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paris jackson justin bieber 2013

It’s official, Paris Jackson hates the Biebz

Paris Jackson is mad at Justin.

She is mad that JB said nothing when fans tweeted him that they were cutting themselves to express their love for the Biebz. (does he even know the tweets exist??). She hates seeing pictures of him on TMZ smoking weed and thinks he owes more to his fans. She considers JB’s recent mishaps in their gated community in Calabasas “a disgrace” (even though it wasn’t even JB driving). According to TMZ it’s official, she hates him.

I guess it’s understandable that Paris is sensitive about the cutting issue. She’s currently in the hospital after taking 20 Motrin pills and cutting herself in an attempt to commit suicide. It’s been reported she recently found out that she and her brother Prince do not have the same biological father. Poor girl.

Probably a better decision not to talk to TMZ about who you hate. Maybe she’s really stressed. idk. She seems nice so this is weird. Maybe she’s going through a lot right now with her father’s $40 billion court trial. Hope she feels better soon.

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  • saranique

    i love you i love you ilove you ilove you

  • she MJ isnt her dad??? i highly doubt that

    • yah, that was my first thought when I read that. mj has always claimed he is the father of all 3 even tho they look as white as can be.

      • Kirstie

        And Paris is the blackest of all 3 of them. Although look at Kris humpheries his dad is black and his mom is white. His skin & hair is very simulare to Paris, prince, & blankets.
        I feel bad for the boys s

  • sara