE especially people whom you don’t even know. I haven’t been to not ONE concert or performance. I havent seen Justin NOT ONCE. but I have bought his music, helped promote him as a belieber even converted haters and etc and just don’t everything I can possibly do as a belieber to help Justin continue to live his dream and he has inspired me to continue to reach for mines. Justin is a very important guy who I’ve grown to adore which is exactly why I’m saying this. Sorry for the lecture. Lol

      • Mary

        Only one dumbass disliked this

      • Anonymous

        I wonder how many ppl looked at the first few words and looked down at the replies cuz dis shit’s wayyyy too long.

        • sunshine

          if you have nothing to say about justinbieber than shut up

  • paula


    • ally

      aww justin is in jailll :*(

      • ally

        maybe ?????

  • gabb

    justin can end up in jail for six months so.. why dont YOU say something selena? the lawyers say they want witnesses and it seems like you just ran away from the situation selena…

    • Roxanne

      Oh my GOD this is NOT Selena’s fault! What the fuck?! She wasn’t a paparazzi getting in the way of Justin’s car. This has absolutely nothing to do with Selena. Justin ran away from this situation just as much as Selena did. If anything, he’s running away from this more so than she is by leaving the country … Anyone who tries to blame this on Selena is an idiot who is upset that they aren’t with Justin.

      • Wtf

        No one is jealous of damn Selena. And y’all need to GTFOH with that “you want to be with Justin” bullshit. Because I’ve talked to THREE of friends who were actually there and Justin only retalitiated AFTER the guy moved him his car then INSULTED Selena. So it does somewhat have to do with her and being that you don’t know the full story you can’t say it isn’t her fault. Stop kissing ass girl.

        • Roxanne

          LOL you’re clearly a fucking idiot if you think I’m kissing ass. Go read my longer comment a few comments before this.

          And yeah? How could someone NOT interpret someone blaming SELENA for actions that JUSTIN chose to do as someone being jealous that they are not the one with Justin? I’m usually not the kind of person who automatically assumes that when people don’t like Selena it’s because of jealousy, because I’m smart enough to know that people just sometimes don’t like people, and it has nothing to do with jealousy.

          But if this pap was insulting Selena, this still isn’t Selena’s fault. Selena never asked the pap to insult her. And she CERTAINLY never told Justin to rough the guy up for her. This is ALL on JUSTIN. JUSTIN chose (if he did do so) to rough up the guy. He had a CHOICE to either A. act responsibly and brush it off and realize the guy was just being a prick trying to get a rise out of them, or B. tell the guy something rude instead of getting physical. Selena is in NO way responsible for actions that JUSTIN chose to do.

          So yes, you’ll have to forgive me if it looks like someone is jealous of Selena’s position when they blame the girl for something she had absolutely no responsibility in. Fucking idiots.

        • Matt

          Calling someone a fucking idiot doesn’t make you seem smart.

        • Roxanne

          Matt, I wasn’t saying it to make myself look smart. But really, what these people are saying is idiotic. This is in no way Selena’s fault, and I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have called these people “fucking idiots,” but what they’re saying about Selena is completely uncalled for and out of line. I’m not really a Selena fan, but I’m by no means a hater, and I don’t like to see people blamed for things that are in no way their fault.

        • Anonymous

          You give the impression of a kiss-ass by saying that ppl blaming Selena are jealous of her. On another note, your comment’s too long to read. Keep it short ma’am. 😀

    • Kirsty

      She’s ‘running from the situation ‘ what? shut up . you don’t know anything about this story , they may have not have even gotten in contact with selena yet ? you don’t know the full story , no one does . selenas hardly going to approach the lawyer first and provoke the situation even more , she’s obviously hoping they don’t get in contact with her , less trouble right ? stop pointing the finger at anyone let alone selena as it still hasn’t been confirmed if he did or didn’t hit the pap . until then shut up and stop sounding like an ignorant moron .

  • jessica davidson

    honestly i dont think Justin was wrong for hitting the paps and i dont think he should go to jail because JB didnt really do anything the man is ok and so all of this d*** s*** needs to go away to. My friend and I just say f*** the paps!!!!!!

    • Mary

      If you think Justin isn’t wrong for insulting someone then your contributing the fall of our idol. End of.

    • Anonymous

      he still might have hit him that’s the problem.

