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Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started [New Book Cover]

"Justin Bieber: Justin Getting Started" book cover

In February I reported that Justin has a new book coming out September 13, 2012 called “Just Getting Started”. This is the cover for that book. If you want more info on the book then read it here.

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  • lenaadff


  • vishal

    so hot justin

  • emmy

    te amo

  • Ana Pau Claro

    Donde lo puedo comprar en algún lugar de California.?

    • Anonymous

      en barns and nobles

  • Nadia

    hi BIEBER it’s a 1d fan I still love you I’ll always love you BIEBER hey IM a one direction fan and I still have BIEBER FEEVER and I won’t forget to get one direction for you they will get you out of Jell Justin Drew BIEBER hey I spelled your full Name one more thing I can’t believe you Miss Christmas you didn’t come home for the holiday’s I Miss you Bye

  • Nadia

    hi JB it’s a 1d fan I hope you come home for your birthday it’s on March 1st 1994 you will be 20 years old please tell Me your not going to Miss your birthday JB I want you to promise Me you will be a good boy forever IM still following you on twitter you never tweet Me Back