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Justin Bieber visits Selena Gomez at “Parental Guidance” movie set!

Selena Gomez gets a visit from her pop star boyfriend Justin Bieber as she films for “Parental Guidance” in Los Angeles yesterday (August 3, 2012) with actor Nat Wolf and Australian actor Lachlan Buchanan.


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  • mary

    is it just me or does Jelena look abit unhappy. They aren’t really showing much body language. Normally they are holding hands are they don’t do that much. Their faces look unhappy too.

    • Anon


      • melissa

        i hate them together i love justin but i hate her he should be with someone more gorgeous WAAAY more talented in singing i believe he should be with ariana grande

        • Stacey

          melissa,Justin bieber and selena are great couples.Selena gomez has alot of talent and she is beautiful and gorgeous.She’s a actor,she’s a singer she loves him the way justin loves her..So dont be a hater plus it’s their opinion..Mostly everybody loves those two beautiful couple….

        • Angelina

          I think there both very talented and should keep struttin there stuff

        • ariana

          shes and actress… not and actor, learn how to punctuate properly

        • Time

          OMG! Melissa I understand if you are jealous! But if you was a real fan you will accept there relationship and be happy because Justin is happy!

        • Just_belieb_it

          Time. F u we r not jelous of Selenas fatness and the monkey sounds u Selenaters call singing. I mean have u seen her sing live? P.S we dont have to respect Selena to be Belieber! Beliebers support Justin and his career, not Selenas wrinkley legs!

        • Just_belieb_it

          Holy crap ikr! Ariana and Justin would be awesome! They r both so talented and sweet plus good looking! Team Jariana!

        • Ashley daigle

          Ashley Daigle love

        • anna bieber

          umm i agree i always thought ariana grande and justin should be together but selena is good for him and hes happy so hey..

      • megan hughes

        right because there going out (not) they broke up ageas ago!!!!!!!!!!

        • claudia

          megan thats right they broke up sense 2012 of something

      • claudia

        whats right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????

    • Anonymous

      i was reading a magazine that said justin doesnt want to keep fighting for thier relationship to work

    • wef

      i read something that justin stated he doesnt want to keeping fighting for their relationship to work

    • kate


  • catharine nguyne

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  • betty

    i am so tired of these two dating…end the publicity stunt already…selenais becoming a fatty.

    • Marie

      Honstly i dont know why u hate on them ur proabrly
      Jealous of selena gomez and no one perefect
      And there tired of people bulling them
      And no selena is not fat so if i was u i would keep
      Ur mouth shout cause honstly she skinny
      And pretty

      • chanel

        i def agree with you marie. alot of people have no chance with justin or selena. i think justin and selena can decide who to date and not be told by retarded people.

      • Stacey

        Marie,that is totally true..Why are ppl hating on them..They are tired of ppl bulling them.People that talk crap should just go up tp them and say it too their face..O and i dont think haters would doo that..Haterz are so crazy that they are just jealous.These are for the haterz like BETTY!!!!!

        • chanel

          Marie. I agree what your saying about justin and selena. they are the perfect couple. I wish ppl would just leave them alone and not critize selena for what she is wearing and what she is doing. Selena even one said that she has done nothing wrong and she loves justin. they have been friends for a long time. ever since they met they talk on the phone everyday about there lives when they were younger and how much they accomplished. well not so many words. but she did say that her and justin have been friend for a long time.

    • Stacey

      Betty,Selena is perfect for justin..fyi selena is maybe better looking then you are…;D

      • Zach

        I hate me both they can suk my cok

  • Natasha

    She looks pregnant….

    • LOLA

      Yeah mostly on pic #3 (from bottom to top)

      • Jblove

        does it have something to do with the movie?

        • melissa

          yeah apparently shes playing a pregnant girl in the movie

    • david b conway

      dear justin bieber shrine 2012 , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that what ever they do together justin bieber , and selena gomez there are the one,s that desrsive what might happened to them self,s just by them self,s , love david b conway

      • Kirstie

        You David Conway annouy the f out of me!!!

      • Stacey

        David Conway shut your mouth..plz you are annoying

        • david b conway

          im so sorry for that comment i made above here , i wasen,t trying to be annyoing here i just to see if some one is still what,s to reply to my comment here , love david conway

    • Stacey

      Give details that how she looks pregnant????

  • belieber

    selena y justin se ven t6an bien juntos no????
    es una hermosa pareja……

  • TrueBieber Babe

    yes, they look annoyed. They just want to have some time together without the paz on their case. We don’t need to see Justin and Selena everytime they are in public together. I am a Justin Bieber fan and I am not interested in his personal love life. so, the fewer pics of him with Selena the better.