    • ally

      no need to *cause*

  • Anonymous

    when i first saw these pictures all i thought was that his money was falling out of his pockets. turns out it was not real.

    • kennedy

      Lol hahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    i don’t get it. how was he blocking his car when u can see in the second picture that he could have gone the other way and u can see in some of the pictures that justin was on a side walk and there were lots of other cars like where the curb is so what i think is that he wasn’t blocking his way. and how was he suppose to get out? go over the curb?

  • many girls have say i love you justin but how many girls have say i hate justin????????????????????????

    • Anonymous

      heeheee selenA u r right…,;;

    • kennedy

      You are not seleana and you know it so shutup

  • whitney


  • Chloe

    One.I don’t think the hit was hard enough to actually hurt the dude. Two. The Dude is probably just trying to get money from him. LEAVE JUSTIN ALONE PEOPLE. ._. Poor Justin :[

    • Anonymous

      Joke’s on you cuz he’s not poor. HE’S RICH!!!!! XD

  • mrs.bieber

    BULL SHIT !!!

  • Yasmin

    Justin can’t go 2 jail it is all because of that stup*d lawyer Justin has the right 2 get mad they were blocking his car don’t u think that Justin is tiyered of having a camera always watching him it is annoying so I think Justin was wrong and right he was wrong because he could of just told the pap that he was getting annoyed but Justin shouldn’t get put in jail for 6months but Justin shouldn’t do that again so Justin was wrong and right Justin but I still LUV U and we will always support Justin we r still beliebers from heart we LUV U Justin

  • Anonymous

    justin i love u i know u can’t go to jail because u are amazing and u didn’t do anything wrong i get it the paparazzi are all in his face so he has the right!!!!!!

    • Anonymous


  • aizbrgfuezfbvuis

    Justin biber is a SCHWUCHTEL

    • Jackie

      It’s bieber bitch

  • aizbrgfuezfbvuis

    thinking by some who made ​​you so famous and has wiso you girl yell at the photographer without the ould you know of a pig

  • meghana

    it is de paparazzi who provoked jb it is the photographers mistake cause he cannot steal sumones privacy like that so gud if really jb punched the photographer in face or chest and photographer should charge his brain before he acts wrong with sum one!

  • PriyaBieber

    OMG!this is fake I #BELIEVE in Justin he did not do anything nothing will happen to him and in the second picture Justin is missing a shoe.Just saying.

    • Aimee

      Dont you just love his socks?

    • bieber lover

      ur tottaly right

  • Aimee

    I don’t think that Justin would do that i mean why would he hes better than that I bet he probably told him off and he got mad and wanted publicity I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER AND I KNOW HIM HES BETTER THAN THAT AND I HOPE HE SEES THIS ok back to what i was talking about anyway i think that the paparazzi was peeing them off and Justin just got peed off and told him off i know justin and i mean i really do i have like everything of him and i know he wouldnt do that i mean even if he did they wouldnt do anything i mean even if he did go to jail he could easaly be balled out i love justin to death and i know he wouldnt do that JUSTIN I HOPE YOU SEE THIS I LOVE YOU AND I SUPPORT YOU I ALWAYS WILL I HAVE SINCE 2009 OR 2010 IM 12 AND I LOVE YOU TO DEATH I HAVE YOU ALL OVER MY WALL I JUST HOPE ONE DAY ILL MEET YOU and i hope nothing happens to you to many people love you for who you are and if your gonna lose people cause u changed ur hair color than there is stupid enough people to leave you for going to jail or whatever happens to you I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Aimee

      Oh and i mean its bieber if he di i mean HES A NINJA!!! and i love his socks lol

  • loredanadu27100

    Too sexy and beautiful and in more he(it) and too lol

  • natasha

    this is bull crap and so what if justin really hit him he desrverd it he aint got nothing to do theren cant justin have some privacy

  • a

    did you see the pictures of the pap who got punched? by the looks of it, he’s completely hamming it up. Even if justin did punch him, he totally deserved it…it’s illegal for paparazzi to block celebrities cars for pictures..if anything, justin can sue him for that.

  • Priyanka Warkade

    I love justin bieber Songs, videos ,paprazzi pics,He is so hot…

  • veeny

    i love u justin but i hate selena….!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      justin bieber is the coolest singer in the world plus taylor swift

    • kennedy

      Your funny selena is better than justen if justen is so great i want him to make up a song called girls and he cant if he can i will love him

    • kennedy

      Your funny selena is better than justen if justen is so great i want him to make up a song called girls and he cant if he can i will love him

  • You know.

