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Justin Bieber Dancers Audition for Believe Tour

In preparation for the Believe tour which kicks off September 29 in Arizona, Justin and tour director Jon Chu held auditions in Los Angeles recently for dancers. Here is an inside look of the audition.

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  • Anonymous

    im gonna be a 12 yr old and say WOOOOOO FIRST COMMENT!!!!

  • X

    the b2nd video isnt available. it says its private 🙁

  • Anonymous

    thats lame

  • Katie

    wish i could have audition for the Believe Tour



  • Lil Tom

    Hey jb can I join a dance group pls text me 4233432447

  • Lil Tom

    Pls jb I wanna be a singer so bad pls text

  • Olivia

    Justin’s dancers are amazing! they are so talented!

  • Weirdo

    He already choose them soz bee