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Justin Bieber playing golf at Calabasas Country Club June 26, 2012

Justin Bieber was spotted playing some golf earlier today at the Calabasas Country Club.

According to a source on the scene, at one point JB received a phone call and put the game on hold to answer it – perhaps chatting a call from Selena?

Irritated by the paparazzi presence, Justin tweeted,


More pics here.

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  • Colleen

    Hi JUSTIN! My name is Colleen and I am 13 I love u so much! I can’t express it to u because I dont have a twitter. But I love u so much here’s why!

    These are the reasons I love u! I have been a belieber sense Christmas 2011! I just want to say that I have liked u scence I saw never say never! I support u in everything u do and I love the album!!

    I have seen all of your movies and my room and life are bieberfied! You are such a big inspiration to me and my friends! I love everything about u! Ur voice your looks, personality, kindness, and charity work!

    I saw All around the world part 1 and 2 and loved it! I am so sorry about your concussion and all my love and prayers go out to u and ur family and friends!! I am so sorry about avalana I had a friend that passed away at just that age from that same thing! I know how sad u and her family and friends are about it but I know that at the right time she will have to go. I know u did all that y could to make her happy and make her life better no one should have to go through this!:( 

    To rap things up. Justin if u c this can u respond to me on twitter because I have this app called my artist alrts so I can c ur tweets from there I love u! And If any one else has a kind enough heart
     And Justin is following them or not can they pls post this in twitter!  
    I love u Justin!


    • justin big fans


    • Salma

      Omg Collern same situation 😮 this described EVERYTHING it’s like really freaky but so cool & im the same age too lol 😮 Never Say Never changed my life & so did Bieber <3 Belieber for life 🙂 u should really make a twitter its awesome & justin has viddy too so u should get that app 🙂 I've been trying to get Justin's attention for so long but nothing yet. Hopefull that will change sometime soon but I wish you all the best & good luck. 😀

  • gemedycasttillo

    i am a believer and a bieber fan

  • candy(yes that is my rael name)

    love him golfing but i have to say it is really hard
    and i can’t seem to get the hang of it
    but never mind love that you like it to

  • lara bieber

    i’m a big fan of justin bieber and you are my best singer ever loveu justin <3<3<3<3

  • lara bieber

    i’m a big fan of justin bieber and you are my best singer ever loveu justin <3<3<3<3<3


    • Anonymous

      ilove you Justin bieber be mine boyfriend plasse love Alexandra iam 19 just like you

  • Jordon

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  • Rushabh Shah

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Yar…………… J.B. U R Very Nice Play Golf & Blue Chacks Shirt,3-4 U Looking So COOL Yar……………….
    I LUV U………. J.B. My Nice BRO..

  • alexandra lyons

    ilove you more Justin bieber be a good boy not a bad boy Justin bieber I love you be mine boyfriend iam 19 just like you are Justin bieber love your bastfriend friend forever