  • Anonymous

    Omfg am I the only One that thinks she looks pregnet lol

    • anonymous #2

      No she does look pregnant

      • melissa

        its becuz shes playing a pregnant chick in the movie so she has to gain weight i hope she gets really fat and justin thinks shes gross and dates ariana grande they would be PERFECT

        • Stacey

          Melissa,yeah maybe she’s playing a pregnant girl on a movie,but that doesnt mean she gaining weight..what if you were playing a pregnant girl on a movie and you have a boyfriend,when you get fat and ugly well,i feel so sorry for you..Yeah and having kids is the perfect thing for everybody..Yo mama had you so she likes having kids…..Talk now?????

        • Just_belieb_it

          Melissa, ariana gorgeous and Selena is a gorillas gorillas! Sorry thats offensive…..to the gorilla. Idc who he dates i just dont want it to be Selena! Ive hated her since the begining! Team Jariana!


    aww that was so sweet to visit his girlfriend

    • chanel

      i know right. they are the most adorable couple ever. they look so sweet together. they both don’t like the camera flashing in there faces which can be very annoying. justin is so sweet to visit his GIRL ON THE SET OF HER NEW MOVIE. Justin is very much into selena. hes such a gentleman to put his arm around her. i think she looks preganat for her movie. justin and selena are the most cutest couple ever. they belong together. hope they can just enjoy each other company and have time to themselves as a couple to have that intimate time together and enjoy time that they have together. since both of them are very busy with there careers. and is very demanding on them hope justin and selena can enjoy whatever is ahead for there future. i adore them very much seeing them laughing and smiling and holding hands. of course the fly on the wall is always there no wonder celebs can’t stand them they are so annoying and very irrating people the stalkrazzi.

      • Me!!!

        Worst couple ever! Im not jealous I hated selena ever since she started disney plus im more of A NICKELODEON PERSON! I love Justin but sooner or later people will figure out Selena’s little plan on famous guys. I’ll tell u guys: first she dates someone famous then dates the more famous other guy then she keeps on going on! SHITLENA=FAMEWHORE! I hate her and I will always be a hater of her. BYE! 🙂

        • melissa

          AMEN! !!! I HATE HER 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes a fame whore i love justin her deserves better then her he should be with ariana grande case closed

        • Stacey

          Melissa,Me!!!,,You guys are just jealous.Melissa you are soo in love with Ariana Grande might as well marry her or something..You guys are just annoying HATERZ….so just shut yo f***’in mouth

  • melissa escobar

    hey Justin bieber i love so much because you are the best boy friend ever have
    name is Melissa escobar i want Justin bieber ticker

    • belieber forever

      Hey are u dating justin cause if u are ill go ape shit on you so justin already got a girlfriend so yeah

  • trinity

    Did you see his doggie keychain???

  • Anonymous

    she looks fat

    • claudia

      who’s fat !?

  • melissa

    playing pregnant girl in a movie

    • david b conway


  • belieber forever

    Wow! some of u guys are so dumb I mean dont make from of her she’s amazing and beautiful. And justin deserves to be with her I love justin bieber and her to and stop hating on her ok I haters its not right to hate on someone tht they don’t know u so yeah this all I got to say

  • Stacey

    Heyy you all Bieber fans,Do you think people that talk crap about justin and selena should be on a justin bieber website..idkk but its just soo weird that they should’nt be doing that kind of crap..They should just write a letter to them if thats possible for them.All you bieber fan’s justin and selena are good couples,right???


    justin has grown up so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  • Cindy

    How do u know what the roles of the movie is?? You work there or somethein??
    Don’t jump and make conclusions that she is playing a pregnant person on the movie she’s starring in. Learn the facts before u say something.

  • Lovejustlena

    Omg! All the haters stop, of you were a real fan of Justin’s you would be happy that he’s in love! And she’s not gained weight she’s playing a pregnant girl in this movie! Stop it will all the rumors, also if you look at the pictures she hasn’t taken the promise ring off that Justin gave her, she loves him and he loves her , be happy, there’s nothing u can do he’s not gonna dump her for a crazy jelous fan is he, no, if they get married and have kids one day (which I hope happens) what are u going to do about it then? U can’t do anything about it they are in love deal with it

    • smilejelena :)

      i love them together.they are the best couples ever,For the Haters (lonely ones) justin loves Selena.

  • Tori

    Ok this is bull get over it JARIANA is NOT going to happen ANYTIME soon so get an effen LIFE!!!

  • hannah

    hay i love u justen bever bevere

  • ashley

    I love justin bieber!!!!!! He is sooooo Cut !!

    • ashley

      I love You Bieber you are soo CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    • audrey


  • ashley

    I maen Cute

    • kate


  • kate

    JUSTIN HAS GROWN SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!D

  • claudia

    justin bieber saw him at nick

  • claudia

    when justin bieber was little he broke his leg

  • audrey

    hahahaha me tooooooooooooooooo

  • david ,

    i just want to say first , on here i want to apologize just for all the harsh and nasty comment,s about selena gomez , i know that she is a wonderful mexican women , and want do you think i was doing just for , 4 year,s and 2 year,s on line pepole on here , love david

  • ilda


  • alexis

    you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

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