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Justin Bieber’s haircut can cause Lazy Eye

A haircut popularized by teen idols such as Justin Bieber can cause children to develop lazy eye, said a leading Australian optometrist. Optometrists Association national executive member Andrew Hogan said emo-style haircuts with fringes that dangle over one eye can amblyopia, or lazy eye, by preventing the nerve pathway from the amblyopic eye to the brain from developing properly. Hair over the eye acts like an eyepatch, reducing sensory input from the covered eye, weakening it and straining the dominant eye.

This is one of the weirdest post I’ve ever done :/

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  • Jbel15

    But his hair isn’t really like that lol silly doctors!!!

  • Aline

    it was not like that ! it was above his eye !!

  • gabb

    his hair was above his eye you morons!! it was in his forehead, i think what they mean is the emo haircut

  • Michele I wish my name was drew D:

    BUT that hair cut is HAWT!!! lolol

  • Kat

    @first his hair is above his eyes & was above his eyes
    In my opinion this is craziness cuz they r speaking about emos whom put their hair above their eyes,plus now jb has a new haircut !

  • OlyviaLovesJustin93

    haha..this post is a bit weird yet so random..
    anyway,is it really true?? when u say children,what age range?? :O

    • Valeria

      I know right

  • Boy Beliebtioner

    For Christ Sake…He is not an Emo!!Dumb Doc…go comment that to some Punks..!!



  • hamid khan

    hi gusy i am hamid is new add makistar ok dear …..

  • Emily

    I lke hes hair in baby and the rest of them i dnt lke hes new hair :O :'(

    • Valeria

      I lick his new hair =)

  • Valeria

    OMG JB is so hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Valeria

    I lick his hair a lot it is so cool and hot