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justin bieber boyfriend video set mtv first

Justin’s “Boyfriend” to premiere on MTV First May 3, 2012

Justin Bieber is ready to be your “Boyfriend.” The singer will sit down with MTV News’ Sway Calloway on Thursday (May 3) to premiere his highly anticipated music video for the single during “MTV First: Justin Bieber” live at 7:50 p.m. ET on MTV.

After the video premieres on air, Bieber will chat with Sway for 30 minutes on MTV.com, opening up about the Director X-directed clip, as well as his June 19 album release, Believe. But that’s not all: If you have a burning question for Bieber, you can get in on the fun by commenting below or tweeting @MTVNews with the hashtag #MTVFirst or #AskBieber.

Immediately following the premiere, the “Boyfriend” video will be available on MTV.com so Beliebers can watch it over and over and over again.

“Boyfriend,” the lead single from Believe, was co-produced and co-written by Mike Posner and Mason Levy. The track stormed radio and the charts back in March, reaching #2 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

“The reaction’s been great [to ‘Boyfriend’]; not only have I got good reactions from my fans, but great reactions from people who, you know, [might not usually listen to my music]. I’ve gotten messages like ‘You know, I never would have listened to Justin and now I love this song,’ ” he told MTV News about the track. “So it’s really great feedback.”


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  • I can’t wait I want to c his video already I love sexy justin bieber itsanelpasobelieber

  • JS belieber

    i cant wait hope it looks hot….

    • yuri

      I love justin bieber.I can see.I am Myanma.

  • TT. @dariathorne

    Please ask this question to Justin : Would you ever associated with the ordinary girl? If you were not with Selena?

  • Kirstie

    Where can we watch it in Canada? Because pretty sure it’s not gonna be on MTV in Canada. And what about online will the interview be on MTV.ca? Because again you can’t watch videos on MTV.com

    • kristil

      yes you can

  • Okay i Aint Sayin Anyting Anything Bad Bout Justin Bieber But I Kind Of Dont Like The Way he Is Changing Nawh but like i love him i love how he looks and his song and stuff there so cool and i am a big fan but then like he is changing just go to youtube and type Justin Bieber changing

  • shannon and rebecca


  • maggie

    all i gotta say is that hes not cutee! and i heard selena gomez is cheating on his dumbbb ass! well okayy byee

  • giavonna bieber

    justin i would like if you would follow me on twitter at gi gi bieber because i would like to talk to you and your new song boyfreind.love you

  • agata

    justin sou sua fan tenho posters no meu inteiro
    tenho todas as musicas revistas e entre outras coisas
    justin bieber bjs com carinho
    ass; agata (brasileira)estado de sao paulo

    • Adriana

      eu tenho muito mais querida uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

      • nayra

        justin love
        eu te amo mais que sua mae justin love eu tenho muitas revitas e varias otras coisa eu ate perdi a conta de tanta coisa

  • agata

    sua musica nova e muito legal

  • tori

    jb is so hot

  • tori

    ihe is my future husband sucks for all u losers hes mine

    • tori

      back off u aint gettin nothing

  • flor y vira

    love justin bieber

  • flor y vira

    y love justin may happi birday may flor

  • Mansi

    justin, aussum video of song boyfriend…………………

    i really like it…..

    <3<3<3<3<3 u

  • Adriana

    o Justin Bibe escolheu a garota certa para ele namora ela parece ser parece ñ ela e linda e etc

  • Adriana

    te amo lindo s2 s2 s2 s2

  • yuri

    I can need you birthday.My birthday is 30.5.1996.

  • susanjaneandtia

    omb its amazing <3 his face is like an angel