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justin bieber selena gomez sydney australia 2012

Justin & Selena Gomez holding hands, drinking beer & making out in Melbourne, Australia

It’s been reported that Justin and Selena’s relationship is on the rocks, but it sure doesn’t look like it in Melbourne on Saturday. According to witnesses they were very lovey dovey and made out.

According to HollywoodLife:

Justin and Selena were spotted at waterfront seafood hotspot Stokehouse Restaurant on July 14 along with 14 people around 9 p.m. and left at 11 p.m.

“They were all having a great time together,” an eyewitness tells us. “Justin and Selena were laughing and making jokes with each other.”

The happy couple then headed over to Hotel Barkly around 11:30 p.m. with just a few friends. While sitting at a table in the back of the bar, Justin and Selena ordered vodka cocktails and beer!

“They were sitting at a table in the back corner and they were canoodling,” the insider tells us. “Justin ordered Heinekens and Selena drank vodka based cocktails. They were holding hands, kissing, and looked in love.”

They’ve been dating for over a year and a half. Even if the rumors are true, I think they will stay together. Seems like Selena is really trying hard. She’s been with him in Asia this whole time while he’s doing his promo tour. So from the looks of it if it is true that they are having trouble with their relationship then it seems that the person who wants to break it off is Justin. Have to wonder did Selena go to keep an eye on him?

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  • AngelIsABelieber

    hes growing up <3

    • selena

      nahhhhh really

      • tj

        he is amazing, i love him so much, :d

  • justin biebey teen boy is hot yes

  • diana

    Its your life do anything u want dont listen to anybody else, its your choice ( i predict u and selena will get marry) thats what i think:)

    • selena

      hell to the double NO! dude he is not gonna get married to that skank NIGGA PLEASE, no shes a hoe whoi likes her??????/ like if u like her thumbs down if u fucking hate that skank

      • selena4akilah

        YO bitch shut the fuck up the only slut here is you so y don’t u get someone who is a slut like your self and criticizes them, OK if you don’t have nothing good to say don’t say anything at all, and if jb wanna marry her let him your a fan not his mother so you think he will listen to your opinion ? hell no . so y don’t you get your funny looking self and go where you came from …….

        • jamie.

          woah:D calm down;) everybody has an own opinion about justin and selena. I think most of time they don’t look really happy and I guess justin is too young for a serious relationship. Read his poem?:D ‘flirting is my game’

      • Belieber Forever!

        ok? bitch lisen i like selena ok shes pretty and i love her and ill be so happy if justin and selena gets married ok u dont need to say tht trash things to selena ok thts wrong and if u wanna be a hater then theres a place for a stupid ass haters could chat there ok these are for jb fans and beliebers chat room so if u wanna talk shit to me were going to have a pronlem ok bitch?

    • selena

      no no no hes not getting married to her i no where he lives we video chat together so SHUT THE FUCK UP

      • Belieber Forever!

        u talking to me i talk to him on twitter hes friends with me

    • selena

      no hes not???/

  • derpy doo

    ew no… just dump her…

    • Anonymous

      shut up stupid

  • Jelena

    Hahah well I support them together and hahah it’s not like your going to get him!! I guess some of fans can be rude and not repect

  • I repect

    Why you guys can’t repect you only live once and that one thing in live u can do fall in love with the right person it Selena nice beautiful love her Personily there so much to love with both of them

  • Support

    You know love is one thing in life u love!! U guys repect plz!! There 18 and 19 there growing up

    • jamie

      justin is the hottest teen ever selena is lucky to have him i wish to meet him im his #1 fan

    • Aya

      That is true just leav them they are growing uo

  • Mrs.Bieber

    heineken is disgustin but love you justin

  • Selena marie Gomez

    Haha plz don’t talk about me in here if u have something to say say it on cell phone 12138614692

    • you’re not selena gomez. LMFAO really you’re not fooling anyone. why don’t you grow up and try being yourself and not a stupid poser..

    • chanel

      I so love justin and selena together. They are such amazing couple. they are meant to be together. Selena is justin’s Rock. I think justin and selena have the most amazing chemistry. the love that they have for each other is so amazing and awesome. I hope they can last forever. They are the hottest couple ever. I hope one day they can get engaged have a long engagement that can last a lifetime. There relationship is like Romeo and Juliet. ONly that there families hated each other. But Romeo was destined to be with Juliet and found a way to be together. Love how justin and Selena can drink Achlol. without over doing it. just to have fun with your friends and of course the hottest boyfriend ever. Justin. he’s like a eye candy but to want to stare at all day. love there relationship.

