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justin bieber stripper club vlive houston texas 2013

Justin Bieber grab a stripper’s ass at vLive Strip Club!

Oh my.


Looks like Justin hit up more than just NOx nightclub Friday night (Oct 18, 2013) when he was in Texas. After going to NOx he headed to a strip club. Some place called vLive in Houston.

Apparently he got friendly with one of the strippers. In “friendly” I mean he grabbed her ass! And she’s loving it….


She must also be loving the attention because she (diamondsR4ever) can’t stop tweeting about it:

@justinbieber Went The Fuk In Tonight !!

He Touched My Ass I Almost Fainted

I’ve Danced For A lot Of Celebrities And They Normally Don’t Phase Me But Justin just Had Me In Shock!

That’s because Justin’s special 😉 And if Justin ever grabbed my ass I would be in shock too! lololol

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  • Anonymous

    What the hay what was he thinking