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Justin Bieber’s new friends must go!!

Ugghh! Justin’s new friends upset me. I do not like them. They leech off him, driving his cars, living in his home, eating his food.

It’s been reported that Justin’s $6.5 Calabasas mansion where he lets these guys live is full of filth and garbage everywhere.

Here they are terrorizing a neighbor of Justin’s on the road in Calabasas.

“I live with Justin Bieber and you know I do.” Classic! And look at those eyes. Know what I mean??

Please go away and leave Justin alone 🙁 Please!! They are bringing Justin down the wrong path.

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  • Lmao

    Y’all are literally more stupid than tmz. Y’all left and should’ve never came back cause even then y’all reporting was that ability of none other than some 7 year olds who don’t even know anything but their own imaginations.

  • shauna

    I love Justin but he is hanging with the wrong people.

  • Ruby glover

    That is horrible!!

    Why would they do that????

    They need to learn respect for justin and his house!

  • R!O/J

    omfg my uncle lives near him and agrees thease motherfuckers gotta go

    • Anonymous

      Rt 17

  • Anonymous

    I love you justin bieber you are the reason why the Beliebers exist <3

    • Anonymous

      i love u

  • Nishu tyagi

    Justin is best but it is going people.

  • Nishu tyagi

    Please justin come india for make a concert

  • Vatsi

    Justin plese out of this matter

  • Anonymous