  • i.m.p.e.r.f.e.c.t me

    Selena and Justin r so cute
    Love, i.m.p.e.r.f.e.c.t me

  • Team Jelena

    I think Justin and Selena r perfect for each other. They make each other happy and they seem very in love. I hope they dont break up cuz i would love to see them get married. i love seeing them have fun together. I’m a Belieber and a Selenator and I fully support Jelena. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • MT

    he’s not that cool!!! I don’t know why people say he’s got swag??!? he IS hot and sexy and cute… but I don’t think he’s the coolest person!!!

  • irene

    come on justin dump her and start your life without that nasty witch 🙂

    • gerbana


      • Belieber Forever!

        ok so selena give a dirty look to you i dont believe tht your just jealous

      • selena

        ok i know your lieing i have seen things she has done and the way she has aced on youtube you are just mad you cant get bieber now stop complainig

  • Shut up already

    You go dump your gf/bf your crazy it’s not your life so stay out of it of your Hating

  • justin bieber fan

    you guys are so wierd sometimes but i love you justin and selena you guys are amazing and hugs and kissess

  • KandyceLovesJb

    as long as their happy together, thats all that matters. its no one elses buisness or decision whether they should or shouldnt be together.

  • Aya

    That is true just leav them they are growing

  • Aya

    Leav them they are very cute couple they need to have some space

  • zyrah

    how could they broke up? I swear they are PERFECT!!!!! i dont want justin with another girl And if justin have new girlfriend i swear INEVER LIKE HER!!!

  • aya

    I think it a fake brake up

  • Anonymous

    i think its a little weird how she is sitting next to alfredo and they had those pictures taken when they were on the beach together messing around shouldnt she be sitting next to justin her boyfriend im not hating just stating

    • Seriously

      A relationship is based on trust. If he couldn’t trust her sitting next to his friend then their relationship would be a joke. Love is based on trust, and it’s great that they can maintain that even with all of the crazy rumors flying around. Love them together!

  • Jelena2

    I love the both love there music and love her acting in series and movies

  • The truth, idgaf

    Yeah Selena’s “trying so hard to keep them together” because Believe is the biggest album right now and she craves fame.

    • gerbana


      • Belieber Forever!

        gerbana thts a lie shes not using him to promote his music yur a lieier

  • beleiber123

    you people call yourselves beleibers but if you really loved and cared for justin you wouldn’t make these nasty comments bout selena. don’t hate on her you lot are just gel she’s beautiful and obviously justin loves her and she loves him why are you bothering to make nasty thoughts about her its not gonna make him like you is it?

  • Belieber Forever!

    right im with girl just dont lisen to them selenas awesome i love her shes in my life to even jb

  • Belieber Forever!

    ugh these people are dumbass they need just to leave selena gomez alone shes nice shes pretty ok justin loves her so much im happy for them if they get married ill support them and ill go to there wedding i dont give a fuck anybody says ill allways support i mean im popluar on twitter and i got a alot friends cause im a person whos not a hater and im a person who cares about someone i love and thts why i protect justin and selena there so a great couple i love jb sense 2010 and now its 2012 and im 13 years old and i love selena sense 2007 i mean wow! i love jb for 2 years and for selena hmm like 5 years and i still i love jb and sg so if anybody want to talk shit to me well this is the truth! and haters fuck off and haters sucks and beliebers rule and selena gomez fans rule!

    • selena

      @bieber forever
      i agree with you 100% they are happy so why bother them i mean i have seen post on twitter and facebook about selena getting hate emails and even being hurt bye angry bieber fans i mean they are happy leave them alot dont they deserve to be happy too seriously i am happy they are together and they will most likely get married:)

  • Anonymous

    no hate. as long as their happy it doesnt matter!<3

  • Isabel

    Let them be thier chose

  • selena

    i am like deep love with Justin and Selena Gomez is so beautiful. ive asked to meet /see him for 3 years now and still haven’t i hope i like meet him somewhere small at least like a gas station or something? but i dont know i would cry:’) of happiness of coarse duh lol i just wanna get a hug and picture with him that would be my dream before i die i know that is not soon even if i am type one diabetic but still i wanna meet him!

  • Logan Davies

    hi justin bieber i love you music and playing on guilar me too

  • jenny

    I love you Justin bieber