    Uhm? I was reading the story. And the whole darn time i was trying to figure out where his other shoe went in that one picture ? o.O?

  • ThePersonWhoWroteThisIsATwat

    The person who wrote this is retarded as shit. You’re stating that’s it alright for a paparazzi to take picture’s but not to block someones car but it’s alright for someone to then go and at attack them for something so minor. Pathetic.

    • preyas

      Please convey this to justin That iam a littil singer from a small town in india and i would like to sing with him if agree…..PLEASE…….
      I know to sing in english very well…. and I am serious ……

  • Mrs.Bieber :0

    my booboo shoe came off.but his sock are cute.

  • jade foster-herrera

    the man needs to grow up justin goes out with his girlfriend as a nice day out for the both of them and that man has to go and stand infront of the van he is childish justin does NOT need to go in jail for this the man pushed his button and justin got angry it dont mean he has to go to jail then man need to get fined for lieing that justin pattered him all he wants is money !!!! so take notice of it the man is only after money justin does not need to put in jail for this at all think of all the belieber out there they wouldnt want him going down!


    jb its all good haters hate and that ‘

  • Anonymous


  • wakeup!

    Since the pap called the police, the altercation became part of a crime scene, and well justin fled the seen. WHY DID HE LEAVE IF DID SUPPOSEDLY NOTHING WRONG?

  • No.1Belieber

    OMG!!!!!! I don’t think that JB would do anything like that…..even if he did then he had all his reasons! tbh I think that everyone would get oooober annoyed if people followed them round all day and tried to stop them living their everyday life!!! I would probably be really fed up by now….so I’m not surprised that J is! I love u JB and hope that you don’t have to go into prison!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3 me and ezza love you loaaaaadssss xxxxxxx

  • Elizabeth

    i have been a belieber for a while now and i know justin wouldn’t just go and attack someone for no good reason because his mother has taught him better than that.his mother gave him every single thing that he is today.she is the reason why we know him.she raised him to be good and nice to other people.she taught him alot.plus i know he would do nothing to let us beliebers and fans down.he loves us…just like we love him.he didn’t do anything wrong and/or bad.i got justin covered…what about you other beliebers and fans?…do have justin covered too?

    • Laura

      i agree! I’m a belieber until the end of the world!

  • laurelle

    justin i love u and i know u did not mean to hurt anyone i believe that i love u and hope u r ok i love u sooooo much the best of luck xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo

  • Lordsangel

    I don’t thInk Justin bieber should go to jail if the guy did not want to move the car yes I would get out the car and say some thIng the man just wanted together hem mad and then they said the lawyer tryed to make him call 911 because he knew that the man can get a lot Ove money from a caleberty so if justen hit him that is what he dezurved for not moving the car he apparently wanted that to happen that is why I don’t like poperize because they push it to far for people to get mad that is how I see why Justin hit him I would have to if he want to go he want to go don’t say no move your car and live it alon and salena could have stayed in the car he wanted to go and she wanted to go so if he don’t move the car out the way even if Justin asked him nicely you can move and go to some body else with that so the court can talk to him and her about what happed he man had to deal with the consiquses

  • Lordsange

    Love you Justin I am on your side all the way love you

  • lucia

    ok.. so this paparazzi should just suck it!!! JB would never punch him or anyone else…and if you were a belieber u would know that! so we got support and stand by!!! I believe he did nothing!!!!!!!!

  • mallory

    why justin bieber he can’t talk to you nomore selena gomez because selena gomez wanted to broke up justin says you always hurting breaking my heart really hard make him mad now he is going to jail selena gomez just leave to killed her justin bieber says to selena gpmez she dieing justin bieber he doisnt like it at all justin bieber is crying so much harder and harder makes him grounded pretty good is to much for him poor justin bieber i really miss you badly to much for you all the time be with me doint worryed is gonna be ok still got me and you i will take care of you you the best the side the space each other see other girls around you i still love you still got me here i care your feelings about you

  • ssss

    ا we do not want you to go to jail, but the cause of calamities selena how she is doing all of the problems you are abroad and then come and get involved to intervene !!!!!!!!! no

