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Justin Bieber triggers underage drinking investigation!

justin-bieber-drinking-investigationWhen I first saw those pics of Justin partying it up at NOx nightclub I thought it was weird that they let him in since he is considered underage in the USA (you got to be at least 21 to drink).

I just thought maybe the rules there were different in the States because surely they would know that anywhere JB goes it would be photographed and publicized everywhere.

Well sure enough the club is now under investigation for underage drinking. Someone from bar management told TMZ that Justin was only served water. But a rep for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission says a complaint has now been filed and an investigation has been launched.

If they found out that Justin was indeed drinking, the bar’s license to serve alcohol will be taken away. Justin on the other hand will not get in any trouble because he was not caught in the act.

Justin! If you want to drink then just come back to Canada. It’s legal here 🙂

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  • TJ

    I live in Houston and he also came to another club that I was at after he left Nox. After he went to his section they had every waitress in the club had 2 bottles of liquor each (with the sparklers on them) heading to his section! They was drinking it up!

    • yup I read reports that he was drinking and that there were pics taken but I haven’t seen any pics yet.