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Justin Bieber starts art collection. Buys $60,000 Holton Rower painting

Justin Bieber has quite the eye. The 18-year-old popstar isn’t solely focused on amassing a massive sneaker collection, he has become an art collector. A source tells HollywoodLife.com that Justin picked up some art in NYC’s Lower East Side neighborhood last week.

“Justin just spent $60,000 dollars on a painting by Holton Rower,” the source says. “Justin doesn’t want to just spend his money on frivolous items he wants to collect things, especially for his new house.”

Holton Rower, 50, is a famous New-York based artist who is known for “pour paintings” that look like psychedelic pieces. He was born in Greenwich Village and became known for his sculptures but over the past few years he has focused on his brightly colored and enormous pour paintings that can be as large as 17 feet!

Justin actually got the piece of art from the New York gallery The Hole and Holton’s art is on display there until May 26.


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  • candy(yes that is my real name)

    that cool but how much did it cost
    JESUS help me when i saw how much they cost i was about to pass out
    don’t get me wronge but GOD
    still love you justin and what ever you want to spend you money on you go and SPEND all you like