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justin bieber playing piano 2012

Michael Henry & Justin Robinett: As Long As You Love Me [Cover]

It’s a beautiful mash-up cover of Justin’s and Backstreet Boys’ “As Long As You Love Me”. Just brilliant!

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  • Anonymous

    wow this is really good

  • @lillietennen

    That was so beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    wow!!!!they song beautiful……..

  • kalecia wider

    i miss them and lol #somuchlove it was awesome

  • Martha

    Wow they are sooo good!!!

  • Justinhearter

    Does anyone know who this Michel guy is?

    • S#

      Michael is the guy on the left 🙂

  • Eva Bieber

    Wooow… awesome.. but no one can beat Justin ;p ♥ Bielieber forever :)♥

  • Candy Bieber

    justin is soooooooo hot he doesnt lie when he says belibe in everything is reachable

  • venkatesh.jb

    Hi Justin your NO1 pop singer. I’m biggggg fans of juju. ILOVEUUUUU

    • love him like a bro

      Have you seen my room covered in justin bieber dont get scared im not obssessed withhim and i do talk about different things

  • sexy joss

    That was beatiful truly a great work but they skipped the rap part one of my favorite parts of the song

    • love him like a bro

      I agree with joss