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Justin Bieber Malaysia South East Asia Press Conference June 13, 2012

Justin Bieber held a conference for South East Asia at Sunway Pyramid in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia yesterday July 13, 2012. (click on the pictures to make them big)

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  • lena


    • bitch


  • Heyy

    I could barley watch this because the fans where so obnoxious. I mean I would be screening too, at some parts, but I couldn’t hear anything Justin was trying to say :/

  • Anonymous

    can some one please tell me how adele’s 21 album that came out febuary in 2011 is still in the top 10 on itunes for albums. that has got 2 be a record or something.

  • Susann


  • vemkatesh j b

    justin boyfrind song soooooo goooodddd

  • Beata F

    I would never believe before I just see

  • sania

    pls cm to india(hyderabad) pls jb

  • Reshmi Bieber

    Love Justin in pink too… He looks sooo cute & hot ! BELIEBER FOR LIFE!

    • emma

      HOT BOY

  • samara- cesca

    i love you justin you are my boyfriend

  • Hannah pullen

    kiss me

  • Hannah pullen

    so me bt rt heart kiss

    • maryam

      hi i’m iranian and i love j b soooooooo much…….but i can’t see him……because…………..

  • maryam

    kiss me pls

  • katie

    Hi Justin I love you

  • Alicia

    Justin no need to stop going to concerts everyone loves you you are putting ur fans down…And why stop going on the saturday night takeaway….

  • Brianna B


  • Brianna B

    hi me and my sister loves you so much we are dying to meet you

  • Joanna

    Justin you’re my everything:(♥ i love u so much♥