  • quasi-selina hahaha

    sorry, but i can not catch myself, but this is the truth justin…

  • edivania

    i love u justin i hate selinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaa!!!! or calamities and probleme you will come to jail because of you you have nice control you to this extent people see around you almost die for you You are the celebrities of Tjrn Render therefore to some of you a chance to others selena are the largest 1991 and you 1994 hhh great you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! decide i hate selina.g vla you increases every day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but thou, i hope that my position is estimated justin respect you

  • Laura

    Justin wouldn’t just go up to this stupid guy and punch and slap him. The guy was blocking Justin and Selena from moving their car so therefore he got mad. Of course the guy called 911 and probably news crews even though he most likley felt fine. All he wants is good story, pictures, and money. He doesn’t care what it takes to get that. X(

  • Anonymous

    i love you jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sssssssssssssssssssttttttttttttiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnn bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Anonymous


  • iesha

    justin i love u so much!!!!! i live in canada and my room is full of u!!!i even have ur new album believe!!!!!!!!and i am 10 years old and tried 2 get tickets from the beat 94.5 but i didnt!!!!!! anyway i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i dont think u should be going 2 jail because 2 be fair it is the poparatiz falt he shouldnt have messed with the biebz!!!!!!!!if u agree reply!!!! and justin i hope u read this cuz i am ur biggest fan EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • path bieber

    love you bibi

  • Anonymous


  • Martha

    That´s good Justin!
    That paparazzi is stupid, kill him! xC
    KILL HIM! Wait, kill all paparazzis! They just want a good story, and they want money!

    /Swedish girl, 11 years old.

  • Martha

    Say hello To Selena from a Swedish fan! ^^)

  • BubbaX

    I hope he goes to jail an gets rapped

    JB is a no talet pompous loser and i hate him.

  • Dennis

    All I can say to the person who posted this, nice photoshop job but its easy to tell this is fake.

    If you look at the people in the photo and then their surroundings, you can see the shadowing does NOT match. A clear mistake only a amatuer can make.

    Plus, in the van photo, the angle on the van door is open and the angle that justin is running out.

    Anyone to believe in this story should have more prove, and at the moment, the chances of this being true is very slim.

  • justin bieber [F]


  • caleb

    Im a Boy i dont think Thats cool for him to go to jail besides He Has a lot of Stuff as a star i guess

  • benda

    I love justin bieber and i love his music and i want the best thing for him. I don’t want to justin bieber go to jail for 6 months. Justin got out of his van and ran across the parking lot to take a swing at the guy. I think there was plenty of space given. The words might have been hurtful but Justin needs to learn to ignore them… just like he tells his fans to IGNORE the haters…I hope justin won’t be thrown in jail
    and this case will be settled peacefully. I fell sorry for justin bieber , I hope this will turn out positive for Justin, cause I don’t think one mistake shall take away everything he’s worked so incredibly hard for! I love you justin I pray God for justin bieber

  • marie

    i love justin i don’t him go to jail

  • Truth

    Y’all stupid Justin should have never done this this and if ur saying ur okay with him punching this dude then u must not like Justin he is not God so stop am a fan of him but point is u hit someone and they didn’t threten u then u should be held responsible justins been doing this for 3 years so hr should know that they will do anything to get him anoyed and people blaming selena SHUT UP like leave her alone she didn’t punch the guy Justin did so ya just saying

  • Dina

    He should go to jail.

    • Anonymous

      i think you should to jail

      • leash

        i AGREE WITH U GURL!!!

  • sunshine

    justin is the most singer in the world he can sing better than anybody.i love you .people if you have anything to says shut up

  • leash

    yea sure he is going to jail, u guys are all stupid!!!!!

    • seani

      i agree! its justin bieber th hot, sexy, multi-talented singer from canada as if he would go 2 jail 4 defending himself!!

  • seani

    ok, i think that justin did the RIGHT thing by hitting that guy, papparazies piss celebs off, justin if ur reading this dont let anyone bring u down, and dont liesten to the haters! haters gotta hate and potatos gotta potate! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER 4 EVA!!XOXOXOXOXOX and people, do u really think that justin bieber will go 2 jail? he could easyly get scooter braun or someone 2 buy him out! jb did good 😀 <3

  • cheryll

    hahaha…………..i lyk jb 2..

  • WellHeIsMissingAShoe

    In the 3rd picture……..he is missing a shoe? That’s weird……..!!!!